Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human mutate or mutant

Occupation: Mercenary, professional criminal

Group Membership: Leader of a gang of six thugs

Affiliations: Unknown employer

Enemies: Black Goliath and the Whiz Kids (Herbert Bell, Talia Kruma, and Dale West)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Los Angeles, California

Appearances: Black Goliath#3 (June, 1976)

Powers: Vulcan possessed superhuman strength (@ class 25) and durability. He could generate a charge of energy within his body, which he could release through his wrist blasters. This blast was sufficient to collapse a small building. He suffered from kyphosis (posterior curvature of the spine, "hunchback") and something was up with his left eye (phthisis bulbi?).

His agents possessed no powers, but used conventional firearms, as well as guns firing tranquilizing darts. They wore Halloween-type masks and traveled via motorcycle.

History: Vulcan's origin is unrevealed. It is unclear whether his abilities are a result of natural or artifical mutation.

Vulcan and his gang were hired by an unnamed party to steal a box from Stark-West. While unknown to everyone at the time, the box contained the Null-Life Bomb, created by the Stranger. Vulcan's gang broke into Stark West, overpowering both security and the Whiz Kids (including Dale West, who was wearing an experimental Force Field vest). Black Goliath arrived on the scene in time to see West being crushed by the overloading vest, and saved him by removing it. The gang escaped aboard their motorcycles and were pursued by the LAPD.

Vulcan arrived suddenly, smashing the police car pursuing his gang, killing the driver, rookie officer Emiliano Rojas. Black Goliath caught up to Vulcan's gang, defeating them, and then was attacked by Vulcan himself. Black Goliath thought Vulcan unconscious after a motorcycle exploded on impact with him, but Vulcan blasted a building, causing it to collapse on Black Goliath, trapping him. The Box was covered by rubble as well, and Vulcan fled without it to avoid capture.



Comments: Created by Chris Claremont and George Tuska.

Not a whole lot to say about this guy. Maybe someone else will flesh out the character a little. Probably not, though.




Clarifications: Vulcan III has no connection to:

  • Quasimodo, the sentient computer created by Mad Thinker @ Fantastic Four Annual#4
  • Quasimodo, the Hulk foe of an alternate Earth @ Hulk Vs. Quasimodo#1
  • Vulcan, the Olympian God more commonly known as Hephaestus (who was likely his namesake), @ Thor Annual#5
  • Vulcan, a member of the First Line, @ Marvel: The Lost Generation#7
  • Vulcann 2099, @ X-Men 2099#32


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