Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Extra-temporal human, mutated by unknown means (see comments)

Occupation: Bell-ringer; hermit

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Salvatore

Enemies: Hulk, Betty Ross (extra-temporal counterparts)

Known Relatives: Quasimodo (great-great-great grandfather) (see comments)

Aliases: The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Base of Operations: Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France, Earth-Hulk Vs Quasimodo

First Appearance: Hulk Vs. Quasimodo#1 (March, 1983)

Powers/Abilities: Quasimodo was immensely strong, at least enough to survive a brief fight with the Hulk. He had a misshapen body, with a large amount of excess back protruding abnormally.

History: (Hulk Vs. Quasimodo#1) Ė As they were touring Paris near the Notre Dame Cathedral, Bruce Banner and Betty Ross were unknowingly watched from the top of the Cathedral by Quasimodo. The Hunchback saw Betty wearing a gold key around her neck and realized it had to be connected to the gold key that Franceís Minister of Finance used, which would gain access to the gold of France (she was on a secret mission from her father General Ross to deliver it to the Minister). He kidnapped Betty and took her into the Paris sewers, with Banner following them. Bruce transformed into the Hulk. During their battle, Betty managed to escape and made her rendezvous with the Minister. Quasimodoís pet giant bat, Salvatore, followed her and learned that the gold was being stored away on the metro train system, and left to inform its master. The battle over, a now-human Banner realized that while chasing after Quasimodo, he had dropped an experimental formula that might possibly rid of him of the Hulk.

Upon learning this, Quasimodo pleaded with Banner to let him take the formula instead, so that he could live a normal, happy life. Banner agreed, but the serum had no immediate effects. Angrily denied his chance at humanity, Quasimodo revived his plan to steal Franceís gold, and made his way to the train that Betty and the gold was on. Banner transformed again into the Hulk and followed, engaging the Hunchback once again in battle, this time on the train. In the midst of the fight, the formula finally kicked in, and Quasimodo reverted to the form of a normal human. Now free of his monstrous form, he thanked Banner for helping him, and the two walked out of the tunnels together.

Comments: Created by ?, Adapted by Bill Mantlo, Sal Buscema and Steve Mitchell.

This was a comic adaptation of one of the episodes from the then-current The Incredible Hulk Saturday morning cartoon series. It definitely doesnít really fit into Earth-616 continuity (Betty has no clue Bruce and the Hulk are one and the same). Itís been twenty years since I saw the episode this was based on, so Iím leaving it as a different Earth from that continuity as well, in case there are any differences.

    Just playing the devil's advocate...if the story took place as an unseen story from the early days Tales to Astonish or even the first Hulk series,   couldn't it possibly be Earth-616? Still, it has so much nonsense in it, that it's probably better left out. --Snood

This Quasimodo claims to be the great-great-great grandson of the original. Whether or not he is, and there actually was a real being Victor Hugo based his book on, is up to speculation, but for now, since its one measly entry for a continuity we probably will never see again, Iíll say yes.

Itís unknown exactly why Quasimodo was the way he was. If he actually is the descendant of the original, it may just be genetics. But then, how does Bannerís serum work on him, and turn him normal? Perhaps he is just a mutate or even mutant, and the years of solitude and insanity drove him mad, causing him to believe he was related to the other.
    I'd guess the latter.

And where the heck did he find a ten-foot tall bat?
Maybe it's Ferra's ancestor?

Profile by Madison Carter

Quasimodo should not be confused with:


A giant bat with some traces of sentience, Salvatore was the only friend of Quasimodo. It helped its master escape from the Hulk during their battle, and later followed Betty Ross, watching her meet with the French Minister of Finance. It tried to kill Bruce Banner, but Banner turned into the Hulk and beat the creature unconscious.

--Hulk Vs. Quasimodo#1

Images taken from:
Hulk Vs. Quasimodo#1, page 2, panel 1 (full body)
Hulk Vs. Quasimodo#1, page 21, panel 3 (normal face)
Hulk Vs. Quasimodo#1, page 12, panel 2 (Salvatore)

Hulk Vs. Quasimodo#1 (March 1983)

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