Real Name: Unrevealed, possibly Exiter

Identity/Class: magic user, possible demon

Occupation: Familiar to Satana

Affiliations: Ally of Satana

Enemies: Jimmy Cruz and the N'Garai

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: San Francisco, California; presumably formerly a realm of Hell

Appearances: Haunt of Horror#2/5 (July, 1974); (4/3

Powers: Exiter can speak telepathically as well as read thoughts. While normally assuming the form of a domestic cat, it also could transform into a larger and more powerful form, presumably along the lines of a black panther or possibly larger. In this form, it is savage and powerful, able to slay several armed men in a matter of seconds.

History: Exiter's past is unrevealed. It may be a demon in the form of a cat. It was first seen serving as the familiar of Satana. Shortly after Satana was exiled to Earth, Exiter appeared by her side, acting like an old friend. Satana discussed her options against the Four who had trapped her on Earth with Exiter. Later when Satana was ambushed and brutally beaten by agents of Jimmy Cruz, Exiter arrived in time to encounter her attacker, who were returning to finish her off. Exiter transformed into its more powerful form and quickly slew the attackers. Exiter also prevented Satana's rescuer, Michael Heron, from taking her to a hospital. Heron took Satana home, where Exiter procured a human victim for her so she could regain her strength by draining its soul.

Heron was ambushed by more of Cruz's men, and taken by to Cruz's place. Exiter investigated, but was discovered by Cruz. Cruz was a monsignor in the Catholic Church, but had turned to the Elder Gods/Demons known as the N'Garai to help him combat the forces of Satan. Cruz summoned one of the N'Garai, which proved too powerful for Exiter and quickly slew him. Exiter managed to telepathically inform Satana of Cruz's location before his death.

Comments: Created by Gerry Conway and Pablo Marcos.

Both of Exiter's appearances were in primarily text adventures.

You can't ever count a magic-user as permanently dead.

As was pointed out to us by IOL Exiter bears strong resemblances to another familiar, Agatha Harkness' Ebony - black cat, magical familiar, smarter than he might seem, able to transform into a more powerful version. Maybe there is a pet shop out there selling these cats? - Loki

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