Katherine Reynolds

Real Name: Dr. Katherine Reynolds

Identity/Class: Psychic, magic-user

Occupation: Currently unknown;
    former assistant professor in parapsychological studies at Gateway University in St. Louis, Missouri

Group Membership: Legion of the Night

Affiliations: Former colleague and friend of Daimon Hellstrom (Hellstorm; known as the Son of Satan at the time), Byron Hyatt, and Dr. Wilfred Noble

Enemies: Aan Taanu, Father Darklyte, Ikthalon
    former captive and experimental subject of the Agency

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: currently unknown, formerly Gateway University, St. Louis, Missouri

Fist Appearance: Marvel Spotlight I#14 (March, 1974)


Powers/Abilities: Psychic powers, only a few of which have been seen. These enabled her to sense the summoning of the demon Aan Taanu, as well as to combat his demon-servants. She utilized her "soul-kiss" to interface her thoughts (which apparently are so twisted that "hell looks good by comparison"), with one demon, causing it to collapse, writhing in agony. Prior to her "enhancement" by the agency, she demonstrated only the ability to sense mystic forces, and perhaps mild empathic powers.
She is also a savage fighter, apparently using skills she needed to survive in the insane asylum.


History: Katherine was an assistant professor at Gateway University.

(Marvel Spotligh I#14) - Katherine hires exorcist Daimon Hellstrom to come to Gateway University to investigate the haunting of one of its buildings by the demon Ikthalon and its servants. She disobeyed his instructions to stay out of the building in which he was working, which resulted in disruption of the barrier containing the demons. However, she also helped out Daimon by picking up his trident, allowing him to escape Ikthalon's prison in the dimension of Boreas and to return to Earth. Ikthalon took Katherine hostage, but Daimon destroyed the demon anyway, and then chided (ie. bitch-slapped) her for disobeying him. Nonetheless, she found him fascinating.

(Marvel Spotlight I#15) - Katherine apologized to Daimon and introduced him to Byron Hyatt, a divinity student, who sought his aid against a satanic cult. The cult actually turned out to be a trap in which Satan/Daimon's father, in the form of Baphomet, sought to force Daimon to surrender him. Daimon overcame the trap and defeated Baphomet.

(Marvel Spotlight I#16-17) - atherine accompanied Daimon and Byron on a trip back to pre-cataclysmic Atlantis, on order to stop the threat of Kometes. On this trip, they encountered Kamuu and Zartra and Zhered-Na.

(Marvel Spotlight I#18-19) - Katherine dragged Daimon out to a party held by her boss, Dr. Wilfred Noble. Noble is assaulted by the demon Allatou later that night, and which Daimon then confronts. Katherine defended Daimon to reporter Alan Crandall, and the two of them witnessed Daimon's final battle against Allatou.

(Marvel Spotlight I#20-22) - Katherine accompanied Daimon on an investigation of Madam Swabada, which proceeds to the three of them being assaulted by manifestations of the tarot cards.

(Marvel Team-Up I#32) - Katherine was present when the Human Torch (Johnny Storm) requested assistance from Daimon against the demon Dryminextes.

(Marvel Spotlight I#23) - Katherine accompanied Daimon and Byron Hyatt on an investigation of Father Darklyte and the Legion of Nihilists. During the struggle with Darklyte, she is apparently killed and resurrected by him.

(Marvel Spotlight I#24) - As Daimon left for California, Katherine silently professed her love to him. He boarded the plane without looking back.

(Ghost Rider II#17) - Johnny Blaze calls for help against the demon Legion I, but Katherine informed him that Daimon had left the University.

(Legion of the Night#1 (fb) - BTS) - Katherine had had undeveloped mental powers, but she was unaware of their potential. However, an enigmatic group known only as the Agency knew about them. They kidnapped her, treated her like a prisoner among mental patients. They used experimental drugs to amplify her psychic powers. The length of time she was a captive of the agency is unknown. However, as a result of either the drugs, her imprisonment, her emerging powers, or a combination of the above, her mental stability eroded somewhat (Can't really describe it better. In a fight with demons, she attacks one physically, saying "Like home. Rip and gouge or be same. Figures." She's not so sane.)

(Legion of the Night#1-2) - She became aware of the summoning of the demon Aan Taanu, which caused her powers to surface more dramatically. Shortly thereafter, she was summoned by Omen to join his Legion of the Night. She accompanied them to the astral realm of Aan Taanu and participated in an assault on his fortress to allow Arianne Wright to prevent the birth of his demon-child.

Comments: Created by Steve Gerber and Jim Mooney.

She's definitely an interesting character.

If Warren Ellis is ever allowed to get control of Hellstorm or Satana, Katherine would make a good cast-member. Perhaps Gerber will use some of the Legion in his new Howard the Duck series. Otherwise, she may not be seen again.

If you really wanted to make things interesting (or stretch plausibility), you could make Katherine related to:
Ann Farrow Reynolds, formerly trapped in the Bermuda Triangle, @ Skull the Slayer I#1
Sentry, Bob Reynolds, @ Startling Stories..., I mean, Sentry#1.


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