Real Name: Chon Li

Identity/Class: Mutant human, citizen of Madripoor

Occupation: Crimelord

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Former employer of the Folding Circle (Bloodstrike, Midnight's Fire, Silk Fever, Smiling Tiger) and Gai No Don; sought to use Night Thrasher as a pawn

Enemies: Competitor of Tyger Tiger and General Nguyen Ngoc Coy

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Hightown, Madripoor

First Appearance: Night Thrasher II#3 (October, 1993)

Powers: Superhuman strength (enhanced human to Class 10), speed, and agility combined with razor sharp claws and enhanced senses. However, he has little training or fighting edge, making him an unimpressive combatant. He prefers to run things from behind the scenes, although he does have a literal taste for blood. He also enjoys expensive food, clothing, and artwork, but he prefers to have his men work in Lowtown.

History: Little is known about Chon Li, other than he is a mutant who grew up in Madripoor and gained the name Aardwolf in his youth. Although he disliked the name, it stuck. He established himself as a crimelord in the island of Madripoor, although he is much less renown than either Tyger Tiger or General Coy.

(Night Thrasher II#3-4)- In recent years, he struggled against the group the Folding Circle, who had crashed their ship in Madripoor shortly after their battle at the Temple of the Dragon's Breadth. The group's leader, Midnight's Fire, convinced the Circle to make a play to carve their own criminal empire, challenging the position of Aardwolf. Gai No Don, a criminal businessman who was associated with the Taylor Foundation (owned by Dwayne Taylor, aka Night thrasher) secretly funded the Circle. Midnight's Fire also coerced his own sister, Silhouette (also the girlfriend of Night Thrasher) to join him. He did this partially by convincing her that Thrasher was a prisoner of Aardwolf and needed their help in rescuing him...which was at least partially true.

Aardwolf made contact with another crimelord, Tyger Tiger to discuss the threat posed by the young group of superhumans. Through unknown means, primarily deceit, Aardwolf led Night Thrasher to Madripoor and captured him. Aardwolf convinced Thrasher into believing that the Folding Circle had captured Silhouette, and by defeating them, he would be rescuing her. Aardwolf backed up his claims with recorded evidence that Silhouette had been assisting both the Folding Circle and the Concrete Dragons in the recent past. Night Thrasher continued to question him, which culminated in a battle between he and Aardwolf. Night Thrasher ended the battle by knocking them both out the window and maneuvering Aardwolf so he took the impact. When they hit the ground, the Folding Circle were waiting for them, and they overpowered Night Thrasher while Aardwolf fled.

Aardwolf made his way to a Lowtown base of Tyger Tiger, only to have her betray him by sicking the Circle on him again. The group easily overcame Aardwolf, bound him, and threw him into the ocean to drown. However, Night Thrasher returned and rescued him. Silhouette turned against the group, aiding Night Thrasher, and Aardwolf joined the battle, managing to drop Smiling Tiger. Eventually the group came to a stand-off, and the fight was ended. Aardwolf presumably continued to run his small criminal empire.

Comments: Created by Fabian Nicieza, Ken Lashley, and Fred Hayes.

An aardwolf is a hyena-like mammal which feeds mostly on termites and insect larvae.

Aardwolf is credited as being more savage than Sabretooth and more savvy than Trump. He at least looked like he'd be tough.

Night Thrasher II#3 (October, 1993) - Fabian Nicieza (writer), Ken Lashley & Fred Haynes (pencils), Keith Williams, Rick Magyar, Ken Branch, Danny Bulanadi, Keith Aiken & Jim Amash (inks), Rob Tokar (editor)
Night Thrasher II#4 (November, 1993) - Fabian Nicieza (writer), David Boller (pencils), Keith Aiken & Jim Amash (inks), Rob Tokar (editor)

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