Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Demon

Occupation: Would-be destroyer of all life

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Summoned by Bernard Roberts

Enemies: Iron Man (Stark), Soo Lin Chu and her grandfather and his group of Chinese sorcerers

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Extradimensional realm

Appearances: Iron Man I#130 (January, 1980)

Powers: The All-Devourer is an ever-hungry fiend of great destructive power. It can summon other demons or mystic entities to accomplish its will. It possesses superhuman strength, durability, etc. It can fire destructive energy blasts. As part of a spell from seven ancient sorcerers, it is unable to traverse dimensions, and could only access the Earth dimension after being summoned and killing seven others. The powers observed by the All-Devourer may be only a fraction of his total power as it had limited access to the Earthly plane when observed. The All-Devourer is allegedly the fiercest of all Chinese demons. Its origins are unknown, but it was banished from the Earthly plane centuries ago by the efforts of seven mighty sorcerers. This spell of banishment required the sacrifice of seven lives to allow it to return to Earth.

History: .

(Iron Man I#130 (fb)) - Bernard Roberts, the fiancé' of Soo Lin Chu, was a brilliant researcher in the microwave research section of Stark International Hong Kong. Roberts had no patience with safety procedures, and as a result he was injured by an accidental exposure to high levels of microwave radiation. This left him unable to speak, and proceeded to degenerate the rest of his body.

(Iron Man I#130) - Bitter, and blaming Stark International, Roberts began training under Soo Lin's grandfather, who was a member of the cult that had originally banished the All-Devourer. Seeking vengeance, Roberts cast a spell to summon the All-Devourer, and became its first victim. The All-Devourer sent agents to kill enough others to free him, succeeding in killing three other members of Stark International. Tony Stark/Iron Man came to Stark International Hong Kong to investigate, but was unable to stop another agent from killing two more of his employees.

  Stark continued to investigate, learning the truth from Soo Lin and her grandfather. At this point, the All-Devourer had gained sufficient power to partially manifest itself on the Earthly plane and actively try to fulfill its seventh sacrifice to fully return to Earth. Even this form was sufficient to quickly overpower Iron Man. However, Soo Lin's grandfather determined that since Bernard could not speak when he had summoned the All-Devourer, he must have summoned it via a spell writtenin computer language. Soo Lin managed to type in the counter-spell and banish the All-Devourer once again.

Comments: Created by David Michiline (writer) and Bob Layton (art).

I'm not sure if this is an actual character out of mythology, or if it was created by the above story-tellers.

The All-Devourer could be summoned if needed by another villain, although whoever summons him is likely to become his next victim, so he's not helping his plight out any.

Iron Man I#130 (January, 1980) - Bob Layton (writer/artist), David Michelinie (plot), Roger Stern (editor)

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