Real Name: Subject 6-LXM-QWS

Identity/Class: Extra-temporal (alternate future of Earth-691, @ 2019) gene-spliced human

Occupation: Rebel leader

Affiliations: Leader of a group of Freewomen; Ally of Killraven and his Freemen; Enemy of the Martian Masters, especially Abraxas, the High Overlord, Rattack, and Sabre; creation of Project: 6-LXM-QWS

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: currently unknown; formerly the region which was Washington, D.C., formerly of the United States of America, Earth-Killraven; formerly the Deathbirth facility

Appearances: Amazing Adventures II#22 (January, 1974); ([30(fb)], 22-24

Powers: Mint Julep is a skilled warrior, self-trained in armed and unarmed combat. She is a skilled markswoman and adept with the use of a laser pistol. She prefers to use a gun that fires silvery, multi-pointed stars, capable of slicing through human flesh and bone. These stars can also be thrown, in the fashion of the Japanese shuriken.

Mint Julep possesses both plant and animal characteristics, but the abilities and limitations that are a result of this are unknown. She is likely capable of photosynthesis, enabling her to absorb and utilize energy directly from the sun to maintain her metabolism, without the need to consume food for calories. It was not clear if she has superhuman strength or any other superhuman abilities. She was designed to have bioluminescent abilities, but these have not been demonstrated.

Mint Julep worked with the Freewomen, a group of human women rebelling against the Martian Masters and their agents. These women were also trained in armed and unarmed combat. Many of them used conventional weaponry, such as swords.

History: Mint Julep was created in the alternate timeline of Earth-Killraven, where the extra-terrestrials known as the Martian Masters invaded and conquered Earth in 2001 AD. During the initial years of their occupation, the Martian Masters experimented in efforts to create sub-species of humanity, by gene-splicing human and other forms of terrestrial life. In 2003, the Masters began Project: 6-LXM-QWS, in which Gynecologist Quarters performed in vitro fertilization of a preserved female ovum. At two months of development, the embryo was injected with chemical components (consisting of, among others, chlorophyll extracts) of the single celled organism known as the Euglena. Theories involving the capacity for bioluminescence were tested on the fetus at six months and the results were inconclusive. The subject was nurtured in sterile laboratory conditions, and it developed a light shade of green flesh after introduction of outside agents.

In 2015, the subject escaped from the Washington D.C. Operational Sector. Nicknamed Mint Julep after a drink of the same color, the subject eventually formed a rebel group known as the Freewomen. In 2018, several of the Freewomen were abducted by Sabre and his men, a group of humans who collected other humans for the Martian Masters' auctioning block. While investigating the disappearance of her Freewomen, Mint Julep encountered and formed a loose alliance with Killraven and his Freemen. Together, the Freewomen destroyed that base of the Martian Masters, and freed the men and women imprisoned in it.

Comments: Created by Don McGregor and Herb Trimpe.

What happened to Mint Julep? I don't know why she hasn't had a follow up appearance in any of Killraven's subsequent adventures.

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