Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Extra-temporal (Earth-Killraven) human mutate

Occupation: Scavenger; Former agent of FBI

Affiliations: Led a pack of giant rats; Former pawn of Martian Overlord;

Enemies: Abraxas and Killraven

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: The Catacombs beneath the White House, Washington D.C., Earth-Killraven (@ 2018)

Appearances: Amazing Adventures II#23 (March, 1974); (23(fb), 23, 24

Powers: Rattack possesses superhuman strength and speed (both @ enhanced human). He possesses sharp teeth and nails able to easily rend human flesh. He can mentally communicate with and control rats to some extent, although this control was not absolute. He likely possesses enhanced olfactory senses, hearing, and night vision. He is covered with brown fur, and has rodent-like features. His sanity had deteriorated over time, and he regarded the rats as his brethran.

Rattack controls a large army of giant mutated rats. These rats are nearly two feet in length and possess abilities proportional to their size. They were trained to attack on his command. When sufficiently mutated by bloodlust or other emotions, they would disregard his commands.

History: The man who would become Rattack was born in the divergent/alternate Earth timeline known as Earth-Killraven, in which Earth was conquered by the Martian Masters in the year 2001. Prior to the Masters' attack, the man was an agent in a US governemnt agency, most likely the Federal bureau of Investigations. Rattack also describes be present at torch-lit initiation ceremonies, but this is not elaborated upon.

When the Masters attacked in 2001, one of the US army's failed attempts at defense involved the use of biochemical gas against them. The man who would become Rattack somehow became trapped in the catacombs below the White House. With only rats for company, the man was helpless to stop the gas from seeping in around him, slowly mutating him, and transforming him into a human rat. Now calling himself Rattack, he saw the rats as his only friends, and continued to hide in the catacombs. Occasionally, someone would venture into the catacombs and end up as a meal for Rattack and his brethren. The Martian Masters eventually became aware of his existence, but allowed him to live, using him to torture and kill their enemies.

In 2018, the Masters' warrior, Abraxas, captured Killraven, the leader of a band of Freemen. Due to Killraven's popularity, the Master known as the High Overlord planned to televise his murder to break the spirits of the Resistance. In the catacombs of Rattack, Killraven was strapped down on a table with his sword hanging mockingly above him. Rattack sent his rats to attack him, but of course in the process of attacking him, they chewed through his restraints, allowing him to grab a nearby torch and fend them off. Rattack himself appeared and sent them to attack Killraven anew, but when his brethren began to fall by the dozen before Killraven's sword, he led them to flee deeper into the catacombs.

Rattack, thirsting both for revenge and Killraven's blood (literally), led the rats outside where Killraven and his Freemen were battling Abraxas and the High Overlord's human slaves. Rattack, not wanting anyone to stand between himself and Killraven, sent his rats to attack the human slaves. Abraxas responded by attacking Rattack, ripping his body open with the powerful suction cups on his tentacles. Rattack's "brethren" were overcome by the smell of fresh blood on him, and descended upon him, ripping him to shreds.

Comments: Created by Don McGregor and Herb Trimpe.

Rattack is listed in the credits for AmzAdv#30, but that is only in a reprint of #23.

I think it was a deliberate statement of the times that an FBI agent became a human rat.

The High Overlord fell for the same old "James Bond syndrome" that 99% of villains will fall victim to. When you catch your greatest enemy, don't go for the fancy, slow death. Just shoot them and kill them. They will always escape and come back and bite you in the butt. Just ask Scott Evil.

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