Membership: Crab, Minnow, Mussels, Seahorse, Seaweed, Squid (leader)

Purpose: Criminals

Affiliations: Atlanteans

Enemies: Arkus, Namorita, other Atlanteans

Base of Operations: Atlantean prison; formerly the slums outside of Atlantis

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#12/4 (early February, 1989)

Powers/Abilities: Standard Atlantean abilties: breathe underwater, Enhanced human to Class 5 Strength. Minnow had no fighting skills, but preferred to repeat the last syllable (s) he hears incessantly.

History: In recent years a gang of teenage Atlanteans has taken to living in the slums outside the Capital City of Atlantis and preying on the poor and defenseless.

Namorita returned to Atlantis to get away from the crime and pollution of the surface world. However, upon entering through the slums of Atlantis, she learned it was not really that different. She encountered a hunting group that had been waylaid by the School. Namorita easily defeated Seahorse, and followed Minnow back to the School. She allowed them to capture her to learn what was going on. They claimed to be capturing the city-dwellers and keeping them hostage to force the city to acknowledge and assist them. When Namorita saw the torture and squalor of the city-dwellers, she was furious and easily broke free and overpowered the School. Arkus and the Atlantean army then arrived and arrested all responsible for the hostage situation.





Comments: Created by Scott Lobdell and Frank Springer.

Cflarifications: Seahorse has no known connection to:

Seaweed has no connection to:

Squid has no connection to:

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Marvel Comics Presents#12, p29, pan4 (main image)
  p28, pan3 (Minnow & Seahorse)

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