Membership: Michael Scungili, Sonny Scungili, Connie Scungili, Fredo Scungili, “Squid”.

Purpose: The Scungilis are a crime family.

Affiliations: enemies of the Mr. Bogardus, Impossible Man, Lt. Sabrina Morrell and the San Francisco Police Department, Spider-Woman.

Base of Operations: San Francisco area.

First Appearance: Spider-Woman#45 (August, 1982).

History: The Scungili family tried pulled off their biggest coup ever when they tried getting away with the Robbins Emeralds. Unfortunately they were stopped by Impossible Man and Spider-Woman, who captured Mike Scungili, while his two older siblings Connie and Sonny escaped. In their basement headquarter the two siblings decided to get revenge at Spider-Woman and Impossible Man, and still get away with the Robbins Emeralds. Calling their brother Fredo Scungili and their youngest and most dangerous member “Squid”, they decided to try to steal the Robbins Emeralds at a Benefit concert where the famous opera singer Madame Rovere was to wear them and at the same time get their revenge at Spider-Woman. The plans failed when Spider-Woman captured all four of them.

Comments: Created by Chris Claremont and Steve Leialoha

Note: A crime family with four siblings named Sonny, Connie, Fredo and Mike. Is it really necesarry to mention that Claremont took the names from a certain Godfather movie. And with the final member named Squid a mob referance as well.....

Profile by the Beetle

“Squid” has no connection to:

- Scungili, Connie - Connie is the real brain in the family, escaped alongside Sonny after the first attempt to steal the Robbins Emeralds

- Scungili, Sonny - The muscles in the family, but certainly not the brains. Sonny and Connie escaped from the first attempt to steal the Robbins Emeralds but were defeated at the second attempt by Spider-Woman (pictured above)










- Scungili, Fredo - After the failed attempt to steal the Robbins Emeralds, Sonny and Connie called their brother Fredo to have him in on the next attempt to steal the Robbins Emeralds. Fredo was defeated by Spider-Woman







- Scungili, Michael "Mickey"- (according to Lt. Bree; S.F.P.D.) the youngest member of the nastiest gang in San Francisco. When the family tried stealing the Robbins Emeralds they were attacked by Impossible Man and Spider-Woman. While his siblings escaped, Michael was taken in by the police







- “Squid” - The youngest and most dangerous of the family ( “Squid” might be a cousin or something since both Mike and Squid can’t be the youngest of the team, right?), after the first attempt to steal the Robbins Emeralds failed, Connie and Sonny called on “Squid” to participate in the second attempt. “Squid” was defeated by Spider-Woman







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