Real Name: Thomas Wilkins

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Former chief of Security at Stark International, London Branch

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Alec Eiffel, Exile (Victor Kohl), Mark Kumar, Mole Man (Harvey Rupert Elder), Colin Anderson Sixty, Udarnik, Eli Warren

Enemies: Dark Angel (Shevaun Haldane), Droogs, Iron Man (Tony Stark), Malekith, Red Peril (Abigail Burns);
formerly Udarnik

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Mandarin Ten

Base of Operations: Mandarin's City;
   formerly Official Lunar Scientifix Colony for Study of Phlogistone in Tranquility Gulch, Moon;
   formerly London, England

Appearances: Iron Man I#136 (July 1980)

Powers/Abilities: No superhuman abilities. Endotherm's costume enabled him to absorb and release heat for a variety of effects, including ice, heat blasts, blizzards, and explosions. He also used a gun that fired diamond-hard ice darts. Using the Mandarin's Zero ring (ice powers) his armored suit could shoot powerful ice blasts.

History: (Iron Man I#136) - Tom Wilkins was originally a loyal employee and skilled security officer. However, for whatever reason, he developed an intense fear of losing his pension. This fear progressed into paranoid schizophrenia.

By stealing technology available at the Stark International plant, he developed a costume to form the identity of Endotherm. In this identity, he began performing acts of vandalism on the plant, hoping to draw the company's chief executive officer, Tony Stark, to the plant to investigate. He then planned to kill Stark. In his mind, if the head of the company were dead, there would be no one to fire him, and no way he could lose his pension.

As he planned, Stark did come to investigate. Stark managed to escape death by changing into his alter-ego, Iron Man. Endotherm drained all energy from Iron Man's armor, defeating him, but allowed him to live as his only goal was to kill Stark himself. In their second encounter, Iron Man boosted and redirected his cooling units to form an icy coating. This insulated him long enough to get close enough to Endotherm to knock him out (I guess his repulsors must have been damaged in their first scuffle).

Iron Man was surprised to learn that Wilkins was Endotherm. He was admitted to London Psychiatric Hospital where his disorder was diagnosed. Tony Stark agreed to pay the bill for any treatments needed.

(Iron Man: Fatal Frontier#4 (fb) - BTS) - Wilkins joined Eli Warren's team as their energy expert in the Official Lunar Scientifix Colony for Study of Phlogistone. Wilkins' technology proved very helpful to deal with the heat on the Moon during the day.

   Udarnik encountered Endotherm, who told him he would be Iron Man's death.

(Iron Man: Fatal Frontier#4) - Endotherm assaulted Iron Man on the Moon blaming him for recession and for destroying jobs in the energy industriy with repulsor tech and Phlogistone. Udarnik came to Iron Man's aid and swarmed Endotherm with his Droogs worker robots, but Endotherm knocked them out with an EMP and continued his attack on Iron Man. When Endotherm tried to kill Stark by freezing him to death Iron Man reversed the process, robbing Endotherm of his sole power source heat, and trapping him in ice. Iron Man left Endotherm in Udarnik's care and asked him to take care of him. Udarnik promised he would.

(Iron Man: Fatal Frontier#12 (fb) - BTS) - Udarnik befriended Endotherm and allowed him to improve his armor. When Udarnik turned on Tony Stark and imprisoned him Endotherm was one of Udarnik's allies sent to catch him again when Stark escaped his cell.

(Iron Man: Fatal Frontier#12) - Closing in on Tony Stark Endotherm told him about Udarnik's plan to create a whole Phlogistone mining industry on the Moon. Tony hacked into Endotherm's armor using the wi-fi in one of Udarnik's Droogs and activated the quick-release on Endotherm's armor. After knocking out Endotherm by throwing the Droog at his head Tony Stark put on Endotherm's armor and left Wilkins behind.

(Iron Man VII#25 (fb) - BTS) - Endotherm was approached by one of Mandarin's Rings, Zero, to become the ring's host.

(Iron Man VII#27 (fb) - BTS) - Endotherm turned the ring into a part of his powered suit and started attacking Stark-related resources.

(Iron Man VII#25 (fb) - BTS) - When Malekith started hunting down the other ring bearers to claim all of Mandarin's Rings, the rings' hive-mind influenced the remaining bearers to work together against Malekith.

(Iron Man VII#25) - Endotherm, Alec Eiffel, Exile (Victor Kohl), Mark Kumar, Mole Man (Harvey Rupert Elder) and Colin Anderson Sixty teleported to Svartalfheim's Library of Sins and posed as Asgardian warriors and monsters to confront Malekith. Malekith saw through the illusion, but the ring bearers still attacked him with their full might.

(Iron Man VII#26) - While the Liar Ring, wielded by Kumar, made Malekith belief he had already defeated the other ring bearers Endotherm and Mole Man beat him up. Malekith came to his senses and fled to Iron Man, followed by Exile and Endotherm. They soon caught up to Malekith along with the other ring bearers. Iron Man aided Malekith, who handed over his ring to Iron Man, for a chance to flee. With the threat of Malekith ended Endotherm wanted nothing more to do with the other ring bearers, but Kumar saw potential in them working together.

(Iron Man VII#27) - Endotherm stayed with the others in Mandarin's City and worked with them on a plan to attack New York with a drill. Meeting the others in Mandarin's Lair Endotherm listened to them squabble until they all heard Stark's voice incoming through Mandarin's Rings. Endotherm followed the signal, but was shot down and defeated by Red Peril, who neutralized the Zero ring in his armor and took it from him. Though Endotherm reunited with the other ring bearers he did not interfere any further and seemingly fled when Iron Man and Arno Stark attacked the Mandarin's Lair.

Comments: Created by Peter John Palmer, David Michelinie, Alan Weiss, and Bob Wiacek.

I think Endotherm will be making his dramatic return any day now....he did in 2013

Mistakenly referred to as Exotherm in Iron Man VII#27 (August, 2014). Though he was seen on the cover of Iron Man VII#28 (August, 2014) he was nowhere to be found inside the issue.

Thanks to Michael Niosi for pointing out his appearances in Iron Man: Fatal Frontier. BTW Tony Stark wore Endotherm's armor in Fatal Frontier#12-13 in his final confrontation with Udarnik.

Iron Man: Fatal Frontier & Iron Man VII update by Markus Raymond.

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