largathfive-prisonplanet-ff1-prison-mainL'AR GATH FIVE
(planet & prison)

Official Name: L'ar Gath Five

NatureExtraterrestrial planet, in "deep space"; unidentified star system and galaxy 

Environment: The surface of the planet is entirely crystalline and is incapable of sustaining life

Gravity: Unrevealed (but presumably possessed a gravitational field in which it was comfortable for humans to function)

Atmosphere: An unspecified combination of gases (presumably mostly nitrogen and oxygen as it can be breathed by humans)

Natural Satellites: Apparently at least one moon (although that could be a sun shaded by clouds/mist)

Artificial Satellites: None known

Natives: None

Population: Unrevealed

Capital City: Apparently inapplicable

Government: The prison was ruled by unrevealed owner(s)/boss(es)

Languages: Unrevealed

Monetary Unit: Unrevealed

Major Resources: The galaxy's largest private prison

Planetary Defense: Unrevealed

Places of Interest: L'ar Gath prison

Prominent Residents: Barber, guards, Nano-Swarm, unidentified boss;
    the god L'ar Gath may or may not have ever dwelled on this world

Visitors: Rikki Barnes, Future Foundation (Bentley-23, Dragon Man, Korr, Leech, Artie Maddicks, Mik, Onome, Alex & Julie Power, Tong, Torg, Vil, Wu), Lyja the Lazerfist, Kl'rath, Maker (one of the multiversal duplicates of Reed Richards-1610), Phyllis the Kronan, Al'ti Vidua;
    numerous unidentified prisoners

First Appearance: Future Foundation#1 (October, 2019)

Future Foundation#1 (fb) - BTS) - Based on the planet of the same name, L'ar Gath Five was the galaxy's largest private prison.

     Answering to no one else, they accepted anyone with a price on their head, without requiring proof of guilt and with no questions asked...and then they would sell that person to whoever was willing to pay for that person...even starting a bidding war if they could.

     As the planet was in deep space, the prison was out of the jurisdiction of most authorities, and the owners of the prison were rich enough to be untouchable.

(Future Foundation#1 (fb) - BTS) - Yondu Udonta was apparently a former inmate at L'ar Gath Five.

(Future Foundation#1 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, the Maker (one of the multiversal counterparts of Reed Richards-1610) was captured and placed in L'ar Gath.

     Kl'rath of the Zn'rx (Snarks), Phyllis the Kronan, and Al'ti Vidua -- who were either previous crewmen/allies of the Maker or who became his allies after arriving there -- were imprisoned at L'ar Gath Five.

(Future Foundation#1 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Rebecca "Rikki" Barnes was imprisoned at L'ar Gath Five.

(Future Foundation#1 (fb) - BTS) - Joined by guest lecturer Yondu Udonta (actually the Skrull Lyja), the Future Foundation -- Bentley-23, Dragon Man, Korr, Leech, Artie Maddicks, Mik, Onome, Alex & Julie Power, Tong, Torg, Vil & Wu -- traveled to L'ar Gath Five where they had tracked an otherworldly energy signature; they were hoping to recover a fragment of Owen Reece, the Molecule Man, whose atoms had been scattered throughout the Multiverse.

(Future Foundation#1 (fb) - BTS) - Posing as Yondu Udonta, Lyja gave Julie Power a special shampoo, allegedly to protect her from space lice, but which actually contained Bentley-23's microbots.largathfive-prisonplanet-ff2-guards

(Future Foundation#1) - As Yondu Udonta, Lyja brought Julie Power to L'ar Gath Five, noting bounties on her head from the Zn'rx (Snarks) and Kymellians. The guards contacted their boss, who offered 2000 (some form of monetary units) for her; when "Yondu" complained, the boss gave 3000 as a final offer, which "Yondu" reluctantly accepted.

    Yondu returned to the Future Foundation ship while guards started to shave Julie's head; as the first strip of hair was removed, the microbots were released, and they shorted out the clippers. The activated microbots allowed the Future Foundation to see everything the prison's security could see. They then led Julie to the cell she needed to find, which contained Rikki Barnes, and they made plans to break out. Julie sent the signal to the Future Foundation, and they set a 10 second countdown that would open all of the prison cells. Alex Power felt that the prison was isolated, the prisoners would have nowhere to go.

    After the Future Foundation discovered that Reed Richards was apparently imprisoned in L'ar Gath Five, Alex planned for Onome and R'Kill (her weapon) to make an entrance as the power went down, and as soon as she fired, she was to get Artie and Leech back to the ship and keep a lookout for Julie, while he/Alex, Dragon Man, and "Yondu" would break in and find Dr. Richards.

    Once her inhibitor collar went down, Julie flew Rikki to recover her personal equipment, while Alex nullified gravity on a group of convicts confronting them, causing them to float harmlessly. Using powered marbles, Bentley helped overcome the other prisoners attacking them, and they met up with Dr. Richards -- unaware that this was a counterpart of Earth-1610's Reed Richards, aka the Maker -- and his allies, Kl'rath, Phyllis the Kronan, and Al'ti Vidua.

(Future Foundation#2) - The Maker's allies agreed to join the Future Foundation aboard their ship, and they brutally slaughtered the other inmates blocking their exodus. Aboard the ship, Onome's detector identified this Reed Richards as otherworldly, confirming him to not be Reed Richards-616.

    Meanwhile, Julie and Rikki retrieved their personal effects; Julie swiftly changed and then fought off the guards while Rebecca changed; however, the guards reactivated a local power dampener, causing Julie to lose control and smash into a wall, breaking bones in the process. Fully costumed, Rikki took out the remaining other guards, after which she helped Julie to the water supply access where Vil & Wu led them outside of the prison.

    The prison's power subsequently came back online, and they were pursued by the nano-swarm. To escape this, Julie -- despite her broken ribs -- flew faster than the speed of sound.

    Appreciating the prison's security system coming back up, the Maker -- wishing to claim the pieces of the Molecule Man that the Future Foundation had already obtained -- revealed his true nature and attempted to steal the ship and jettison the Future Foundation. After Julie arrived, Rikki confronted the Maker, seeking vengeance for murdering her previous incarnation.

(Future Foundation#3) - The Future Foundation and the Maker briefly united to oppose a number of Nano-Swarm composites, which were ultimately taken down by Onome, before escaping the planet aboard the Future Foundation's ship.

Comments: Created by Jeremy Whitley, Will Robson, and Daniele Orlandini.

Profile by Snood.

L'ar Gath Five  has no known connections to

L'ar Gath

nopictureavailableL'ar Gath was an ancient god of death (worshipped by unidentified beings).

The prison L'ar Gath Five was named after him.

Future Foundation#1

prison barber
largathfive-prisonplanet-ff1-barber-mainlargathfive-prisonplanet-ff1-barber2     He(?) was tasked with shaving the heads of at least some inmates on arrival, presumably to prevent the spread of ectoparasites like lice and or the hair being used as a weapon for against that inmate.

     Wearing a helmet with a visor over the upper part of his face (including the nose, if he had one) that apparently served as the power source to the clippers, he had green skin; four arms (each with four fingers and an opposing thumb); numerous raised circular bumps on his forearms, shoulders, and pectorals; and a ridged chin extending back to the angle of the mandible, at least.

(Future Foundation#1) - When Julie Power was admitted to L'ar Gath Prison, the barber arrived to shave her head. Although she protested, the barber assured her, "Don't fret, my dear. It's plenty warm in here. There's no need for a winter coat."

     As the first strip of hair was removed, however, microbots placed within her hair via a shampoo given to her by "Yondu Udonta" (actually Lyja the Lazerfist) were released, and they shorted out the clippers. The barber considered that they had better hold off on finishing the haircut. "I wouldn't want to set your head on fire." He then sent her off to go see her new "home."

(Future Foundation#1 - BTS) - The activated microbots allowed the Future Foundation to see everything the prison's security could see.

--Future Foundation#1

Note: The barber does not conform to any known extraterrestrial race of which I am aware.

     The green skin and ridges would be consistent with a Skrull, which would also explain the four arms, but those features alone are not enough for confirmation.


largathfive-prisonplanet-guardsfiringjprb.jpeglargathfive-prisonplanet-ff1-guard-fullish     The guards at L'ar Gath all appeared to be the same race, or perhaps they were genetically engineered, mutated to have that appearance, wore organic-looking exoskeletons, etc.

     They have light orange, coarsely-patterned skin, with a pair of short, antennae-like or perhaps horn-like projections extending upwards from the anterior, superior central portions of their heads. These may have been movable, given their positions in various images.

      They had  two fingers and an opposing thumb on each hand, with two anterior-facing toes and an posterior extension and/or digit on each foot.

     Their noses (if they have them) and mouths were covered by an apparent respirator, which provided them the atmospheric/gas content they needed to breathe and/or protected them from toxic gas attacks.

      Most of their bodies were covered by metallic armor, although their digits were exposed.

      They wielded staffs with thickened ends that served both as blunt weapons and blasters.

Future Foundation#1) - At least one guard observed Yondu Udonta to be a former inmate.

largathfive-prisonplanet-ff2-guard-profile(Future Foundation#1) - The guards were present as "Yondu Udonta" (actually the Skrull Lyja the Lazerfist) delivered Julie Power to L'ar Gath, noting the bounties on her head. Communicating with a superior, if not "the boss," a guard offered 2000 (some form of monetary units) for her; when "Yondu" complained, the guard noted that the boss gave 3000 as a final offer, which "Yondu" reluctantly accepted.

      As one of the guards placed a power-neutralizer collar on Julie, advising her that she could not break or sabotage it, so she should save herself some time. The guard paying "Yondu" told him "pleasure doing business with you," although "Yondu" warned, "One of these days, you're going to rip off the wrong guy, you know?"

     As Yondu departed, one of the guards instructed the others to get her down to processing right away, as it looked like they might have interested buyers pretty quick(ly).

     After an aborted hair-trimming with the barber, the guards took Julie to the holding area, but the microbots released from her hair during the clipping attempt soon allowed the Future Foundation to shut down power in the prison. The guards were then occupied in battling the escaped inmates.

(Future Foundation#2) - Re-powered, Julie Power took down multiple guards while providing a distraction to allow the released Rikki Barnes to don her uniform; however, when another guard engaged a back-up power-dampening device, Julie lost control of her flight and crashed into a wall, breaking some ribs and causing internal bleeding.

      Rikki Barnes took out the guards who had stopped Julie, and both when escaped through a water channel guided by the Uhari Vil and Wu, after which they were pursued by the nano-swarm.

Future Foundation#1

Note: The guards do
not conform to any known extraterrestrial race of which I am aware.


largathfive-prisonplanet-ff1-captiveinmate1largathfive-prisonplanet-ff1-captiveinmate2Yondu Udonta of the modern time period was apparently a former prison at L'ar Gath.
      The two seen in this row were both in cells as Julie Power was brought to the communal area.
     As escaped inmates Julie Power and Rikki Barnes headed to recover their confiscated personal effects, numerous inmates were seen battling guards.

     When an escaped inmate dropped down from above and surprised Rikki and Julie, Rikki blasted it in the face, apparently killing it.


Future Foundation#1
       When a number of escaped inmates confronted Alex Power, he used his gravity-control powers to cause a number of them to float harmlessly in the air.

Future Foundation#1
      A number of escaped inmates engaged Dragon Man and "Yondu" (actually the Skrull Lyja the Lazerfist).


Future Foundation#1
Future Foundation#1.

largathfive-prisonplanet-ff1-inmate-biggreen-warpVia powered marbles and a slingshot, Bentley-23 launched a pocket wormhole "marble" at the large, powerful green escaped inmate, who carried a metal pipe to use as a cudgel, which he likely enjoyed using to bludgeon other inmates and/or guard.

Future Foundation#1
largathfive-prisonplanet-ff1-inmate-headtentacles      Bentley-23 launched another "marble" at another inmate, incapacitating him with an apparent electrical shock.

Future Foundation#1

      The Future Foundation members freed the Maker and his crew, and they attacked the other escaped inmates both because they enjoyed it and to clear a path the FF's space ship.

Future Foundation#2
      The Maker and his crew gleefully used lethal force against the other escaped inmates, leading the Future Foundation to suspect that this was not Reed Richards-616.

Future Foundation#2
--Future Foundation#1 (2

images: (without ads)
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          panel 2 (Alex engaging escaped prisoners);
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       pg. 19, panel 2 (Bentley zapping another escaped prisoner);
       pg. 20 (Maker & crew);
    #2, story (not including the history of two Reeds), pg. 2, panel 4 (Reed's crew attacking other inmates);
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       pg. 9, panel 2 (Phyllis & Kl'rath attacking escaped prisoners);
       pg. 10, panel 1 (Al'ti emerging from chest of large prisoner);
       pg. 11, panel 1 (
Julie and Rikki passing crowd of escaped inmates vs. guards);
          panel 3-4 (hissing inmate blasted by Rikki);
       pg. 16, panel 1-2 (nano-swarm)

Future Foundation#1 (October, 2019) - Jeremy Whitley (writer), Will Robson (penciler/inker), Daniele Orlandini (inking assistance), Sarah Brunstad (editor)
Future Foundation#2 (November, 2019) - Jeremy Whitley (writer), Will Robson & Paco Diaz (pencilers/inkers), Daniele Orlandini (inking assistance), Sarah Brunstad (editor)
Future Foundation#3 (December, 2019) - Jeremy Whitley (writer), Will Robson & Paco Diaz (artists), Sarah Brunstad (editor)
Future Foundation#4 (January, 2020) - Jeremy Whitley (writer), Alti Firmansyah (artist), Sarah Brunstad (editor)

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