klrath-snark-futfound-ff3-faceklrath-snark-futfound-ff4-commander KL'RATH

Real Name:  Kl'rath

Identity/ClassExtraterrestrial (Zn'rx/Snark)

Occupation: Mercenary, warrior;
    former soldier/captain/commander

Group Membership: None (although those under affiliations are an informal team)

Affiliations: Al'ti Vidua (Shi'ar; former Warbird), Maker (one of the multiversal duplicates of Reed Richards-1610), Phyllis the Kronan;
    formerly (via duplicity):
Future Foundation (Bentley-23, Dragon Man, Korr, Leech, Artie Maddicks, Mik, Onome, Alex Power, Julie Power, Tong, Turg, Vil, Wu); Lyja the Laserfist (also posing as Yondu Udonta)

Enemies: Future Foundation (Bentley-23, Dragon Man, Korr, Leech, Artie Maddicks, Mik, Onome, Alex Power, Julie Power, Tong, Torg, Vil, Wu); Lyja the Laserfist (who officially joined the Future Foundation after this story)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None (impersonated by Lyja the Laserfist)

Base of Operations: Unrevealed
    formerly L'ar Gath Five prison;
    presumably originally from a subterranean location on planet 
Ria, star system Krona, Milky Way galaxyklrath-snark-futfound-ff2-mostfull

First Appearance: (Unidentified) Future Foundation#1 (October, 2019);
Future Foundation#2 (November, 2019)klrath-snark-futfound-ff2-eating

Powers/Abilities: Due to his large Snark form, Kl'rath is stronger than the average human, lifting at least 400 lbs.

    Like other Snarks, he has some degree of superhuman longevity (longer than human lifespan). 

    He was hatched from an egg and is poikilothermic ("cold blooded"); sluggish in cold weather, intense cold can force hibernation and death with prolonged exposure. 

    Generally bipedal, he can run on all fours for increased speed. 

    A savage warrior, he is a skilled and experienced starship pilot. 

    He uses his sharp claws and fanged teeth in combat, and he will also feast upon victims. He occasionally uses bladed weapons, such as daggers or an axe-like weapon.

    He appears to have some sort of metal covering over his tail tip, which he can presumably use as a blunt weapon.

Height:  Unrevealed (Snarks average 8' tall and 11' long from snout to tip of tail, which seemed about right for Kl'rath)
Weight: Unrevealed
Eyes: Yellow (Snarks are typically shown as having red eyes)
Hair: None
Skin: Green (scaled)

Future Foundation#4 (fb)) - Kl'rath was a mighty Snark commander who led his people in offensives throughout the galaxy. He advanced to a high position by gaining a reputation by gaining a reputation as one of the most ruthless captains in the Snark army. 

(Future Foundation#3 (fb) - BTS / Future Foundation#4 (fb)) - After the destruction of the Skrull homeworld (presumably at the hands of Galactus), Kl'rath received a report of a transport of Skrull refugees -- mostly children -- sending a distress signal. Hating Skrulls, Kl'rath ordered to fire on the ship until nothing was left. 

(Future Foundation#4 (fb)) - Kl'rath's status and actions attracted powerful enemies. Branded a war criminal, he was sent to the allegedly inescapable deep space prison planet L'ar Gath Five.

(Future Foundation#2 (fb) - BTS) - Within L'ar Gath Five Kl'rath mad a number of allies: The Maker (Reed Richards-1610, or one of his multiversal counterparts), Phyllis the Kronan, and the former Shi'ar Warbird Al'ti Vidua.

(Future Foundation#1) - Having detected Reed Richards amongst the prisoners on L'ar Gath Five, the Future Foundation broke into his cell to free him. 

    The prisoner turned out to be Reed Richards-1610, aka the Maker, who was flanked by Phyllis, Kl'rath, and Al'ti.klrath-snark-futfound-ff2-kill

(Future Foundation#2) - With Reed-1610 posing as Reed-616, he introduced Kl'rath, Phyllis, and Al'ti as beings whom he had met and allied with in the prison, after which -- with their power-dampeners shut down -- his allies savagely slaughtered guards trying to stop them.

    Tearing apart one being with his claws, Kl'rath shouted "Kl'rath kill!"

    He subsequently warned the "fleshy ones" in his way to flee.
    He feasted on the head of at least one fallen foe.

    Alex Power, Dragon Man, and "Yondu" (secretly Lyja the Laserfist) were disturbed by Phyllis and the others' bloodthirsty nature (though Bentley-23 did not care), which seemed unlike those with whom Reed-616 would ally.

    Phyllis and its/her/his allies, along with the Future Foundation members who had liberated, soon met up with Artie, Leech, Onome, the Moloids, after which Onome's detector identified this Reed as being from an alternate reality. 

    When the system's security came back on-line, Reed-1610, Kl'rath, and their allies turned on the Foundation, plotting to steal their ship.

    Kl'rath aimed a blaster at "Yondu," warning "him" to drop the weapon or he would put a hole clean through "him."

    With Reed-1610's nature confirmed, the other Foundation members returned and attacked, and Julie Power and the Uhari (Vil & Wu) arrived with their new ally, Bucky/Rikki Barnes, who challenged the Maker.

(Future Foundation#3) - As security forces confronted the gathered Future Foundation and the Maker's team, Reed-1610 told Kl'rath that as soon as no one was looking, he should make his way to the cockpit, and that once they had taken off, he should kill "Yondu," who would be piloting it.

    In the cockpit, Kl'rath mocked the unsuccessful efforts of "Yondu" to fly the craft. As a monstrous creature approached the ship, Kl'rath took over to do it himself.

    Cheering after they cleared the atmosphere, Kl'rath criticized "Yondu" as being a scavenger and not being able to function under pressure like a warrior such as himself. "Yondu" then asked if he was the same Kl'rath who had slaughtered those aboard a Skrull transport ship following the destruction of the Skrull throneworld. Though surprised that his legend had traveled so far, Kl'rath proudly noted that he had bested many great soldiers that day. When "Yondu" (who was beginning to transform back into Lyja's form behind Kl'rath's back), noted that "he" had heard that it was mostly children, Kl'rath asked if it mattered, as all Skrulls were a scourge and should be removed. When "Yondu" asked if the Snarks had an afterlife, Kl'rath noted that "Yondu" asked a lot of questions and queried why it mattered. klrath-snark-futfound-ff3-death

    Now revealing her own appearance with powerful pincers for hands, Lyja replied -- as she snapped Kl'rath's neck -- that when Kl'rath got there (to the afterlife), he could tell them that Lyja sent him.

(Future Foundation#4) - With Kl'rath's corpse at her feet, Lyja bade him good riddance.

(Future Foundation#4 - BTS) - Having adopted Kl'rath's form, Lyja provoked a confrontation with Future Foundation.

Comments: Created by Jeremy Whitley, Will Robson, and Daniele Orlandini.

    As Al'ti called Reed-1610 "captain," I would think that she, at least, and likely Phyllis and Kl'rath, was/were part of his crew before getting imprisoned on L'ar Gath Five.

Profile by Snood.

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Future Foundation#1 (October, 2019) - Jeremy Whitley (writer), Will Robson (penciler/inker), Daniele Orlandini (inking assistance), Sarah Brunstad (editor)
Future Foundation#2 (November, 2019) - Jeremy Whitley (writer), Will Robson & Paco Diaz (pencilers/inkers), Daniele Orlandini (inking assistance), Sarah Brunstad (editor)
Future Foundation#3 (December, 2019) - Jeremy Whitley (writer), Will Robson & Paco Diaz (artists), Sarah Brunstad (editor)
Future Foundation#4 (January, 2020) - Jeremy Whitley (writer), Alti Firmansyah (artist), Sarah Brunstad (editor)

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