Gh'runji body Classification: Extra-terrestrial energy being

Location/Base of Operations: Planet Gh'runji, presumably in the Milky Way Galaxy

Known Members: Gh'runji "Gobbler", Gobble-Drones

Affiliations: Apparent enemy of the K'rithian race

First Appearance: Marvel Two-in-One#98 (April, 1983)

Powers/Abilities: Gh'runji Gobblers are vast eating creatures, destroying and consuming everything in its path. The smaller Gh'runji Gobble-drones are created from inside the Gobbler, and seem to serve only attack/defend purposes. In some way, Gh'runji Gobblers are dependent upon a vast machine as an energy generator. Without the presence of the machine, the Gh'runji Gobblers simply fade out of existence.
Though the Gh'runji Gobbler is an energy being, it has a physical form, one which is highly resistant to damage. Gobble-Drones also have a physical form, and when destroyed, pieces of their carapaces can be seen to remain (at least in the short term- whether these pieces will "fade away" as the Gobbler does is unknown).

Height: ("Gobbler") 60' 0"
Weight: ("Gobbler") 150 tons

Traits: A Gh'runji Gobbler can be quite large, in excess of sixty feet in diameter. Gh'runji Gobblers are approximately spherical in shape, with two eyes, an enormous mouth, four legs, and two antenna.
Gh'runji drones Gh'runji Gobble-Drones are much smaller, perhaps six feet in diameter. They are identical to the Gh'runji Gobblers in shape, but are red in color and can fly, leaving trails of flame behind them when doing so.

History: (Marvel Two-in-One#98) - A Gh'runji Gobbler appeared on the planet K'rith, and began grazing on the buildings there. It was attacked by the K'rithians and the Thing (of Earth), and released Gobble-Drones to defend itself. Though the K'rithians were able to destroy the Gobble-Drones, they were unable to damage the Gh'runji Gobbler itself. The K'rithians eventually managed to overload the Gobbler's energy battery, resulting in the Gobbler's simply fading away.

Comments: The Gh'runji Gobblers and Gobble-Drones were created by David Michelinie, Ron Wilson, and Frank Giacoia.

Though the K'rithians have seen more, only one Gh'runji Gobbler has appeared to date in a Marvel comic book.

Since we have seen only the one Gh'runji Gobbler, a number of questions remain unanswered:
Are the Gh'runji Gobblers sentient, or merely pre-programmed destructive energy beings?
Are the Gh'runji Gobblers representative of the main species of the Gh'runji planet, or are they simply devices? For that matter, we know only that the Gobbler was from Gh'runji, and it is quite possible that whomever sent it there (if anyone did) was from another planet entirely.
Are the Gh'runji and K'rithian races actually in some sort of conflict, or was the appearance of this Gh'runji Gobbler a unique event? The K'rithians have seen other Gh'runji Gobblers before, but we don't know the situations they were seen in.

We're able to draw very little information from this issue. Given the nature of its "battery", it seems obvious that the Gh'runji Gobbler was in some way created or modified, either by itself or by some other being(s). Who and what these beings are remains a complete mystery, as do their motivations.

Gh'runji bodyThe Gh'runji "battery" is enormous, large enough for a Gh'runji Gobbler to crawl inside it.

Gobblers and Gobble-Drones are not their real names, but simply names applied to them by Franklin Richards.

In Marvel Two-in-One 98, there is a Gh'runji based video game named "Space Saver." This is very obviously supposed to be a variation on Pac-Man, which was tremendously popular at the time. The sound effects for the game even read "waka waka waka." This makes the Gh'runji Gobbler and the Gobbler Drones take-offs of the computerized "ghosts" which hunted down Pac-Man.

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The Gh'runji Gobbler has no known connection to

The Gobbler-Drones have no known connection to

  • any other form of "drones".


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