K'rithian body Classification: extra-terrestrial humanoid

Location/Base of Operations: Planet K'rith, in the Milky Way Galaxy

Known Members: Sharilla, security-master of the K'rithian forces

Affiliations: Gh'runji race (possible enemies), Dr. Giles Niven (ally) of Earth (now living on K'rith)

First Appearance: Marvel Two-in-One#98 (April, 1983)

K'rithian body 2Traits: K'rithians appear to be about 8' in height, and have a green skin color. They are hairless, have extended ovoid heads, and have very long fingers, arms, and legs.
The K'rithians pronounce themselves to be "complete pacifists."

History: (Marvel Two-in-One#98) When an energy being from the planet Gh'runji appeared on their home planet and began devastating everything in its path, the K'rithians sought help. Mistaking a human transmission of a video game for a report of reality, they teleported three humans (Ben Grimm, Franklin Richards, and Dr. Giles Niven) to K'rith to aid them in fighting the Gobbler.
Even with the aid of the three humans, the K'rithians were unable to do much more than distract the Gobbler, until Franklin Richards was able to locate the machine which empowered it. With the aid of the humans, the machine was overloaded, and the Gh'runji Gobbler simply faded away.

Level of Technology: K'rithians are highly advanced technologically, well beyond current earth levels.
K'rithians have technology which can teleport people instantaneously at inter-stellar distances (though it takes some time to recharge). K'rithians also report having asteroid mining operations, indicating regular interplanetary travel. Their technology can create invisible force shields, and they use anti-gravity "flitters" for daily travel.

Comments: The K'rithians and Space Saver were created by David Michelinie, Ron Wilson, and Frank Giacoia.

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The K'rithians have known connection to

Dr. Giles Niven has no known connection to

Space Saver is a name for a video game, later applied to Dr. Niven himself, and has no known connection to

Dr. Giles Niven

Dr. Giles Niven, a.k.a. Space Saver

Dr. Giles Niven designed the Space Saver video game that the K'rithians mistook for reality. He remained behind on K'rith when the others returned, apparently having romantic intentions towards Sharilla, the K'rithian security-master.
Dr. Niven is a radio astronomer and computer expert. He has no super-human powers.


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