Classification: Extra-terrestrial, semi-humanoid-insectoid

Location/Base of Operations: Milky Way Galaxy, possibly mobile throughout the universe; Their planet of origin remains unknown.

Known Members: None by name

Affiliations: The Dance have no actual allies or enemies. There actions towards any being or group at any time are unpredictable, governed by their own incomprehensible plan. They have had encounters with Kayla Ballantine, Isaac Christians (Gargoyle), Demeityr (an Eternal of Titan), Moondragon, a Recorder, the Rigellians, H. D. Steckley (aka Ereshkigal), Sundragon

First Appearance: Solo Avengers#18/2 (May, 1989)

Powers/Abilities: The Dance possess advanced technology that gives them sufficient power to immobilize an entire starship, or even overpower the forces of an entire planet. They are often forced to take power from one source to use it for or against another. They use a spherical ship which can travel at trans-light speeds, enter warp space, project powerful bursts of energy, drain and store the energy of an entire planet, project tractor beams, etc.

It is unclear whether the Dance possess any innate superhuman abilities. They are described as unbelievably powerful, but that may refer to their technology. (Moondragon claimed that even at the height of her powers, she couldn't affect them). They are mute. The move around in jerky, exaggerated movements which are responsible for the name, "The Dance," given to them by other races. There ship has an extremely low gravity, which may be responsible for these movements, and it causes others within it to move the same way. Others feel that these movements represent their system of communication, although no translations have been determined. They appear to have a chitinous outer shell, and have 3 fingers and athumb on each hand. They appear to be able to alter their height, at least from 7 to 20 feet tall. Or it may be that the difference is between males and females (it is not certain whether they have distinct sexes).

Traits: The Dance are an enigma. Nothing is known of theri origins or motivations. They travel throughout the universe performing seemingly random acts ranging from the astronomical to the mundane. Some of these acts are seen as benevolent, and some as belligerunt. They are believed to have a certain view of the universe, and apparently there is some pattern they are striving to maintain or attain. What this pattern is remains a mystery.

History: Almost nothing of the past of the Dance is known. Even the true name of their race is unknown. They are remnants of an ancient race, and are few in number. They have been known to land on a planet and plant a tree or kill a being or disintegrate a continent or move a stone a short distance, and leave.
(SoloAv#18/2)-Sundragon's ship, which also carried the infant form of Moondragon's cloned body, and the amulet containing the essence of Isaac Christians
(long story, the results of their bodies' destruction against the Dragon of the Moon), was picked up by a tractor beam from the Dance. The Dance brought them aboard their ship and led them to a plasma column (possibly their ship's power source). As they were actually forced to enter the column, Sundragon was forced to realize and tap into her full power to save their lives. The Dance allowed them to leave.

([Quasar#44], 45-47)-Kayla Ballantine, who possessed the power of the Starbrand, and her friend H. D. Steckley pirated a ship to escape the decimated world of Scadam on which they had been stranded (another long story, involving the Chief Examiner, and leading up to the events of Starblast). However, they had no idea how to return to Earth. Their ship was grabbed in a tractor beam by the Dance, who pulled them into their ship. They placed Kayla in a nimbus of energy, where they harmlessly examined her, and recognized (or at least recognized its power) the Starbrand. The Dance then left her alone, and before they knew it, they were released on Earth.

(Cosmic Powers Unlimited#2/3)-Sundragon answered a distress call and found the Dance siphoning the power of the Rigellian Colony World#827. Sundragon attempted to force them to stop, but was blasted away by their ship. She stopped the drain process by destroying all sources of power on the planet (not really so helpful for the Rigellians), and the Dance, no longer having any reason to stay, left. Sundragon flew after the Dance and prepared to attack them to prevent further power drain attempts. However, she saw that the Dance were placing their ship in the path of a comet which was on a collision course with a planet. The Dance, having failed to gain the power from the colony world, lacked the power to stop the comet by any other means and were going to sacrifice themselves to save the planet, and still possibly fail. Sundragon added her power to theirs and destroyed the comet. The Dance left, and Sundragon found that the planet they were protecting was a lifeless planet composed on conventional rocky materials, lacking even surface liquids or a breathable atmosphere.

Comments: Created by Peter B. Gillis and James Brock.









Other appearances:
Quasar#45 (April, 1993) - Mark Gruenwald (writer), Grant Miehm (pencils), David & Dan Day (inks), Mike Rockwitz (editor)
Quasar#46-47 (May-June, 1993) - Mark Gruenwald (writer), Andy Smith (pencils), Ralph Cabrera (inks), Mike Rockwitz (editor)
Cosmic Powers Unlimited#2 (September, 1995) - Mariano Nicieza (writer), Pasqual Ferry (artist), Mark Gruenwald (editor)

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