(ignore the planet with the face - those are images of Id; the pictures are from the orbit of U-235, showing it from space, as well as one of its moons)



Official Name: U-235

Nature: Extraterrestrial world;

Natives: None

Population: Formerly Exto Clan and Mondo's Intergalactic Mining Company

Capital City: None

Government: Mondo's Intergalactic Mining Company

Languages: Those used by the Exto Clan and Mondo's Intergalactic Mining Company

National Defense: None, though the mines were protected by the Exto Clan mercenaries

Places of Interest: Uranium-235 Mines

Visitors: Exto Clan, Deadpool, Mondo's Intergalactic Mining Company, Obb

First Appearance: Deadpool IV#33 (April, 2011)

(Deadpool IV#33 (fb) - BTS) - Planet U-235 was so-named because it was composed of large amounts of Uranium-235, an isotope of uranium that can sustain a fission chain reaction (a nuclear explosion).

(Deadpool IV#33 (fb) - BTS) - Mondo's Intergalactic Mining Company set up mines on U-235. They hired the Exto Clan mercenaries to protect the mines from black marketeers. The miners apparently stole a powerful drill from Terra-Co.

(Deadpool IV#33 (fb) - BTS) - Terra-Co hired Funtzel Intergalactic Towing & Recovery to recover their stolen drill.

(Deadpool IV#33 (fb) - BTS) - Funtzel's employee Obb learned the drill was on planet U-235

(Deadpool IV#33) - Deadpool who had joined Funtzel Intergalactic accompanied Obb to U-235, where they were assaulted by the Exto Clan. Locating the drill, Deadpool entered it and tunneled up through the mercenaries' tank, then drove off the mercenaries. Deadpool and Obb returned the drill to Funtzel's.



(Deadpool IV#34) - As part of his plan to destroy Id the Selfish Moon, Deadpool returned to U-235, landing in the ship he had claimed from the Ongulians. With Id approaching orbit, Deadpool told the Exto Clan they had 10 minutes to get the miners and themselves off the planet.

(Deadpool IV#34 - BTS / Deadpool IV#35 (fb) - BTS) - After/as the Exto Clan and miners departed, Deadpool unloaded the Ongulian drill/nuclear bomb and their rocket on U-235's surface, while he arranged for Orksa (Deadpool's alien lover, Funtzel's brother, and Obb's would-be-lover) to bring Obb's tow vehicle to pick him up.

(Deadpool IV#35) - Obb followed Orksa to U-235, intending to kill Deadpool so Orksa would love him. Deadpool told Obb he could have Orksa. The Ongulian weapon drilled into U-235, causing the piece of ground Deadpool and Obb were standing on to break away...bringing with them the Ongulian rocket but separating them from Obb's ship.

(Deadpool IV#35 (fb)) - To fit into the rocket with Obb, Deadpool chopped off both his legs and one of his arms, then had Obb chop off the remaining one. They escaped as planned.



(Deadpool IV#35) - Believing he was getting Deadpool at the same time, Id destroyed U-235, then inhaled its space dust, as well as the bomb, which Deadpool remotely detonated, destroying Id.






Comments: Created by Daniel Way, Carlo Barbieri, and Walden Wong.

Profile by Snood.

U-235 has no known connections to

images: (without ads)
Deadpool IV#33, pg. 14, panel 1 (Exto Clan assault Deadpool and Obb on U-235);
    #34, 2nd to last page, panel 3 (Uranium mines);
        last page (from orbit, showing moon and Id face-on);
    #35, pg. 3, panel 1 (from orbit, Id from behind);
        pg. 9-10 (Id destroys U-235)

Deadpool IV#33 (April, 2011) - Daniel Way (writer), Carlo Barbieri (penciler), Walden Wong (inker), Jody Leheup & Jordan D. White (editors)
Deadpool IV#34-35 (May-June, 2011) - Daniel Way (writer), Carlo Barbieri (penciler), Walden Wong (inker), Jordan D. White (editors)


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