Real Name: Orksa

Identity/ClassExtraterrestrial (race unidentified; semi-humanoid/hippopotamoid/crustacean?)

Occupation: Co-owner of Funtzel Intergalactic Towing & Recovery

Group Membership: Funtzel Intergalactic Towing & Recovery

Affiliations: Obb (lover...probably husband by now...);
    formerly Deadpool (Jack, aka Wade Wilson; lover), Jody (lover), Axel (lover)


Known RelativesFuntzel (brother), Macho Gomez (husband, deceased);
    formerly (presumably) Deadpool (husband; presumably divorced)

Aliases: "Sugar-Shorts" (nickname from Deadpool)

Base of Operations: Funtzel Intergalactic Towing & Recovery, star system and galaxy unidentified

First Appearance: Deadpool IV#33 (April, 2011)

Powers/Abilities: Immensely large and powerful, Orksa can charge like a rhinoceros, her massive bulk affording her significant momentum. She has two sets of eyes, a hippopotamus-like snout (but with both upper and lower teeth) claw-like pincers for hands, sturdy two-toed feet, and a short tail; she appeared to be a mammal, but any other anatomic variations are subject to speculation. Quick to fall in love and marry, she was fiercely loyal to her lover...until another lover came along.

    She required a helmet to survive in space, but her skin was apparently durable enough the intense cold and vacuum.

    Orksa was also experienced in piloting a spaceship and a tractor beam, at least Obb's tow ship.

Height: Approximately 8'9"
Weight: Approximately 1460 lbs. (maybe more)
Eyes: Four; solid light blue (no visible pupil)
Hair: None visible

(Deadpool IV#33 (fb) - BTS) - Orksa had a relationship with a being named "Axel," which impressed her sufficiently that she tattooed his name on her arm. He may have been her first...
    It's not stated how far the relationship progressed...possibly marriage, shacking up, going steady, or even a one-night stand.

(Deadpool IV#33 (fb) - BTS) - Orksa had a relationship with a being named "Jody," which impressed her sufficiently that she tattooed Jody's name on her arm under Axel's name, which she had crossed off.
    It's not stated whether Orksa had broken up with Axel before starting the relationship with Jody...all we know is that she considered Jody to be Axel's successor.

(Deadpool IV#33 (fb) - BTS) - Funtzel Intergalactic employed Macho Gomez to help Obb with repossessions.

(Deadpool IV#33 (fb) - BTS) - Orksa married Macho Gomez. She tattooed his name on her arm under Jody's name, which she had crossed off.
    It's not stated whether Orksa had broken up with Jody before starting the relationship with Macho, or whether she waited until after marrying Macho to get the tattoo ...all we know is that she considered Macho to be Jody's successor.

(Deadpool IV#33 (fb) - BTS) - Macho convinces Orksa that Funtzel Intergalactic should branch out into skip-traces, bond revocations, and...other stuff.

(Deadpool IV#33) - After Deadpool arrived at Funtzel Intergalactic Towing & Recovery and announced he had slain Macho Gomez (see comments), an enraged Orksa charged into the room and rammed Deadpool across the room. As she towered over Deadpool, her brother Funtzel introduced Orksa to Deadpool as his sister and Macho's wife. When Orksa threatened to chomp his stupid head off, Deadpool instead rolled up his mask and planted a big, wet kiss on her. Smitten, Orksa embraced Deadpool and accepted what she took as an apparent proposal. Funtzel reluctantly welcomed Deadpool to the family business as his brother, and Deadpool happily accepted the marriage.

(Deadpool IV#33 - BTS) - Deadpool and Orksa had a "brief and thoroughly disturbing honeymoon."

(Deadpool IV#35 (fb) - BTS) - Orksa posed for a picture with Deadpool.



(Deadpool IV#33 - BTS) - Funtzel's employee Obb, who loved Orksa, plotted with Funtzel to get rid of Deadpool by accepting a contract to destroy the immensely powerful Id, the Selfish Moon.

(Deadpool IV#33 - BTS) - Deadpool and Orksa began a romantic night involving a kiddie pool full of iced Jell-O (or something like that).

(Deadpool IV#33) - Called to meet with Kak, leader of the Ongulians, to discuss their employing him to kill Id the Selfish Moon, Deadpool left Orksa in their room.




(Deadpool IV#34 (fb) - BTS) - The night before Deadpool headed off to kill Id, and potentially his death, a celebration was in order. Too much space wine was consumed, and Deadpool was trapped underneath a passed out and drooling Orksa.

(Deadpool IV#34 - BTS) - Kak and Deadpool's plan to address the remaining members of the Ongulian Defense Fleet was thwarted by Deadpool's incapacitation.

(Deadpool IV#34) - Trapped beneath Orksa, Deadpool had to explain things to Funtzel and have him get Obb to bring his tow-ship over. As Obb's ship pulled her away, Deadpool's unstable mind thought, "She looks like a balloon parade...eh, she looks more like a piņata full of fried chicken and gravy."

(Deadpool IV#34 - BTS) - As part of his plan to destroy Id and spare other victims, Deadpool called Orksa and asked her to steal Obb's tow truck and meet him after he would destroy the planet and escape in a mini-rocket.

(Deadpool IV#34) - Orksa sought out Obb, who -- after she told him she had not heard from Deadpool -- warned her that Deadpool might die in the dangerous mission, and that if Deadpool didn't come back, he would always be there for her. Orksa hugged Obb (much to his pleasure), telling him he was very sweet, as she stole his keys.

(Deadpool IV#35 (fb) - BTS) - Orksa brought up an interesting point, wondering what if Deadpool succeeded against Id.

(Deadpool IV#35) - After Funtzel speculated that Deadpool's success might make him even more popular and the business more successful, Obb elected to try to kill Deadpool, borrowing Funtzel's car so he could track his truck, which Orksa had taken to rendezvous with Deadpool.

(Deadpool IV#34 - BTS) - Deadpool thwarted Obb's  attempt to kill him, but took pity on Obb after Obb explained he had done everything out of love for Orksa. Deadpool allowed Obb to share the escape rocket with him as his plan successfully destroyed Id, though it required Deadpool's limbs be removed to fit them both in there.
    As the rocket departed planet U-235, Orksa asked if he was there, and he confirmed his presence, after which she snared him with the Obb's ship's tractor beam. Orksa realized something sounded wrong in his voice, and she told him he should be happy, proud of himself, as no one else could have done what he just did.
    After they arrived back at Funtzel's base, Orksa opened the rocket's hatch, cheerfully telling him, "You did it, baby!"...though she was less pleased when his bleeding, limbless body fell out of the rocket. As Obb emerged, she asked him what he had done to her husband. He admitted to cutting off one of Deadpool's arms, but only because Deadpool had asked him to. After he explained the circumstances of their escape, Orksa angrily asked Obb what he was doing there in the first place. Funtzel tried to calm Orksa, but she then revealed the source of her anguish...that Obb might have been killed. She tearfully embraced Obb.

(Deadpool IV#35 - BTS) - As Deadpool painfully regrew his limbs over the next few days, Orksa and Obb kissed, at least.

(Deadpool IV#35) - A recovered Deadpool told Orksa and Obb they should be together. Orksa excitedly outburst, "REALLY?!!" before realizing she should be more discreet and act at least a little sad. Deadpool asked her how they would get space-divorced, and she told him Obb would have to kill him. Deadpool responded that Obb had kinda already done that, and Orksa explained the next step was for her to kiss Obb. When Deadpool waited expectantly, Obb admitted they'd kinda already done that, too.
    Deadpool then stole Funtzel's coolest car-ship and left...

Comments: Created by  Daniel Way, Carlo Barbieri, and Walden Wong

    When Deadpool returned to Earth in Deadpool IV#36, the still-living Macho Gomez organized a group of people with a beef against Deadpool to "make that sumbitch pay fer one." In battle, Deadpool taunted Macho, "Your space wife really knows her way around a Crisco kiddy pool, if you get my meaning!" Shortly thereafter, Macho was blown to pieces by a popcorn-missile weapon (read the story!) designed by Bob, Agent of Hydra, and fired by Weasel (Jack Hammer) in an effort to stop Deadpool. Deadpool ducked, and Macho was blown up instead. So, while he wasn't dead when Deadpool space-married Orksa, he did perish soon after.

    In case it's not obvious, Axel and Jody are named for editors Axel Alonso and Jody Leheup. Whether they were slain and replaced in succession is unrevealed.

    According to Orksa, divorce only occurred after one of the spouse's death, but both she and Deadpool agreed that Deadpool having all of his limbs severed was close enough.

Profile by Snood.

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images: (without ads)
Deadpool IV#33, pg. 9, panel 1 (ramming Deadpool...not that way...);
            panel 2 (main, frontal);
        pg. 20, panel 3 (bikini)
    #34, pg. 2, panel 2 (Orksa passed out)

Deadpool IV#33 (April, 2011) - Daniel Way (writer), Carlo Barbieri (penciler), Walden Wong (inker), Jody Leheup & Jordan D. White (editors)
Deadpool IV#34-35 (May-June, 2011) - Daniel Way (writer), Carlo Barbieri (penciler), Walden Wong (inker), Jordan D. White (editors)

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