Classification: Extraterrestrial life-form, humanoid

Location/Base of Operations: Arago-7, seventh from sun in the Arago star system, Andromeda galaxy;
        Habitat: Cold, mountainous, 71% covered by water (32% of it frozen)
        Gravity: 3.2 Earth's
        Atmosphere: 73% nitrogen, 25% oxygen
    there was also formerly a Pheragot refinery at Ryas

Known Members: Anthos, Kerjos, Tiborgh;
    their population was estimated at 4.5 billion

Affiliations: The Charter, General Kosrouschah, an unidentified P'tah and Scatter

Enemies: Annihilation Wave, Annihilus, Axi-Tun, Lord Votan, Paradox, Star Masters, Monark Starstalker, Ulysses, Wolverine

First Appearance: (Reality-829) Hercules: Prince of Power I#1 (September, 1982);
    (Earth-616) Silver Surfer III#32 (December, 1989)

Powers/Abilities: Pheragots have an extremely dense molecular structure which has granted them superhuman strength (class 50-100?). They are known as the strongest race in the Andromeda galaxy.

Physical Characteristics:
Eyes: Two
Fingers: Three (plus opposable thumb)
Toes: Three
Skin color: Light blue
Average height: 10'

Type of government: Planet-wide democracy
Level of technology: Interstellar ships with warp-drive
Cultural traits: Some factions are bellicose, willing to commit genocide against an entire race if that race's leaders have somehow harmed the Pheragot race.

    The United Aragonian Fleet was quite benevolent and sought to aid the Hlavac's disease-addled Silver Surfer.

History: (Silver Surfer III#32) - When the Silver Surfer was driven mad by an infection given him by Mephisto, he assaulted and destroy a Phergot refinery which was in orbit of the planet Ryas. At Arago-7, a Phergot named Anthos detected the disappearance of the refinery, and the Pheragots prepared to investigate, dispatching a ship commanded by captain Kerjos. Arriving at Ryas, they found the debris of the refinery and a surviving holo-recorder revealed the Silver Surfer to be the one who destroyed the facility. The exploratory team was then ordered to find the Silver Surfer and determine why he had destroyed the refinery. They found the Surfer in an asteroid belt, attacking empty air in his madness. They were able to bring the Surfer aboard their ship and determined he was suffering from Hlavac's disease. Before they could treat him, the disease took hold of the Surfer again and he tore through the ship. Fortunately, captain Kerjos had separated the Surfer from the body of the ship, so they suffered no casulties. The Pheragots sent out a distress message to warn others of what had happened, but the Surfer was ultimately able to cure himself.

(Cosmic Powers Unlimited#4 - BTS) - The M'Ndavians race was wiped out through a plague created by agents of the Axi-Tun Lord Votan. Votan had his agents make it seem as though the Pheragots were responsible.

(Cosmic Powers Unlimited#5) - Intent on avenging themselves, a Pheragot vessel journeyed to Tun to wipe out all life on the planet, despite the wishes of the Charter, and the attempt by the Star Masters to extract Votan. Although their initial assault succeeded, future missiles were prevented from falling on the planet due to the intervention of the Star Masters, and the Pheragots were forced to stand down.



(Annihilation: Silver Surfer#2) - A Pheragot was taken captive by the Annihilation Wave and presented to its leader, Annihilus.



(Wolverine: The Best There Is#9) - A Pheragot served in General Kosrrouschah's crew alongside a P'tah and a Scatter. They went after after Monark Starstalker and Paradox, who had allied with Wolverine. Monark slew the Pheragot with a sword.






Comments: Created by Bob Layton.

    The Pheragots were described as "the kindest, gentlest beings in the universe" in Reality-829's 23rd century century timeline, and their first Reality-616 appearance in Silver Surfer specifically noted that they were known for their benevolence.
    However, that certainly didn't seem to hold true when we saw them in Cosmic Powers Unlimited (written by continuity-loving Gru!) or other subsequent appearances.
    Possibly they underwent massive changes in the following 200 years?

    Upon learning of the Silver Surfer's involvement in the destruction of their refinery, one of the Pheragots exclaimed, "By the Great Gaugh!"
    Not sure whether Gaugh is a religious figure, a legendary hero, or perhaps an object, location, etc.,

    In Galacta: Daughter of Galactus#1, Galacta consumed some Pheragots. I would not think the character and stories in Galacta are part of Reality-616, but that has yet to be definitively confirmed anywhere.
    For the record, around that same time, she also feeds on
some Badoon, H'ylthri, Kosmosians, Tribbitites, Shi'ar, Tektons, Herms, Aedians, Laxidazians, Centaurians, A'askvarii, Flb'dbi, Ul'lula'ns, and R'malk'i.

    Thanks for the additions of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe information and images courtesy of Donald Campbell.

Profile by Prime Eternal

The Pheragots should not be confused with:

Reality-829 (circa 2200 AD)

(Hercules: Prince of Power I#1) - At the Starharbor at the planet Petocco, the demi-god Hercules beheld a Pheragot entering the bar in which he was currently carousing. When another patron mentioned that Pheragots were the "strongest creatures in the galaxy," Hercules set after the alien to challenge him in battle. Hercules struck the massive alien in the chest, whereupon the Pheragot fell over and sobbed, "W-what did I d-do to make y-you hate m-me?" Hercules was then informed that Pheragots were the kindest, gentlest beings in the universe. The other bar patrons drove Hercules out of the bar for his behavior.

Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#7, pg. 32: appendix to alien races: Pheragots - art by Paty Cockrum? - main image
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#12, pg. 52: appendix to alien races: Pheragots - alternate full body image

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