draconian_race-skarla-fullDRACONIAN race
<or not...see comments>

Classification: Humanoid extraterrestrial race 

Location/Base of Operations: Unrevealed

Known Members: Skarla

Affiliations: Unrevealed;
    Skarla was an ally of Century and the rest of the Broker's Bodyguard Cadre
(Esh-Uta, Kerth, Kiwi, K'kkt, Onyx, Plisken, Skewer, Slug, many more); she was an unwillingly slave to the Broker;

Enemies: Unrevealed;
    Skarla was enemies with the

First Appearance: Century: Distant Sons#1 (February, 1996)draconian_race-skarla-face

Powers/Abilities: Tall and lean, Draconians appeared to be reptilian and may be poikolthermic ("cold-blooded," with their body temperature and metabolism being directly affected by the ambient temperature and becoming dormant in cold weather).

    They appear to have some armored scutes running up their back and front, as well as the lateral (outside) surface of their arms. These skutes were presumably more durable than her regular skin.

    They have fins/ridges running from their "eyebrow" ridges and running the around their heads continuously. They have a second partial ridge on the back of their head inferior (below) the the full ridge.

    They may be able to change their skin color to some degree.

Traits: Skarla had combat skills that rendered her desirable to the Broker as part of his Bodyguard Cadre...although he also notes that he trained her...and she wasn't that proficient.

Type:  Bilaterally symmetric semi-humanoid reptilian bipeds
: Two (on head; solid red color seen)
: Four (including opposing thumb)
: Two
Skin color: Green or blue (see comments)
Average height: Approximately 6'10"

Century: Distant Sons#1 (fb) - BTS) - Skarla was enslaved by the alien Broker, who implanted her with Tyrmean brain parasites that he could use to kill them at will via his bracelet. As his slave, she served in his Bodyguard Cadre.

(Century: Distant Sons#1) - Freed from the Broker's control, Skarla attacked the Broker with a hand-blaster, but was apparently slain by a blast through her abdomen.

Comments: Created by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning, Jim Calafiore, Peter L. Palmiotti, Michael Marts, Nel Yomtov, Mark Gruenwald.

    Skarla is introduced as "the Draconian Skarla," but nothing else is stated about Draconians. She's a relatively minor character in the story, and swiftly after being liberated from the Broker's control, she attacked the Broker, missed him with her blaster, and was taken out by a blast through her abdomen.

    She was light green-skinned (with light blue-green skutes) in her first panel appearance, but she was light blue in other appearances. Her chest skutes are orange in her second and third panels, gray in her fifth, and somewhat darker blue or maybe purple in most of her appearances. In her final appearance, her chest skutes are actually lighter than the rest of her. With the exception of the orange skutes and her final apperaance, her head ridge color seems to generally match the skutes' color. Given the amount of variation in color and her reptillian nature, an ability to change color like a chameleon seems likely.

    AFTER writing and posting this profile, it finally occurred to me that "THE DRACONIAN SKARLA" was quite likely just a descriptive term...as the surrounding character descriptions are..."soft-hearted Onyx...the gruff old Kiwi...sly Kerth the Skrull...and Skewer, grim, dangerous, volatile the Skewer."

    Courtesy of the Merriam-Webster website:

Definition of draconian

1 law : of, relating to, or characteristic of Draco or the severe code of laws held to have been framed by him
2 : cruel also : severe draconian littering fines

Profile by Snood.

The Draconians should be distinguished from:

images: (without ads)
Century: Distant Sons#1, pg. 7, panel 2 (Skarla; green form, face);
       pg. 44, panel 2 (blue form, face/upper)
            panel 4 (full)

Century: Distant Sons#1 (February, 1996) - Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning (writers), Jim Calafiore (penciler), Peter L. Palmiotti (inker), Michael Marts (assistant editor), Nel Yomtov (editor), Mark Gruenwald (executive editor)

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