Real Name: Arimathes (Sweetwater)

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional (Earth-Hercules 2300) Olympian God/Extra-terrestrial (Wilameanis) hybrid

Occupation: Emperor of Wilamean

Affiliations: Ruler of Wilamean

Enemies: Assassin's Guild
    formerly Hercules

Known Relatives: Hercules (father), Layana Sweetwater (mother), Zeus (paternal grandfather, deceased), Alcmene (paternal grandmother, deceased), councilman Sweetwater (maternal grandfather);
    Lycimnius (grand-uncle, deceased), Electryon (great-uncle, deceased),
    Iphicles, Melas, Oenonus,  Argeius (uncles, deceased),
    Iolaus (cousin, deceased), Macaria (half-sister, deceased),
    Alexiares, Anicetus (half-brothers by Hebe, possibly deceased),
    Telephus (half-brother by Auge, deceased),
    Hyllus (half-brother by Deianeira, deceased),
    Lamus (half-brother by Omphale, deceased),
    Cleodaius (half-brother by unknown servant girl, deceased),
    Tlepolemus (half-brother by Astyoche, deceased),
    Scythes, Gelonus, Tlepolemus (half-brothers by unknown priestess),
    Fifty unnamed half-brothers by the daughters of King Thespius
    Agathyrsus (half-brother, deceased);
    Perseus, Pelops, Tantalus, Lynceus, Epaphus (ancestors, deceased)
    And the various and sundry relationships to all of the Olympian Gods as relates to the son of Hercules

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Port Anteris, planet Wilamean, Andromeda Galaxy, Earth-Hercules 2300

First Appearance: Marvel Graphic Novel: Hercules, Prince of Power: Full Circle (1988)

Powers/Abilities: Arimathes possesses great strength (Class 75-100) and durability. He is not quite as powerful as Hercules due to his half-human heritage, but he is quite tough, nonetheless. He also has some degree of resistance to aging and conventional disease.

(Hercules I#2 - BTS) - In the 23rd Century, Hercules rescued Layana Sweetwater from space pirates and the two had an affair. Layana duped Hercules into believing she was being forced into marriage with Count Igwanus, when she had actually been willing--until coming across the far better looking Hercules. After learning the truth, Hercules left her in Igwanus' care.

(Hercules: Full Circle (fb)) - Layana became pregnant from her encounter with Hercules. She raised the child, Arimathes, and when he grew to adulthood she used his might to take over the entire planet and then the surrounding star system. Layana fed young Arimathes lies about his father, telling him that she was an innocent victim of him. As Arimathes grew, so did his hatred of his father, until he was bound and determined to make Hercules pay for his transgressions against his mother.



(Hercules: Full Circle) - When Hercules returned to Wilamean, Emperor Arimathes learned of his presence from spies and had him brought before him. After convincing himself that Hercules was indeed the man of whom his mother had spoken, he had his guards blast Hercules from behind, and then had Hercules and his allies imprisoned alongside other enemies of the state.   
    Arimathes led an immense armada into a planned attack on the neighboring Omacron system, while at the same time Hercules convinced Igwanus to free him. Hercules and his allies infiltrated the fleet, and then Hercules challenged Arimathes to single combat over the communication system. Landing on a nearby planetoid, Hercules sought the means to turn Arimathes away from his tyrannical path. Under the recommendation of Igwanus, Hercules blindfolded himself for the combat. Arimathes thought him an easy victim, but his bragging tongue allowed Hercules to hone in on him. Hercules took several powerful hits and was wounded, but in the end he managed to triumph over his son.
    By risking his life thusly to teach his son a lesson in humility, Hercules convinced Arimathes that he had been lied to by his mother. Arimathes judged his mother, found her wanting, and sentenced her to be confined to the North Wing of the Palace for the remainder of her days. Hercules stayed by Arimathes' side, acting as his advisor in future ventures.

(Marvel Comics Presentes I#39/3 - 41/3) - After Arimathes and Hercules defeated an army of Wilameanian star pirates, Hercules convinced him not to execute them, but instead to send them to a rehabilitation center. Meanwhile, Layana plotted against Hercules, using treachery to hire the Assassins' Guild to kill him. The Guild confronted Hercules and Arimathes, who managed to gain the upper hand, until the last one, Ceefer, activated his self destruct mechanism. Arimathes leapt atop the cybernetic warrior, shielding his father with his own body, and was gravely injured in the explosion. Arimathes was rushed to a medical center, where he was stabilized. The horror of nearly killing her only son crushed Layana and she vowed to never again attempt vengeance. Arimathes began his progress towards recovery.

Comments: Created by Bob Layton.

All of these stories are great. Pick 'em and sit back and smile.

The Full Circle Graphic Novel, which took place @ 2385 or soon thereafter, may have taken place anywhere from 41 years (as stated by Amayd Malin in Hercules II#1) or 30 years (as stated repeatedly by Arimathes) after Hercules' first encounter with Layana. Amayd was on his deathbed and may have been mistaken when he spoke, while Layana might well have lied about the length of time to falsify her own age, though this same time period would also be reflected in Arimathes' age, which might be harder to falsify.

Thanks to Will U for supplying the relatives of Arimathes listed above.
In addition, he mentioned:

(Scythes conquered the ancient Scythians near the Black Sea)
(Hyllus led his brothers and their children to get revenge on enemies of
Hercules who had promised Hercules land and later reneged. They conquered
most of the Peloponesses after Greece was still reeling from the effects of
the Trojan War.Hercules's old friend Theseus fought on their side and even
gave them asylum because several kings thought they were conquer their lands
as well if they provided protection. In a parallel of King Herod and baby
Jesus in the Bible, King Eurystheus who sent Hercules on all those labors
tried to have all of Hercules' children killed after his death so that they
would not rise against him.)

No known connection to:

Marvel Graphic Novel: Hercules: Full Circle (1988) - Bob Layton (writer/artist), Gregory Wright (editor)
Marvel Comics Presents I#39-41 (January, 1990) - Bob Layton (writer/artist), Terry Kavanagh (editor)

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