Real Name: Why'rion

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (Aakon)

Occupation: Technician

Group Membership: Presumably affiliated with the Intergalactic Council

Affiliations: Ronan, unidentified Ru'ul (mutated/evolved Kree)

Enemies: Avengers (Captain America/Steve Rogers, Goliath/Hank Pym, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff, Triathlon/Delroy Garret Jr., USAagent/Johnny, Vision, Warbird/Carol Danvers, Wasp, )

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Technician Why'rion

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    formerly the Citadel,
Earth's lower mesosphere

First Appearance: Maximum Security#1 (December, 2000)

Powers/Abilities: Why'rion is not known to have any superhuman powers. Like the rest of his race, he has yellow skin and (presumably) opaque white eyes (with no visible pupil or iris)

    He has some advanced technical training and experience, including operation of containment fields and possibly tractor beams and/or teleports.

Height: Unrevealed (average height for the Aakon is 5'8")
Weight: Unrevealed (average weight for the Aakon is 272 lbs.)
Eyes: Presumably white (no visible pupils)
Hair: Black


(Maximum Security#1 (fb) - BTS) - During the events of Maximum Security, the Intergalactic Council resolved to occupy humanity -- in order to minimize humanity's interference with intergalactic affairs -- by sending numerous extraterrestrial criminals to Earth while quarantining Earth's solar system by an impervious barrier of energy generated by a million "watchtowers" at the fringes of their system. 

(Maximum Security#1 (fb) - BTS) - Ronan the Accuser was charged with by Earth's warden and commanding the Citadel ship, which was sent in Earth's lower mesosphere, cloaked to refract light around itself, but traceable via heat imaging. Why'rion was one of numerous technicians stationed aboard the Citadel.

(Maximum Security#1 - BTS) - After Hank Pym detected the Citadel ship in Earth's atmosphere while seeking to find how the alien criminals were being sent to Earth, and a contingent of Avengers (Captain America, Goliath, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Triathlon, USAagent, Vision, Warbird, Wasp) investigated.  As they penetrated the cloaking field, however, the Citadel's weapons array blew up their quinjet. Surviving the assault, the Avengers were pulled by tractor beam into the Citadel.

(Maximum Security#1) - Once the Avengers were inside, Ronan told Why'rion he could terminate the containment field, as the Avengers were no threat to them.

    Ronan then related how the Intergalactic Council had chosen to deal with the problems humanity had caused. When the Avengers argued against Ronan's participating in such activities, he transported them back to Earth.

(Maximum Security#1 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, a contained form of Ego the Living Planet was sent to Earth by the Supreme Intelligence to potentially consume and replace the planet and/or allow the Ruul to harvest Ego's energies for the conquest campaigns.

(Maximum Security#3 - BTS) - When Ronan and the Ruul acted in a failed attempt to stop the Avengers, Silver Surfer, Quasar, and others from banishing Ego from Earth, Why'rion may or may not have been involved on some level.

Comments: Created by Kurt Busiek, Jerry Ordway, Al Vey, Will Blyberg, Paul Ryan, and Chris Ivy.

    This profile was completed 7/10/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Snood.

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Maximum Security#1, pg. 26, panel 1 (only image)

Maximum Security#1 (December, 2000) - Kurt Busiek (writer) Jerry Ordway (penciler), Al Vey, Will Blyberg, Paul Ryan, Chris Ivy (inkers), Marc Sumerak (assistant editor), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Maximum Security#3 (January, 2000) - Kurt Busiek (writer) Jerry Ordway (penciler), Mark McKenna (inker), Marc Sumerak (assistant editor), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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