Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human variant? (Blood), magic user

Occupation: gardener

Affiliations: The Blood; Orion (pet dog)

Enemies: the Fallen (esp. Metarchus), Lilith, Modred the Mystic, Zarathos

Known Relatives: presumably other members of the Blood

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: a shack in the jungles of Central America

First Appearance: Darkhold#16 (January, 1994)





Powers: Truthsayer has a number of abilities, which are presumably magical in nature. She is powerful enough to guard her home against mystical intrusion (or at least she could prevent others from just teleporting into her home). Her primary ability appeared to be sensing the true nature of anyone in her presence. She is apparently empathic, and is pained by deceitfulness.
Although her actual age is unknown, Truthsayer was likely immune or resistant to the effects of aging and conventional disease.






BTS-Truthsayer is one of the Blood, who fought against the evil of Zarathos and the Lilin. She may even date back as far as 20, 000 BC.

Her past activities are unrevealed. At some point, the Blood all went their separate ways, and Truthsayer made a life for herself in the jungles of South America, away from the lies, secrets, and fantasies of the rest of the world.

(Darkhold#16) - Zarathos began sending the Fallen out to recruit or slay the remaining members of the Blood. The nine (later the Midnight Sons) split up to try to locate and protect the Blood. The Darkhold Redeemers were sent to find Truthsayer. After they found her, she said she knew why they were there, she could not help them, and they should leave. They stayed, and eventually convinced her to reveal the truth to them about their current struggles. However, as she was doing so, Metarchus arrived and attacked them. Metarchus took the form of Modred the Mystic and battled the true Modred. In mid-battle, one of the Modred's blasted and killed Truthsayer. Metarchus laughed and flew off, and everyone assumed that she had been the one to kill Truthsayer. In reality, it was the real Modred, who killed Truthsayer to prevent Victoria Montesi from learning her true nature.


Comments: Created by Chris Cooper and Rurik Tyler.

Way to go, Modred.

No known connection to:
Truth, of the Weird Sisters, @ Quasar#16, 20, 22

Orion is obviously named after the hunter from Greek Legend/Myth (his belt makes up the constellation "Orion's Belt"), but has no direct connection to said hunter, who has not yet appeared in the Marvel Universe.

Modred the Mystic should not be (although he sometimes is) confused with :
Mordred the Evil, the illegitimate son of King Arthur, @ Black Knight Comics#1, Marvel Super-Heroes I#17
--both of these guys have profiles in the OHotMU




Orion was Truthsayer's dog and served as her companion and protector. He attacked Sam Buchanon as the Darkhold Redeemers approached her shack, but Truthsayer called him off. Shortly thereafter, Metarchus adopted Orion's form in order to get close to Modred without him realizing the threat. It would seem likely that Metarchus may have slain Orion, but there is no evidence one way or the other.






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