CIEGRIMITES of Reality-829

Classification: Non-amphibious snail-like humanoids

Location/Base of Operations: Planet Ciegrim-7 (the Distillers Planet), Omacron star system (Herculis, Earth designation), Milky Way galaxy
    Ciegrim-7 is 89% covered by water and possesses high humidity; 
        its gravity is 140% Earth's;
        its atmosphere is 150% Earth's density, with 35% oxygen and 7% alcohol (presumably ethyl alcohol);

Known Members: Piel (Magistrate), others not identified;
    their population was reported as 4.7

Affiliations: Hercules, a Rigellian Recorder, a cluster of habitable planets that make up the Omacron System

Enemies: Arimathes, the Kawa;
formerly Galactus, Nova (Frankie Raye)

First Appearance: (Mentioned) Hercules I#3 (November, 1982); (seen) Hercules I#4 (December, 1982); (Reality-616) Thor I#335 (September, 1983)

Powers/Abilities: They are snail-like creatures, built low to the ground due to the planet's high gravity, with raised eye stalks and snail-like shells that they are able to pull their bodies into and hide inside. They are not amphibious.

Eyes: Black
Fingers: 2 (plus opposable thumb)
Toes: 3
Skin Color: Green
Hair: None
Average Height: 4'

Traits: Ciegrim-7 is governed by a Magistrate with a system of Capitalist laws akin to a Laissez-faire democracy. Ciegrim-7 is a hedonistic society that is highly advanced in the art of distillation. They are known throughout their galaxy and beyond for the exotic liquors they brew.

    Lacking in technology beyond that used in distillation, they have purchased starships from other planets.


(Hercules I#3) - Ciegrim-7 known as the Distillers Planet was known throughout the Andromeda Galaxy for their advanced brewing techniques, alcoholic beverages and exotic potions. Ciegrim-7 belonged to a small group of allied planets in the Omacron System.

(Hercules I#3) - In reality-829 during the 22nd century, Hercules heard that Ciegrim-7 brewed a beverage that rivals Zeus' Ambrosia and sought the planet out in the Omacron System, a sector of space famous for their planets of high culture and brewing capabilities. The Omacron System was in a state of martial law for five years due to populated planets being mysteriously destroyed at a rate of one each year on the exact same anniversary date and time. Ciegrim-7 was next targeted for destruction by the unknown perpetrators, who turned out to be a group of Kawa that were survivors of Galactus' destruction of their homeworld, and being a highly religious order viewed the Devouerer of Worlds as a god and began sacrificing planets to him. Hercules opposed their scheme and the Kawa commited mass suicide for failing their religious mission.

(Hercules I#4) - Ciegrim-7 prepared a feast for Hercules and their leader Magistrate Piel gifted the Olympian a small flask of the most potent liquor in the universe with one drop able to turn a black hole inside out.

   When Nova arrived on Ciegrim-7 Hercuels fought her off and then confronted Galactus. Hercules tried to drug Galactus with the Ciegrimites' liquor, which amused Galactus enough to spare Ciegrim-7. Back on Ciegrim-7 Hercules was confronted by Rigellians, who wanted to confiscate his Recorder unit.

(Marvel Graphic Novel: Hercules, Prince of Power: Full Circle) - Ciegrim-7 and the Omacron System were briefly invaded by Hercules' son Arimathes until he was stopped by Hercules who bested him in hand to hand combat blindfolded and taught him a valuable lesson in humility and tough love.

(Hercules: Twilight of a God#1) - Ambassador Piel and a delegation from Ciegrim-7 opened the grand galactic democracy anniversary bash with a few words concerning their beloved champion Hercules. Piel reminded the people it was Hercules' selfless and heroic act that drove Galactus from their system.

Comments: Created by Bob Layton (writer, pencils, inks).

Ciegrim-7 was an apt name for a planet known for its alcohol. Of course it is named after the world famous whisky distiller company Seagrams Seven Crown Canadian whisky. In the process of writing this profile as inspiration I imbibed a few glasses just to get in the proper mood. If you are of legal drinking age I highly recommend it!
    And Piels is a brand of beer--Snood.

    Their original OHOTMU write-up states that Ciegrim-7 has an atmosphere with alcoholic content of .07 which is considered to be over the legal limit to operate an automobile (In some countries at varies a lot all over the world!--Markus Raymond). So visitors to the planet are always in a state of euphoria and just have to breathe to get drunk.

    Adolescent Microwave Shell-shocked Amphibians of course were Marvel's version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

    Thanks to MarvellousLuke for providing an entry on Hercules: Twilight of a God#1 and Thor I#335.

    The Ciegrimites have profiles in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#2 (February, 1983) and Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#15 (March, 1987).
The handbooks specifically call Ciegrim-7 "
the Distiller's Planet"...which would imply singular possessive, which is odd. I would think it would either be the Distillers Planet, or the Distillers' planet.

Profile by AvatarWarlord72.

Ciegrimites have no known connections to:


Ciegrim-7 was the Ciegrimites' home world. It is part of the Omacron System and has an atmosphere with alcoholic content of .07 permille.


(Hercules I#4) – Magistrate Piel served as the planets leader and hosted a party in Hercules honor for saving Ciegrim-7 from destruction from the Kawa. As a show of gratitude gifted Hercules with the most potent liquor ever created.

(Hercules: Twilight of a God#1) - Ambassador Piel and a delegation from Ciegrim-7 opened the grand galactic democracy anniversary bash with a few words concerning their beloved champion Hercules. Piel reminded the people it was Hercules' selfless and heroic act that drove Galactus from their system. Later that evening he handed Hercules a personal gift, a personally brewed liquor.

--Hercules I#4, Hercules: Twilight of a God#1


(Thor I#335 (fb) - BTS) - An unidentified Ciegrimite was pulled into the Runestaff when its new owner Kamo Tharnn conjured improperly.

(Thor I#335 (fb) - BTS) - After retrieving the Runestaff, Kamo Tharnn attempted to use the Runestaff again, and its inhabitants, presumably including the Ciegrimite, were transferred into Tharnn himself.

(Thor I#335 (fb) - BTS) - The Asgardian goddess Sif used the Runestaff on Kamo Tharnn, freeing all those who had been trapped within, including the Ciegrimite.

(Avengers Spotlight#25/2) - The Ciegrimites sent a representative to take part in an intergalactic auction to purchase the rights to Rick Jones autobiography to learn how he was able to use the Destiny Force to defeat the Kree empire. When Rick Jones exploits were deemed to have been a fluke and worthless they then recalled their representative back to Ciegrim-7.

(Power Pack I#60) - A group of four Ciegrimites landed their ship somewhere in New York City in search of pizza and beer. Appearing out of the sewers the general population of New York thought they were a publicity stunt and were the ever popular movie characters the Adolescent Microwave Shell-shocked Amphibians. They unwittingly became pawns of Philip Master’s (Puppet Master) stepson playing with a magical replica clay doll of Franklin Richards and his Adolescent Microwave Shell-shocked Amphibians toys. The group was defeated by Franklin Richards and his friends the Power Pack in the sewers of New York. Their fate after the conflict remains unknown.

(Avengers: Celestial Quest#2) - An unknown Ciegrimite was a passenger on a transport ship pursued by Captain Reptyll that escaped capture and boarding inside a class 3 nebula. The Ciegrimite along with all the other passengers may have died within an area of space called the Rot that was the offspring of Thanos and Death, but is unconfirmed.

--Thor I#355 (Thor I#355, Avengers Spotlight#25/2, Power Pack I#60, Avengers: Celestial Quest#2

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