Classification: Extra-terrestrial humanoids

Location/Base of Operations: Pangoria, located somewhere in deep space

Known Members: Myla, Lord Pegas

Affiliations: Allied with Thor

Enemies: The Celestials, including Arishem and Exitar

First Appearance: Thor#387 (January, 1988)

Powers/Abilities: Pangorians apparently possess no superhuman powers; their combined races possess the ability to construct vessels capable of space travel, and weapons capable of great destruction. Following their "purification" by the Celestials, it is unknown what the present level of technology on Pangoria is.

Traits: Most residents of Pangoria were pirates or criminals; the majority of these beings were slain by the Celestials.



History: (Thor#387)- Hundreds of years ago, the planet Pangoria was invaded and conquered by space pirates, who transformed the world into a cesspool of crime and disorder. Ruling the planets in modern times was Lord Pegas, leader of the pirates.



The Asgardian Thor, lost in deep space and running low on oxygen, fell into Pangoria's atmosphere, setting off the planet's defenses. The Pangorians believed that Thor was one of the Celestials who had visited their world, and who were about to pass judgement over them-- a negative judgement. Surprised that Thor survived their most powerful assault, Lord Pegas requested Thor's aid in driving off the Celestials, and Thor agreed, leading an army of Pangorian crafts against Arishem the Judge. After a ferocious battle, Thor was shocked to realize that Arishem was not the true threat-- Exitar the Executioner, a Celestial many times larger than Arishem was!

(Thor#388)- The people of Pangoria panicked, and attempted mass evacuation, but Exitar had now raised a Purification Barrier around the planet, making escape impossible. While Thor continued his assault on Exitar, Lord Pegas planned to save himself.


(Thor#389)- Pegas attempted to escape by tapping into the planet's volcanic energy to punch through the barrier, but was unable to outrun Exitar's "Shroud of Death", which slew him, and all of his pirates. Across the planet, thousands died-- but others, including Pegas' servant Myla-- survived. The Celestials had only slain those who were "impure", leaving the pure citizens alive, on a planet made more lush and beautiful, a virtual paradise. However, the Celestials kept the barrier around their planet closed, to prevent contamination from other cultures. Thor was returned to earth, unable to even locate Pangoria again.









Comments: Created by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz.

by Prime Eternal

Clarifications: None



Lord Pegas was the leader of the pirates on Pangoria, and plotted to use Thor as a weapon against the Celestials. He did not care for the native Pangorians, and would unhesitantly sacrifice anyone to ensure his own safety. As he attempted to flee the planet, he was struck by Exitar's "Shroud of Death", which dissolved him.







Myla was a native Pangorian who served Lord Pegas. She tended to Thor's needs after his arrival on Pangoria, and was attracted to him. When she realized that Pegas planned to sacrifice even his own men to ensure his own safety, she left him, and helped some orphaned children in the streets. Having proven her worth to the Celestials, she was not slain by the "Shroud of Death".






images: (without ads)
Thor I#387, p6, pan3 (Lord Pegas head shot)
Thor I#388, p6, pan1 (Pangorian's defenses)
Thor I#388, p18, pan3 (Pangorian survivors)
Thor I#387, p19, pan2 (Lord Pegas)
Thor I#387, p11, pan3 (Myla)

Other appearances:
Thor I#388-389 (February-March, 1988)

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