AMA race

Classification: Semi-humanoid extraterrestrial race

Location/Base of Operations: Ama Collective space, notably Ama Prime

Known Members: Empress, Ruqtar Koil, others

Affiliations: Organpirates (informal);
   briefly Silver Surfer

Enemies: Brekk race (Tol-Wes, others), Galactus, Silver Surfer, unidentified alien

First Appearance: Silver Surfer: In Thy Name#1 (January, 2008)

Powers/Abilities: The bipedal Ama have green skin with eight to nine fingers that suggest plumage or tendrils. While taller than a human, they display no greater strength or dexterity than a human. The Ama are technologically advanced with faster-than-light space travel and localized anti-gravity travel. Of note is that their absolute ruler has greater strength and agility (including limited flight) than the rest of the Ama population; the cause of this is unrevealed (genetic manipulation may be a factor). The imperial guard and the Empress have specialized  protective armor.

Traits: Their social system divides their population into key roles, notably explorocrat (an esteemed role), scholar, datahorder, communocrat, imperial guard and military, plus a physically powerful absolute ruler. These roles are garbed distinctively, even flamboyantly with accessories, for identification with little variation; colored gloves add to the spectacle. This demonstrates how the Ama place emphasis on facade while duplicitously hiding a hidden agenda (at least in the senior ranks) to maintain Ama superiority in the space-spanning Collective. Alliances can be formed with unsavory individuals for long-term political goals, as well as barbaric treatment of aliens to continue Ama dominance. They regularly televise the actions of their ruler in carefully staged appearance of transparency and to alleviate boredom in their self-styled utopia. An atheist society, the Ama promote the philosophy of Binarc (the twin goals of self-improvement and seeking others who wish the same). Other alien species are assimilated on the home planet as long as they fully adopt the Ama way of life.

Type: Humanoid
Eyes: Two
Fingers: Eight or nine
Toes: Two
Skin color: Green
Average height: 7'4" (by approximation)


(Silver Surfer: In Thy Name#1 (fb) - BTS) - The Ama rose to prominence on what became Ama Prime as they went out exploring nearby space, settling on new worlds, making first contact, fostering collaboration and coexistence. However, the science-focused Ama retained racial dominance of this federation, dubbing it the Ama Collective ruled by an Ama Empress (or presumably Emperor). Ama developed core roles with each with distinctive uniforms, such as the sleek explorocrats focused on science and space, scholars with characteristic rings surrounding their heads that reflected the Ama philosophy of Binarc (the twin goals of self-improvement and seeking others who pursue the same), plus datahorders (information gatherers), golden-armored imperial guard and various military branches. In time, non-Ama served in government advisory roles, such as chamberlain. Despite their seemingly benevolent ways and utopian homeworld, the Ama kept an advanced war machines primed to settle disputes with other planets in the Ama Collective.

(Silver Surfer: In Thy Name#2 & 3 (fb)) - Unifying under the Apex religion and its silver-skinned savior, the Brekk survived a history of religious fervor that drove genocide and mass-slaughters, and finally made their way into space. They were very quickly greeted by Ama spaceships and absorbed into the Ama Collective.

(Silver Surfer: In Thy Name#3 (fb) - BTS) - Races that preserved their cultural values and religion were demeaned by the Ama and given less assistance, such as the industrial-based Brekk led by Tol-Wes. The Brekk and their Apex religion, particularly its blood-soaked history of forced conversions, soon became an embarrassment to the Ama, who saw the Brekk as children. The Ama devised a plot to start a war as justification to wipe the Brekk out. The Ama Empress secretly had her agent, Ruqtar Koil, use insidious Organpirates to track down the wandering Silver Surfer to use him as a figurehead and kick-start a new crusade by the Brekk and trigger war. Meanwhile, the Ama held captive a transdimensional infant alien that could manifest different forms, forcing it to take on demonic forms to prey on the Brekk's superstitions.

(Silver Surfer: In Thy Name#1) - As the Organpirates harassed the Silver Surfer in Ama space, explorocrat Ruqtar Koil warped in with his spacecraft and "rescued" him. Koil invited the Surfer to Ama Prime; intrigued, the Surfer accepted and was introduced the idyllic life and Binarc philosophy. He met the charismatic Empress before exploring the planet. Koil then asked him to the planet Brekknis to meet the religious Brekk and was confronted by the infant alien manifesting itself as a huge, destructive, black demonic form representing Brekk holy war victims, calling on the Brekk's superstitions.

(Silver Surfer: In Thy Name#2) - The Silver Surfer shifted to the astral plane and calmed the alien, inspiring further awe in the Brekk, who saw him as the returned savior. Koil sent a secret message to the Empress that the Surfer had unwittingly taken his role. When the Empress later arrived to give thanks, a secretly paid assassin attacked the Empress but died as part of the Ama plot. Later, the Empress tried to impress on the Surfer that the Brekk were as children clinging to a god and tried to force their will on others, but the Surfer dismissed this, asserting that the Ama were doing similar. Soon after, Koil had the resurrected assassin  harpoon and crucify the Surfer for the Brekk to find.

(Silver Surfer: In Thy Name#3) - Freed by the Brekk, the Silver Surfer communed with the alien infant and discovered the Ama plot for war with the Brekk. With a plan to force cooperation between the two species, the Surfer flew into the Ama Prime throne room and confronted the Empress and Koil, who dismissed his concerns, only to have Tol-Wes in armor crash in. But then "Galactus" suddenly loomed (actually the infant alien assisting the Surfer).

(Silver Surfer: In Thy Name#4) - With the Ama and Brekk on the precipice of war, the Silver Surfer announced his ruse that "Galactus" would feed on whichever world attacked first in order to force the warring sides to seek peace. Panicked, the Ama and Brekk quickly negotiated with each other. However, the Empress and Tol-Wes instead led their forces in a secret, mutually agreed first strike against each other, both eager for war. Shocked and disgusted, the Surfer left the warring races behind after releasing the transdimensional infant.

Comments: Created by Simon Spurrier & Tan Eng Huat.

Given their resources, the Ama Collective would likely have prevailed in the ensuing war, but the Brekk's religious fervor leading their war would make them difficult to defeat.

Images in the flashback art (although I love Huat's art, it is unfortunately lost in too much detail in this instance) suggest the Brekk encountered Ama representatives in a bloody meeting prior to the Brekk entering space.

Simon Spurrier and especially Tan Eng Huat put wonderful effort in designing the distinctive costumes of the Ama (and Brekk). However, I do feel that sharpness provided by an inker would have made for clearer art. Huat's art in this case might be better showcased in a larger format.

Thanks to James Cope for pointing out a recurring typo.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

The Ama race has no known connections to:

Ama Collective

Half a universe away from Earth, the Ama Collective began with the planet Ama Prime and spread like an empire under the more munificent name of "Ama Collective," despite having a ruler titled "Empress" (and presumably "Emperor" at other times). The Collective comprised about a hundred planets and a dozen races ruled by the Ama. Many races coexisted living on other worlds (e.g. the Empress' Chamberlain was of a different race). The grounds for coexistence was that no difference is insurmountable to reasonable minds. However, despite the utopian facade shown on Ama Prime, the Ama had a dark undercurrent of seeking war to dominate "inferior" species to be absorbed into the Collective.





--Silver Surfer: In Thy Name#1 (2-4

Ama Empress

The Ama Empress was clad to impress with regular daily televised appearances for the population. She was athlete-level fit with regular combat training that resembled dance. Explorocrat Ruqtar Koil was her close collaborator, serving to impose her will and enforce Ama dominance in the Ama Collective.

   She had Koil use Organpirates notify them of the Silver Surfer's eventual wandering appearance so that he could inflame the religious fervor of the Brekk, an industrial race with a blood-soaked history of religion that the Empress felt embarrassed the Collective. However, the Silver Surfer challenged her view that the Brekk sought to impose their religion on others, asserting that the Ama were doing the same with their rule. Eventually the Surfer discovered his sacrificial role and stormed the royal chamber, coincidentally at the same time as the Brekk leader Tol-Wes attacked in his husk armor; however, the Empress' combat training easily countered the attack. The Surfer organized a ruse to have a sympathetic shapeshifting alien appear as Galactus to force the two races to seek peace, but instead the Empress and Tol-Wes secretly agreed to a mutual first strike against each other, both eager for war. Clad in golden armor, the Empress led her troops in the first wave. Shocked and disgusted, the Surfer left the warring races behind.













--Silver Surfer: In Thy Name#1 (2-4


The Organpirates were nefarious space-roving hunters, kidnapping and dissecting various species for body parts to sell. They secretly formed an alliance with the Ama Empress via her agent Ruqtar Koil, who notified them when they stumbled across the Silver Surfer, whom the Empress intended to use as part of a plot against the religiously driven Brekk race.

   One of the Organpirates was also hired to act as an assassin, pretending to attack the Empress to gain the Surfer's defense before committing suicide to escape interrogation. But the assassin was resurrected by the Organpirates' assets and soon after helped capture the Surfer for crucifixion before the Brekk. Later, the same assassin used fractal defense armor (that proved useless) against the Surfer and was slain.















--Silver Surfer: In Thy Name#1 (2-4

Unidentified alien

A transdimensional alien infant was captured by the Ama. It had the ability to manifest different forms and was used by the seemingly utopian Ama to inflame the superstitious Brekk, including a giant black demonic form that represented Brekk slain in past religious genocides. The visiting Silver Surfer was able to commune with the alien on the astral plane and calm it. The Ama secretly took the alien away and used it to capture the Surfer to crucify him before the Brekk to encourage a crusade, which the atheistic Ama wanted in order to eliminate the Brekk because of their religion. Freed, the Surfer again communed with the alien on the astral plane and discovered the Ama's true motives. Sympathetic, the alien agreed to help the Surfer by manifesting itself as Galactus to force the two aggressive sides to seek peace. Instead, the Ama and Brekk hierarchy agreed on a mutual first strike. Disgusted, the Silver Surfer left, freeing the alien infant, which soon reunited with its much larger parent.





--Silver Surfer: In Thy Name#1 (2-4

images: (without ads)
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Silver Surfer: In Thy Name#4, p7, pan3 (seated representatives)
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Silver Surfer: In Thy Name#1, p10, pan2 (Ama technocrat)
Silver Surfer: In Thy Name#1, p9, pan4 (Ama scholars)
Silver Surfer: In Thy Name#2, p8, pan5 (Ama guard)
Silver Surfer: In Thy Name#1, p7, pan3 (Ama Collective overview)
Silver Surfer: In Thy Name#1, p10, pan5 (Chamberlain (alien))
Silver Surfer: In Thy Name#2, p8, pan6 (Empress, main)
Silver Surfer: In Thy Name#2, p9, pan4 (Empress, headshot)
Silver Surfer: In Thy Name#4, p21, pan4 (Empress, armored)
Silver Surfer: In Thy Name#1, p4, pan3 (Organpirates, inside spaceship)
Silver Surfer: In Thy Name#1, p5, pan5 (Organpirates, spaceship outer hull)
Silver Surfer: In Thy Name#2, p22, pan4 (Organpirates, assassin)
Silver Surfer: In Thy Name#4, p19, pan6 (infant psychic alien)

Silver Surfer: In Thy Name#1-4 (January-April, 2008) - Simon Spurrier (writer), Tan Eng Huat (art), Aubrey Sitterson (editor)

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