Membership: Firemane, Ghostmare (now Matriarch), Teamleader, Thunderhoof

Purpose: Warriors/Defenders of Kymellia

Affiliations: servants of the Kymellian government;
allies of Power Pack, including Friday, Franklin Richards, and Kofi
they used an intelligent, unnamed Smartship for transportation

Enemies: Maraud and her loyal army of Snarks

Base of Operations: New Kymellia; formerly Kymellia II, and possibly Kymellia I

First Appearance: Power Pack I#50 (November, 1989)

History: Force Four is a group of four Kymellians "sorcerers"--a term which refers to the relative few which possess the ability to harness forms of energy to access super-Kymellian powers. They were trained by the government and established a reputation as the most powerful warriors on Kymellia.
    Note: They dwelled on Kymellia II, which was an artificial world, created after they had destroyed their original world with an anti-matter weapon.

(Power Pack I#50) - When Power Pack came to Kymellia II, the government sought to test the humans' powers against their own warriors. Although they didn't want to fight, Power Pack were forced to fight Force Four in front of a large Kymellian audience. Initially, the Kymellian warriors easily subdued the human children, and they claimed victory and superiority. Humiliated and annoyed, Power Pack rallied and laid the smack down on the somewhat brash and arrogant Force Four.
    Power Pack had just begun their journey home, when Maraud used her Galactus-Matic DLX war machine to attack Kymellia.

(Power Pack#51) - Force Four were dispatched to defeat Maraud. Instead, they were all captured by Maraud and her soldiers, although not without a bit of treachery. Power Pack arrived to fight Maraud as well, but they surrendered and were captured when Maraud threatened to use the weapon to destroy Kymellia. The young Power Pack agreed to willingly transfer their powers to Maraud if she would free Force Four and promise not to attack Kymellia again.

(Power Pack#52) - The three other members of Force Four--and their Smartship--overruled Teamleader's decision to abandon Power Pack and return to Kymellia. However, by the time they arrived, Maraud had already gained the full powers of Power Pack, and she easily defeated them. Kym/Ghostmare used her powers to hold the rest of the heroes in an intangible phase so that Maraud could not harm them, but Maraud then turned her efforts back to the destruction of Kymellia. The children of Power Pack managed to retake their powers from Maraud, but she still managed to activate the Galactus-Matic and destroy Kymellia. However, Kym/Ghostmare managed to push her powers far beyond the limit, and she was able to hold every single person on Kymellia in phase until they could reach a new, green and lush planet, which became New Kymellia (aka. Kymellia III).

    Kym became Matriarch, the spiritual leader of the Kymellia's and began to guide their path back towards life and spirit, and away from the technocracy that it had become on Kymellia II.

COMMENTS: Created by Jon Bogdanove and Tod Smith

Force Four were an obvious tip of the hat to the Fantastic Four, and they even given pig-Latin names of their F4 counterparts.
    Except Kym...I suspect that Kym was just a nickname (since she spent so much time in the parks designed after the original Kymellia), and that her real name was Oosay.

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Oninjay can fly and project flame. He can even carry several others while flying, by removing the flames from his hands while doing so. He was initially the most brash and arrogant of the bunch. After resettling on Kymellia, he refocused his powers to learn how to manipulate the life-auras of plants.


Oninay is Pig-Latin for Johnny--the Human Torch.


--Power Pack#50 (51, 52






Formerly known as Ghostmare, Kym can phase herself or other beings or objects, taking on an intangible state. She was always the most peace-loving and most in touch with nature of the bunch. She spent every free moment in the museums which mimicked the parks of the original Kymellia. She eventually achieved a level of spiritual enlightenment which put her in touch with every living thing on Kymellia, and allowed her to expand her powers to a planetary scale. After this, she became Matriarch, the spiritual leader of her people.


--Power Pack#50 (51, 52











Ydrai is most in touch with technology, and he can construct weapons or machinery for almost any purpose at a moment's notice, cobbling them together from available spare parts. His costume is loaded with a number of small machinery parts. He was always the most in-line with the Technocracy, and although he was field leader of the team, he was absolutely unwilling to make any decisions on his own. Instead, he would always contact his superiors to be told what to do, so he could follow orders. His inability to think outside the box made him lead Force Four into Maraud's trap, and he even rebuked Kym/Ghostmare's suggestions that they might be doing just that.

    After arriving on Kymellia III, Ydrai had the toughest time of it, but he, too, abandoned his technological ways and tried to learn how to live the spiritual life.


Ydrai is Pig-Latin for Reed--Mr. Fantastic.

--Power Pack#50 (51, 52






Enbe is the powerhouse of the group, but while he was a good soldier and skilled warrior, he had no love for violence or brutality. He could stop his foot and create a seismic wave.

    After arriving on Kymellia, he took to the goal of nurturing young Kymellian minds.


Enbe is Pig-Latin for Ben--the Thing.


--Power Pack#50 (51, 52




Power Pack I#50 (November, 1989) - Jon Bogdanove (writer), Tod Smith (pencilst), Mike Manley & Al Williamson (inks), Carl Potts (editor)
Power Pack I#51 (December, 1989) - Jon Bogdanove (writer), Gray Morrow (artist), Carl Potts (editor)
Power Pack I#52 (December, 1989) - Jon Bogdanove (writer), Mike Manley (pencils), Al Williamson (inks), Carl Potts (editor)

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