Classification: Alien life-form, non-humanoid

Location/Base of Operations: Planet Pumor (6th from the sun), star system Fomalhaut, Milky Way Galaxy

Known Members: Dumog (Earth-691 @ 31st Century), Figillulli, Sporr, Xlyym;
    unidentified former Runestaff inhabitant;
    unidentified Galactic Marathon observers;

Affiliations: Banari, Grandmaster, Haab, Intimidators, the Runner, Sif, Starblasters

Enemies: Daredevil, Fandral, Guardians of the Galaxy, Hogun, Invisible Woman, Rick Jones, Levians, Tamara Rahn, Stingray, Sub-Mariner, Thing, Thor, Tiger Shark, Triton, Volstagg

First Appearance: Giant-Size Defenders#3 (January, 1975)

Powers/Abilities: The Fomalhauti possesses telepathy, which they use for communication. They possess only a single eye, multiple tentacles, and their body is like a giant amoeba, with no bones (though they are multi-cellular). They can also breathe underwater. Some Fomalhauti such as Sporr mutate into an enormous size. Xlyym designed the Skullhuggers his race made use of.


(Thor I#335 (fb) - BTS) - An unidentified Fomalhauti, presumably an inhabitant of the scholarly planet Rus, was pulled into the Runestaff when its new owner Kamo Tharnn conjured improperly.

(Thor I#335 (fb) - BTS) - After retrieving the Runestaff following it having been taken by Hercules, Kamo Tharnn attempted to use the Runestaff again, and its inhabitants, presumably including the Fomalhauti, were transferred into Tharnn himself.

(Thor I#335) - The Asgardian goddess Sif used the Runestaff on Kamo Tharnn, freeing all those who had been trapped within, including the Fomalhauti.

(Thor I#256-257)- Sporr, a mutant Fomalhauti, took up residence aboard the vessel Levianon, populated by the remnants of the Levian race. Sporr attempted to take care of the crippled crew and vessel, but the Levians believed him to be a threat. Ultimately, Sporr was slain by Thor and his allies, unaware of his benevolent nature.

BTS- At some point in time, the Fomalhauti conquered the Banari, a water-breathing race whose male population was extinct. They placed them under their control using Skullhuggers, and also took their servants the Haab.

(Avengers Spotlight#25/2)- A member of the Fomalhauti was among the aliens who gathered in an attempt to bid on Rick Jones' new book, "Sidekick." The Fomalhauti attempted to gain entrance to Rick's home through his toilet, but was flushed out. The alien bidders ultimately withdrew upon learning that Jones' book did not reveal the secret of how he had wielded the Destiny Force during the Kree-Skrull War.

(Starblast#1, Namor I#46-47, Fantastic Four I#386)- Xlyym, leading an army of Banari and Haab, attempted to divert the attention of earth's heroes on behalf of the Starblasters. His attempts to tear the earth apart with Planetary Thrusters were defeated by the Sub-Mariner and his allies, and Xlyym was slain by Tamara Rahn for what he had done to her people.

(Quasar#58)- Figillulli was one of the contestants in the Runner's intergalactic race, but was disqualified when Makkari beat his time on the qualifying track.fomalhauti-galactic_marathon-crowd-3rdfomalhauti-galactic_marathon-crowd

    At least three Fomalhauti were present on the planet belowing the finishing line of the Galactic Marathon where they observed the Eternal Makkari's arrival following his victory.
    One of these may or may not have been

Comments: Created by Steve Gerber, Jim Starlin, Len Wein, Dan Adkins, Don Newton and Jim Mooney.

    Sporr was said to be the last of his race in Thor I#257. Possibly the last of the mutant Fomalhauti?

    The OHotMU also refers to the Fomalhauti having a population of 7.8 billion, with an average height of 2'5" except for the mutants.

    The aliens from Savage Sword of Conan#73, look almost exactly like the Fomalhauti. A criminal native of this race used a glowing gemstone to replicate the form of others and then to snuff that being's life force. This new form lasted one fortnight. This particular alien, who took the name of his most recent victim Warz Bel Doqh, tricked Conan into helping him recover the gem after it had been stolen. The alien then usurped Conan's identity and nearly his life force as well, but Zingaran guards captured the alien. Believing him to really be Conan, they killed him, which restored the real Conan's vitality.

by Prime Eternal

The Fomalhauti should not be confused with:

OHOTMU Deluxe Edition#15, p41, pan2 (Fomalhauti main image)
Quasar I#58, pg. 16, panel 2 (Galactic Marathon crowd)

Other appearances:
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