Real Name: Neron-Alak

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial or extra-dimensional being (Hyborean Era)

Occupation: Possibly some sort of scientist

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Egon Allov

Enemies: None

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: A distant planet
    The Tomb of Neron-Alak, Sahara desert

First Appearance: Monsters on the Prowl#9 (February, 1971)

Powers/Abilities: Not much was shown, but he was confident in his superiority to humanity. He also carried a staff that emitted "kyth-rays" which he used to open the secret exit from his tomb.

History: (Monsters on the Prowl#9/2, (fb) - BTS)- "Untold eons" ago Neron-Alak came to Earth. Somehow he ended up in the Tomb of Neron-Alak in some sort of suspended animation.

(Monsters on the Prowl#9/2)- Awakened by Egon Allov, Neron-Alak thanked the man and left him to die while he went off to continue his mission to take relics from Earth back to his distant world.

Comments: Created by Allyn Brodsky, Jay Hawk and Barry Windsor-Smith.

Allov makes a comment about twenty centuries of sand burying the tomb, so that's probably how long Neron-Alak has been in the tomb.
2000 years ago is about 8000 years too recent to be part of the Hyborian era, but I guess he could have landed on Earth much earlier, as evidenced by the "untold eons" comment.

I don't know much about them, but I suppose it is possible that Neron-Alak has some connection to the Horusians from Incredible Hulk II#145.

by Patrick D Ryall

Neron-Alak should not be confused with:

Professor Egon Allov was an archaeologist who went to the Sahara Desert in search of the Tomb of Neron-Alak, and he found it. Meeting with the people who lived near the tomb, Allov ignored their warnings against taking relics from the tomb and letting loose a terrible danger. Allov killed their sheik and set fire to their encampment before digging to find entry to the tomb. Inside, he got lost but managed to stumble into a room filled with treasure. A falling piece of rubble breaks Allov's leg and he tries to search for an exit, but cannot find one. Touching what appeared to be a statue, he awakened Neron-Alak. Neron-Alak told him he was going to take relics from back to his own distant world and left Allov to suffocate in the tomb.

--Monsters on the Prowl#9/2

Images taken from:
Monsters on the Prowl#9, page 18, panel 3
Monsters on the Prowl#9, page 12, panel 1

Monsters on the Prowl#9 (February, 1971) - Allyn Brodsky (writer), Jay Hawk (Jack Katz) (pencils), Barry Windsor-Smith (inks), Stan Lee (editor)
Giant-Size Chillers#3 (August, 1975) - reprint

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