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Real Name: Garnok Rebbahn

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial spirit (species unrevealed)

Occupation: Interplanetary mass murderer

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Mistress Death

Enemies: Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Bringer of Genocide" (nickname used by the Silver Surfer)

Base of Operations: Mobile;
     formerly the planet Elowa

First Appearance: Silver Surfer Annual I#3 (June, 1990)

Powers/Abilities: A born warrior with a ruthless disposition, Rebbahn had no qualms about massacring millions. Trained in the use of many weapons of war, he mostly relied on an energy absorbing shield that channeled it through a power pack he wore on his back. This device fed it into his spear that could fire destructive force blasts. Rebbahn's alien physique was dense and durable enough to withstand a fight with the Silver Surfer. Cunning, cruel and manipulative, he often managed to psychologically rattle his opponents. In life, Rebbahn could pilot spaceships. In death, it seemed like Rebbahn could haunt the living, giving them horrific nightmares and leading them to metaphysical pocket dimensions (see comments).

Height: 6'4" (by approximation)
Weight: 225 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black


(Silver Surfer Annual I#3 (fb) - BTS) - The ferocious warrior Garnok was cruising the cosmos, looking for his next victims when he developed engine problems through unrevealed circumstances. His ship crashed on Elowa, the planet of the peaceful, sheltered Elowan who began to worship him after incorrectly assuming Rebbahn was a reincarnation of one of their gods. When their blind adulation began to bore him, Garnok ordered the entire population to ingest the petals of the lethal Vijing plant. Believing their god knew best, all the Elowan obeyed his command. The entire species died out overnight, with an amused Garnok looking at the corpses from his giant, pyramid like throne.

(Silver Surfer Annual I#3) - The Silver Surfer eventually paid a visit to the Elowan, feeling their peace loving nature would ease his troubled mind. He was shocked to find Rebbahn on the throne, surrounded by dead Elowan. The Surfer became incensed when Garnok shamelessly boasted about what he'd done to them, explaining his origins as a member of a warrior race. The Surfer ordered him to stand down so he could be taken into custody, but Garnok refused. Not only did the word "surrender" not exist in his language, he assured the Surfer he'd easily escape from whatever prison planet or remote world the former herald planned to maroon him on. Forced to fight, the Surfer was surprised to find Garnok's shield could absorb his cosmic energy while the villain's lance shot it back at him. The two combatants seemed evenly matched, until the Surfer poured on the power, eventually overloading the powerpack used by Rebbahn to channel energy. Aware of the fact his death was imminent, Rebbahn calmly told his opponent he'd keep his seat warm in Hades before his own gear incinerated him.

(Silver Surfer Annual I#3 - BTS) - The Silver Surfer decided to give the Elowan a proper funeral by cremating their remains and setting Rebbahn's giant pyramid throne ablaze as a memorial pyre. He then left the world, contemplating why yet another gentle race was lost to the violence of another.

(Silver Surfer Annual I#3) - Briefly stopping to rest in a nearby asteroid field, the Silver Surfer was ambushed by the ghost of Garnok, dressed in a black, tattered cloak and hood. He drew the Surfer into himself, delivering him into a place of death. Rebbahn described it to the incredulous former herald of Galactus as a a great, almost endless vault filled with those whose lives had been snuffed out prematurely. Garnok then introduced him to the billions of lifeforms he indirectly condemned to death because he led Galactus to their worlds. Overcome by grief and guilt, the Surfer was about to be overrun by his victims when he suddenly found himself back in the asteroid belt. Briefly allowing himself to believe it had merely been a dream, he was startled by Garnokk's disembodied voice, whispering that he wouldn't allow him to forget what he'd done.

(Silver Surfer II#48 - BTS) - Haunted by the encounter with Rebbahn and the fact he hadn't felt any guilt or remorse over the victims he'd caused as Galactus' servant, the Silver Surfer confronted his former master about their decades together. Galactus admitted to tampering with Norrin Radd's soul when he transformed him into the Silver Surfer, because he felt Radd's innate nobility would prevent him from capably carrying out his duties. Upon the Surfer's request, the devourer undid his handiwork and allowed the Surfer to be the man he should have been. As a result, he was almost immediately swept up in a torrent of blood stained guilt over the dead of a thousand worlds. With help from Galactus, the Surfer regained his composure. Declining the offer to reverse the process, Norrin Radd set out to come to terms with his burden.

(Silver Surfer III#62 - BTS) - After failing to prevent the death of a Mondani girl carrying a madness-inducing virus, and even contracting it himself, the Silver Surfer left the Byrulian spaceport the child was held at. As soon as he reached open space, he spotted the gigantic, ghostly image of Rebbahn who swallowed him whole.

(Silver Surfer III#63) - The Surfer found himself in the vault of death again, this time without his powers. He believed this was caused by the madness virus taking hold of him. Then, Rebbahn showed up to assure the Surfer all this was meant as a very real penance for his past crimes. Radd tried to argue that he only takes life when there is no other option, such as during the fight against Garnok. Unimpressed, Garnok allowed his withered form to fall apart, telling him that no matter what happened, there'd be no slipping away because the Surfer didn't have the courage to confront his inner self.

(Silver Surfer III#63 - BTS) - Still trapped in the vault of death and chased by the reanimated remains of his victims, Surfer came across the fallen hero Mar-Vell (actually a representation of the Surfer's own selfless heroic ideal) who offered to help. Together, they approached the camp where the Surfer's victims had been forged into an army. With "Captain Mar-Vell" sacrificing himself to keep the troops at bay, the Surfer sneaked into the command tent to confront the leader only to be shocked it was a dark version of himself.

(Silver Surfer III#64) - Rebbahn watched out of sight how the Silver Surfer made a futile attempt to destroy the manifestation of his own dark desires through brute force. Eventually, Radd figured out the way to beat his opponent was to accept and absorb him into him. With that, everything vanished and the Surfer found himself in a void with Rebbahn who came to make sure Norrin finished his path to redemption. Unsure what the apparition meant, the Surfer watched as Rebbahn explained he had to earn his freedom. Absorbing the lost halves of his being was just the first step: by reconciling them, they were no more which meant the Surfer was now a void. To be truly free, the Surfer had to have the courage to begin again and redefine who he wants to be and then live up to that aspiration. Reaching into himself, the former herald came to terms with who he was: both Norrin and the Surfer: wielder of the power cosmic and dedicated protector to the deserving. Even as the newly minted crusader of the spaceways returned to our realm, Garnok Rebbahn vanished.

Comments: Created by Ron Marz (writer), Ron Lim (pencils), Keith Williams (inks)

So is Garnok Rebbahn a ghost or just the product of the Silver Surfer's delusions caused by his exposure to the madness virus? Hard to say, but it's too easy to outright dismiss Garnok as a figment of Radd's imagination. After all, he met his demise a little too casually and already showed up to haunt the Surfer, well before he contracted the virus. It's very possible part of Rebbahn's consciousness lived on or even his astral form.

Profile by Norvo.

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Silver Surfer III#63, p6, pans2&3 (main image)
Silver Surfer Annual I#3, p36, pan1 (alive)
Silver Surfer Annual I#3, p47, pans1&2 (dies)
Silver Surfer III#63, p7, pan1 (really is real)

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