tentaclones-gasm - fullTENTACLONES

Classification: Mechanoid (or perhaps cyborg, and/or armor-wearing), hydra-like extraterrestrial race;
    see comments

Location/Base of Operations: Unrevealed

Known Members: None identified

Affiliations: Doctopoids

Enemies: Galactic Alliance of Spider-Men (Father Spider, Longlegs Secundus, Nurotox, Orb Weaver, Psider-Man, Spider-Mech, 'Spinner, others), humanity, Spider-Man (Peter Parker) 

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents II#1/3 (November, 2007)

Powers/Abilities: Tentaclones have the capability to impersonate other beings (including those of humanoid configuration) identically. They appear to do this via donning a mask (indicating it is a technologically-granted ability), as removal of the mask from the one observed Tentaclone exposed its true form and nature.tentaclones-gasm-face

    Tentaclones have a tubular body, somewhat wide are its base (the very base was not seen; they may have a foot structure, or a suction pad, or...who knows) and tapering as it approaches the head, from which extend 5 tentacles, with four coming from the top of the head, and one from the lower side (similar to a hand in appearance).
Presumably these tentacles are used for grasping, binding, crushing, etc.

    The Tentaclones' faces are either covered by a metallic "helmet," or they are cyborg-creatures with a mechanical central/head.

    Their facial structure includes a pair of glowing yellow eyes shining through their mechanical armor/whatever, and a metal mouth-like structure seen only on their outer armor. What exists underneath the armor has not been seen.

    Around the lower half of the thumb on the one Tentaclone seen there was a ring-like structure, of unrevealed nature (decorative, functional, essential?).

    The Tentaclones other abilities are unrevealed, but a single Tentaclone considered itself able to slay dozens of warrior opponents (or perhaps that was bravado).

Traits: The Tentaclones are used as advance scouts by the Doctopoids, investigating worlds the Doctopoids may wish to invade/conquer and/or infiltrating forces that might oppose them in order to distract them from such invasions.

    Their are skilled in mimicking the behavior of others and remaining incognito. When discovered/confronted, a single Tentaclone is willing to fight dozens of enemies.

Type: Hydra-like, possibly mechanoid or cyborg
Eyes: Two (on head; solid yellow, glowing color seen)
: None (5 tentacles in the pattern of four fingers and a thumb)
: None
Skin color: Green
Average height: Unrevealed (approximately 10' - 12' from base to the tip of the tentacles)
Other distinguishing features: See Powers/abilities.

Marvel Comics Presents II#1/3 (fb) - BTS) - Presumably created by the Doctopoids, the Tentaclones serve as advance scouts and warriors.

    They are apparently long-time foes of the Galactic Alliance of Spider-Men.

(Marvel Comics Presents II#1/3 (fb) - BTS) - Preparing to invade Earth, the Doctopoids sent (at least) one of their Tentaclones to infiltrate the Galactic Alliance of Spider-Man. The Tentaclone posed as Spider-Mech of neighborhood #4301.

    What happened to the real Spider-Mech is unrevealed.

(Marvel Comics Presents II#1/3 (fb) - BTS) - Perhaps sensing an impending invasion of Earth, the Galactic Alliance sent Spider-Mech (unaware he was a Tentaclone imposter) to Earth to bring Spider-Man (Peter Parker) to their base for a gathering.

(Marvel Comics Presents II#1/3) - The Spider-Mech imposter appeared via a web-like warp in the apartment of Spider-Man, instructing him to take the Subspace Spider-Signal. The imposter introduced himself as Spider-Mech of neighborhood #4301 and convinced Spider-Man to accompany him as the others were waiting.

    Upon their arrival, the imposter called Spider-Man brother and introduced him to the Galactic Alliance of Spider-Men and noted its purpose.

    When Spider-Man asked if he was dreaming, the imposter told him, "Whatever you say, Tiger."

    The imposter then began introducing Spider-Man to the various members.

    As Doctopoids approached Earth, they were detected by Father Spider who revealed this invasion to the Galactic Alliance of Spider-Men

    As the Galactic Alliance prepared to travel through the warp to Earth to oppose the Doctopoids, Spider-Man stopped them, insisting that he be the one to save his world.tentaclones-gasm-fight.jpg

   As the false Spider-Mech volunteered to return Spider-Man to Earth, Spider-Man apparently detected something was off with Spider-Mech, and he tore off the false Mech's mask (calling him "Tiger" in the process), revealing him to be a Tentaclone.

    Noting he had just been sent to distract them, the Tentaclone told them that now they must...(presumably die).

   While the Galactic Alliance engaged the Tentaclone, Spider-Man was knocked back through the warp to Earth.

(Marvel Comics Presents II#1/3 - BTS) - Awakening back in his apartment, Spider-Man assumed he must have dreamed the whole experience, but the subspace spider-signal device the false Spider-Mech had used to transport Spider-Man to the Galactic Alliance (or another such device) could be seen underneath the couch...

Comments: Created by Stuart Moore, Clayton Henry, and Mark Morales.

    It's somewhat questionable in the story whether the Galactic Alliance of Spider-Men story took place in Reality-616, or whether it was a dream (as Spider-Man had concluded upon awakening back in his apartment), but the device seen on the ground would argue against automatically discounting them, so I'm including them for now until we see definitive evidence to the contrary. If it was "only a dream" for Spider-Man-616, then there's some reality in which they do exist.
    But, what ever happened with that Subspace Spider-Signal, anyway?

    The Galactic Alliance of Spider-Men refers to the domain/world of each of their members as Neighborhoods, with Earth being Neighborhood-1139.

    It's obviously just a silly/fun story, but the idea of the Galactic Alliance of Spider-Men is an interesting one, and I wouldn't mind seeing some follow-up...although perhaps a little less silly...

    A Tentaclone was only shown in a few panels, but it reminded me of the hydra organism, named after the Lernaean hydra that fought Hercules. They also somewhat resemble a forearm and hand.

    As "clones" is part of their name, it would seem most likely that they are creations (of the Doctopoids?), with one such creature cloned into many. Or, perhaps, they were just called clones because they could appear as another being (like a clone of them?). There wasn't much to go on...

Profile by Snood.

The Tentaclones
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images: (without ads)
Marvel Comics Presents II#1/3, pg. 1, panel 5 (as Spider-Mech);
       pg. 8, panel 1-3 (full; face; fighting)

Marvel Comics Presents II#1/3 (November, 2007) - Stuart Moore (writer), Clayton Henry (penciler), Mark Morales (inker), Andy Schmidt (editor)

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