Real Name: Urthona

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (Gevaltu) magic user

Occupation: Sorcerer, former king

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Chthon, Jarakk, Orc (Urthona's champion), Vishanti, a few unnamed pets

Enemies: Dr. Strange, Enitharmon the Weaver, Pura-Shamutra, Rintrah, Topaz, Trinity of Ashes, Wong

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: The planet Gevaltu, in an unidentified galaxy distant from Earth

First Appearance:
    (BTS): Dr. Strange II#78 (August, 1986)
    (seen and named): Dr. Strange II#79 (October, 1986)





Powers/Abilities: Urthona has great magical powers, enabling him to control the elements of his world, open portals across space, mentally influence others, and create magical weapons and armor. He has greatly amplified his own powers via magical talismans, such as the Darkhold and the Pyx of Pura-Shamutra. Urthona is larger than an average human being, and therefore may have enhanced human strength.








(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, Update'89 #7) - The extradimensional sorcerer Urthona found and captured a soul fragment of Topaz, which had been extracted and released while she was trapped in Mephisto's Hell.

(Dr. Strange II#80 (fb) - BTS) - Wishing to become Sorcerer Supreme of the entire universe, Urthona targeted Dr. Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth.

(Dr. Strange II#78) - Dr. Strange prepared to start the search for Topaz's missing soul fragment via the Chamber of Extrospection. Though unaware of whom it was she sensed, through the Chamber's mirror, Topaz sensed someone out there, someone cold and angry. As something began to form, they were called away by other events.

(Dr. Strange II#79) - Urthona granted magical armor and weapons to his champion, sending him to Earth to destroy Dr. Strange so Urthona could usurp his role. Shortly thereafter, Urthona made contact with Topaz, who had been driven to the verge of insanity due to her soul fragmentation. He summoned her to the Chamber of Extrospection to help him bridge the gap to Earth. While Dr. Strange fought his attacker in the streets of New York, Urthona initiated his assault on Strange's sanctum. Distracted by this, Strange was skewered by Urthona's Champion's weapon. Releasing his astral self at the last second, Strange took possession and control of Morganna Blessing, using her form to continue the battle. Morganna was unable to maintain her focus during the struggle, and she was injured as well. Furious over having been forced to bring an innocent into peril, Strange performed black magic, summoning Satannish and offering up Urthona's Champion to him; Satannish accepted, consuming the warrior in magical flames.
    Nonetheless, Urthona managed to magically transport Dr. Strange's entire Sanctum, including all of the magical artifacts it contained, to Gevaltu.

(Dr. Strange II#80) - Urthona's warriors used one of his devices to breach Strange's sanctum's defenses, and they stormed the sanctum, capturing both Wong and Topaz and bringing them before Urthona. The sorcerer taunted Topaz with her soul fragment, after which he announced his plans to become the cosmos' Sorcerer Supreme and turn the universe into another Dark Dimension.
    Meanwhile, Strange used his magical powers to aid the surgeon in treating his supernatural wounds and infection. In addition, the young sorcerer Rintrah had been sent by his master, Enitharmon, to aid Strange against Urthona.

(Dr. Strange II#81) - Rintrah served as host to Strange while they both traveled via starship (see comments) to Gevaltu, allowing him to recharge his mystic powers. Meanwhile, Urthona, having drained the last iota of power from Strange's sanctum, sensed and prepared for Strange's arrival. Urthona snared their approaching ship in a mystical tractor beam, but Strange added his power to the beam, hastening their confrontation. Urthona sent his warriors against the ship, but Strange (possessing Rintrah) blasted them away and then attacked Urthona himself. Despite Urthona's possession of the talismans of power, the out-of-body Strange still managed to hard-press the alien. Urthona distracted Strange by assaulting Wong, giving him a major head injury. Urthona then pressed the attack, using the Darkhold to summon the Dark Bloodhunger of the Night, while the stunned Strange was unable to fight back. Rintrah then unleashed his own astral self against Urthona, spurring Strange to use the Spell of the Crystal of Vyhagh Ar to disperse them. While Strange (in Rintrah's form) battled Urthona, Rintrah (in Strange's form) restored Topaz's soul fragment. Strange then cast a magical spell to destroy all of the talismans--except the indestructible Darkhold--to prevent them from being used for dark purposes (see comments). Without the additional power granted by the magic items, Urthona could not stand against Strange, so he used the Darkhold to transport him away, taunting Strange with the fact that he had broken the bonds on a hundred darknesses by achieving victory in this fashion.

(Dr. Strange III#9/2: Book of the Vishanti) - "How surprised <Urthona> was, mere moments later, in a far-off place - - to see the Darkhold vanish from his hand, like a fleeting mirage!" (see comments)

(Dr. Strange III#58 (fb) / Dr. Strange III#57 (fb) - BTS) - During the War of the Seven Spheres, Urthona made an alliance with the Vishanti's agent Jarakk, who was the opponent of the Trinity of Ashes' agent Pura-Shamutra. Urthona had Jarakk lure Pura-Shamutra to Gevaltu, where he would have to assume physical form and be susceptible to Urthona's spells. Urthona had Jarakk and Pura-Shamutra use Gevaltu as their battleground, leveling the planet and slaying most of its inhabitants in the process. Urthona knew that he could use Pura-Shamutra's Pyx to restore life to return from his exile and restore his world.

(Dr. Strange III#57) - Urthona returned to Gevaltu as Pura-Shamutra gained the upper hand. Jarakk then used his power to open the skies with torrents of fire, distracting Pura-Shamutra skyward, and Urthona unleashed the planet's manganese sands, invading Pura-Shamutra's body and transforming it into a crystalline prison. As his reward, Urthona was given the Pyx of Pura-Shamutra, with which he restored life across Gevaltu and proclaimed himself its king.
    Meanwhile, Strange sensed the disruption of the universe caused by the destruction of Pura-Shamutra, and he traveled to Gevaltu to confront him.

(Dr. Strange III#58) - Dr. Strange fought his way past Urthona's sentries, confronting the sorcerer king as he prepared to execute several Gevaltian thieves. Strange attempted to reveal the disruption Urthona had caused, and when he refused, Strange used the Eye of Agamotto to reveal the circumstances of Urthona's alliance with Jarakk. Urthona formed a sandstorm cyclone that drove Strange away, then continued his assault on him. The two battled back and forth, but Strange then probed Urthona's mind, learned how he manipulated the elements of his world, and used the spell of Ultimate Entrapment to restrain him. Urthona begged for mercy, and Strange agreed, dispatching him to a realm far removed from their universe where he could ponder his misguided ways.
    Strange then returned to the Gevaltians, who acknowledged Urthona's crimes and allowed Strange to resurrect Pura-Shamutra.

Comments: Created by Peter Gillis and Chris Warner.

    Amongst the weapons claimed by Urthona were the Books of the Vishanti and Eibon, the Orb of Agamotto, the Two Gems that are One, the Veil of the Purple Dimensions, the Scrolls of Hoary Watoomb, and the Darkhold. Agamotto actually teleported all of the talismans away, so none of them were actually destroyed by Strange. Some of them, like the Darkhold, are pretty much indestructible and couldn't have been destroyed anyway.

    For the record, the ship that Strange and Rintrah used to reach Gevaltu is consistently described as the Skrull saucer that the FF had gained in Fantastic Four#2. In reality, it was actually the saucer they had obtained from Kurrgo.
    As I remember the story from FF#7, the people of Planet X only had the saucer and the rocket ship and were never much into space travel; maybe that saucer was a ship that Kurrgo bought/stole/traded from some Skrulls, so it actually IS a Skrull saucer, which Reed Richards discovered behind the scenes while making a closer inspection of it (maybe he found a "Made on the Skrull Homeworld" sticker), so that's why it's was always referred to as a Skrull ship.
--John Kaminski

Urthona's Champion was first identified as Orc in Sattanish's profile in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z HC#10 (2010). Like Urthona it is a reference to the work of poet William Blake and was added by Peter Gillis.

Thanks to Omar Karindu for pointing out the possible enhanced strength level
Thanks to Donald Campbell for pointing out the Book of the Vishanti appearance.

Profile by Snood.

No known connection to:



    To win the title of Urthona's Champion, the warrior Orc slew all other contestants in a fierce battle. Urthona then granted him in magical armor and weaponry and sent him to Earth. The warrior appeared before Strange, savagely attacking him and promising his death. Strange quickly fought back, battling the warrior in kind, but Strange was distracted when Urthona's power visibly began to affect his sanctum. The warrior took advantage of the moment and skewered Strange with his weapon. Narrowly releasing his astral form in time, Strange then took control of Morganna Blessing and used her to continue the struggle. However, Morganna's thoughts proved too distracting for combat, and she was wounded by the warrior as well. Furious over having been forced to bring an innocent into peril, Strange performed black magic, summoning Satannish and offering up Orc to him; Satannish accepted, consuming the warrior in magical flames.








   Orc appeared to have enhanced human strength and durability, and his armor protected him from most mystical attacks. He used a weapon which included a spike which glowed with powerful energy. Demonic creatures would grow within wounds created by this weapon. The warrior was extremely savage and bloodthirsty.

--Dr. Strange II#79




Dr. Strange II#79, p4, panel 3 + 4 (full body + face)
            panel 2 (Champion side view)
        p11, panel 1 (Champion front shot)
    #81, p7, panel 1 (full body)

Dr. Strange II#80 (December, 1986) - Peter Gillis (writer), Chris Warner (pencils), Randy Emberlin (inks), Carl Potts (editor)
Dr. Strange II#81 (February, 1987) - Peter Gillis (writer), Chris Warner (pencils), Randy Emberlin (inks), Carl Potts (editor)
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Dr. Strange III#57-58 (September-October, 1993) - Geof Isherwood (writer/artist), Mike Rockwitz (editor)

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