Official Name: Radius Eighteenradius-eighteen-planet-destroyed.jpg

Nature: Extraterrestrial planet (or planetoid) within the Greater Magellanic Cloud galaxy (Kree galaxy);
    it is considered an outworld (presumably meaning it is on the periphery of the galaxy)

Natives: None identified

Population: Unrevealed

Capital City: Unrevealed

Government: A Kree colony -- at least -- was present there

Languages: Unrevealed

National Defense: Unrevealed

Places of Interest: None identified

Visitors: Shi'ar (possibly Battlegroup Three or another similar group)

First Appearance: War of Kings#2 (May, 2009)


(War of Kings#1 (fb) - BTS) - After disabling the Kree Shield barrier protecting their Empire from outside attacks, the Shi'ar Empire -- led by Vulcan (Gabriel Summers) and directed by General Ka'arduum -- arranged a number of assaults on Kree worlds. 

(War of Kings#2 (fb)) - Vulcan had a Nega-Bomb dropped on Radius Eighteen.

(War of Kings#2) - Gladiator (Kallark) watched as Radius Eighteen melted on the first day of the war between the Shi'ar and Kree.

Comments: Created by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning.

    The above covers everything we know about Radius Eighteen. To the best of my knowledge, neither the world (pre-destruction) nor its inhabitants were pictured. 

    Radius Eighteen was lumped in the same description as Disradi and Tau Sceptre, as all three had Nega-Bombs used against them. 

    Maybe some writer will read this someday and flesh it out somewhat.

    Why "Radius Eighteen"? That sounds like a sector or unit of distance rather a planet. 

Radius definitions (per Merriam-Webster):

1: a line segment extending from the center of a circle or sphere to the circumference or bounding surface
2a : the bone on the thumb side of the human forearm; also : a corresponding part of vertebrates above fishes
b : the third and usually largest vein of an insect's wing
3a : the length of a radius 
  • a truck with a short turning radius
b : the circular area defined by a stated radius
c : a bounded or circumscribed area
4: a radial part
5: the distance from a center line or point to an axis of rotation

Profile by Snood.

Radius Eighteen has no known connections to

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War of Kings#2, pg. 1 (destruction)

War of Kings#2 (June, 2009) - Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning (writers), Paul Pelletier (penciler), Rick Magyar (inker), Michael Norwitz (assistant editor), Bill Rosemann (editor)

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