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Classification: Extraterrestrial reptilians (see comments)

Location/Base of Operations: Tayp, the second planet out from the star Kormuk (Earth designation unrevealed) in the Milky Way galaxy

Habitat: Temperate over much of the planet, small polar ice caps, 78% covered by water
Gravity: 120% of Earth
Atmosphere: 74% nitrogen, 23% oxygen

Known Members: Teju (see comments)
Estimated population: 3.6 billion

Affiliations: Teju was one of the Prime Mover's pawns in the 21st century of Reality-616 and was later one of the Minions of Menace who served the cyborg Korvac in the early 31st century of Reality-691

Enemies: (Teju) Namor the Sub-Mariner from Reality-616; Guardians of the Galaxy (Major Vance Astro, Charlie-27, Martinex, Nikki Gold, Starhawk (Stakar/Aleta), Yondu Udonta) and Galactic Guardians (Firelord, Hollywood/Simon Williams, Martinex, Phoenix/Giraud, Replica, Spirit of Vengeance/Wileaydus) from the 31st century in Reality-691; Thor Odinson (displaced from the 20th century of Reality-616)

First Appearance: (Teju) Giant-Size Defenders#3 (January, 1975);
   Race identified (by Grott) in Thor Annual I#6 (1977);
   Race name confirmed in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#8 (August, 1983)

Powers/Abilities: Reptoids can stand erect and walk bipedally or walk on all fours. They have superhuman strength and can used their long, powerful tails as weapons to whip or batter enemies.

   Reptoids are amphibious but possess a natural armor that retains moisture even in hot, arid environments. This armor also provides protection from impacts (like from blows delivered with superhuman strength).

Cultural Traits: Savage in battle

Type: Reptilian
Eyes: Two (black surrounded by red; no visible sclera)
Fingers: Three (plus opposable thumb)
Toes: Three
Skin color: Green and scaled, with a yellow underside
Hair: None
Average height: 6' when standing erect

Type of government: Tribal

Level of technology: Unimpressive, with no interstellar travel

(The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#8: Alien Races: Reptoids entry) - A reptilian race that called itself the Reptoids evolved on the second planet out from the sun in the planetary system orbiting around the star Kormuk. These beings called their homeworld Tayp.

(The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#8: Alien Races: Reptoids entry) - By the late 21st century (Earth chronology; see comments), the Reptoid race's level of technology remained unimpressive and they were unable to travel through space unless transported by alien starships, alien technology or alien beings.

(Giant-Size Defenders#3 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, the male Reptoid known as Teju was chosen to serve as a pawn of the sentient terrestrial game-playing machine known as the Prime Mover and was transported to an artificial arena-world somewhere in space in the late 21st century. No details have been provided about where and when Teju was at the time he was chosen by the Prime Mover.

Comments: An unidentified Reptoid (later identified as Teju) was created by Steve Gerber, Jim Starlin, Len Wein, Dan Adkins, Don Newton and Jim Mooney;
   Names "Teju" and "Reptoid" created by Len Wein;
   Other details about the Reptoid race created by the staff of the first volume of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (led by Head Writer Mark Gruenwald).

    Although the Reptoid in Giant-Size Defenders#3 had three digits (two fingers and a thumb) on each hand and two toes on each foot, Teju had four digits (three fingers and a thumb) and three toes on each foot in Thor Annual I#6. Also, while the images from the first two volumes of The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe show the Reptoids as having digits that all ended in claws, Teju has never been depicted with any claws on any of his fingers or toes. No explanation for these differences has ever been provided.
    Perhaps the versions shown in the OHotMU are the 21st century Reality-616 versions, and they differ in the presence of those claws. Maybe something changed in 1000 years to get rid of the claws, or maybe the Reality-616 versions have a somewhat different evolutionary path.
    As far as Teju's varying toes, that could be artistic license or art error (we've seen the Hulk with two toes!), or some sort of reality warp changed him. Or something else?

   The penciler for all of the images of the Alien Races that appeared in the first volume of The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe was listed simply as "Paty." This is the credited name preferred by Paty Cockrum. Why is this significant? Well, the name of the home planet of the Reptoids, Tayp, is an anagram of "Paty" and the name of the star that planet orbits, Kormuk, is an anagram of "Kokrum" which looks like a phonetic way of spelling the name "Cockrum." Neat, huh? I've owned my copies of the Official Handbook for almost 40 years but I never noticed these anagrams until I was finishing this profile. It makes me wonder what other Easter eggs might be hidden in other Alien Race profiles.

reptoids-otmude15   The main image is the one from the Reptoids quarter-page profile in the original OHotMU. I chose to use it because I think it looks better than the image from the deluxe edition of the OHotMU, even with the pink background. However, the main reason is because this was the image drawn by Paty and to not use it in a profile that literally has her name in it seems wrong.
    Agreed...but why not include both? I added the Deluxe Edition one...maybe they each represent a different member of the race...that's what I like to think.

   When the Prime Mover from Earth-616 played a game with the Grandmaster in Giant-Size Defenders#3, they each chose six pawns to serve them in their game. The only one of the Prime Mover's pawns whose place of origin was revealed in that issue was Korvac who stated that he had been born in the year 2977 and that the science of the 31st century was his to command. The story in Thor Annual I#6 later revealed that Korvac was a native of the same alternate future reality as the Guardians of the Galaxy, a timeline known as "Earth-691." Except for the fact that none of them were from Earth-616, nothing was revealed about the planets of origin of the other five pawns. Furthermore, there was no indication of whether or not they also had been chosen from other time periods and/or timelines.

   However, when Korvac, back in his native 31st century, used probes that he had sent out "through time and space" to recruit five aliens to serve as his lieutenants, three of them were (or seemed to be) aliens who had served the Prime Mover alongside him. Grott the Man-Slayer definitely fought the Hulk in GSD#3, and Dumog and Teju appeared to be the same as two other pawns who had appeared, without being named, in that same issue. Again, there was no indication as to where or when any of these three originated. The chances were equally good that they came from Korvac's 31st century or from the 21st century where they had previously fought the Grandmaster's pawns.

   Of Korvac's five minions, Teju was identified as being a Reptoid in Thor Annual I#6 but the races of the other four were not named until the first volume of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (Brahl's Achernonions, Dumog's Fomalhauti, Grott's Grunds, and Tork's Procyonites) which also confirmed that Teju was a Reptoid. However, while the quarter-pages entries for the Grunds, Procyonites and Reptoids confirmed that Grott, Tork, and Teju, respectively, had been "among the minions of the Earth-born cyborg Korvac in the Thirtieth Century," those entries AGAIN said nothing as to where and when those individuals had originated.

   Although other members of the Fomalhauti and Grund races (and possibly the Achernonian race) have appeared in stories set in the mainstream Marvel Universe, so far Tork and Teju are, respectively, the only Procyonites and Reptoids from any timeline who have ever appeared in any Marvel Comics story. Could this be a case of anti-reptilian bias on the part of Marvel's writers?

   The Reptoids have quarter-page entries in the Alien Races Appendices presented in the first and second volumes of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe. The information contained in these appendices is presumed to apply to the Reptoids who existed in the mainstream Marvel Universe (Reality-616) during the late 21st century. However, since this has never been confirmed, if Teju did originate in the 31st century of Reality-691, then the data could instead apply to the Reptoids who lived in that era of that timeline.

   I find it slightly irritating that a species that evolved on an alien world and that has its own language would choose a name for themselves that just happened to be very similar to the word used on Earth to describe the class of Terran animals that the aliens resemble. Oh well, at least their race-name is not derived from the name that Earth astronomers use to designate the star that their homeworld orbits.

    References in the handbooks and stories to the 20th century are topical, relevent only to the date at which the stories were published. The adventures took place in the 21st century due to the sliding timescale.
--Ye olde Snoode

Profile by Donald Campbell.

The Reptoid race has no known connections to

images: (without ads)
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#8, page 31, panel 4 (main image)
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe II#15: Appendix to Alien Races: Reptoids image

Appearances (aside from Teju):
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#8 (August, 1983) - Paty (penciler)
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe II#15 (March, 1987) - Kyle Baker (artist)

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