Classification: Extraterrestrial (Pluto)

Location/Base of Operations: Pluto, Earth-6799

Known Members: Unidentified leader

Affiliations: Dr. Smarter; Spider-Man

First Appearance: "Spider-Man" (Episode 1: "The Power of Doctor Octopus"/"Sub-Zero for Spidey") (September 9, 1967)


Powers/Abilities: The Plutonians were a race that thrived in cold temperatures. They were incredibly strong and had small holes in their wrists from which they could emit ice in various forms, from sharp-edged darts to a more mist-like form. None of the Plutionians save for the leader seemed capable of speaking, at least with humans. The leader could could only speak through telepathy.

Traits: The Plutonians appear to be a benevolent race, but aren't really all that familiar with how to behave on Earth.

History: (SM: SZfS (fb) - BTS) - While traveling through space back to their home planet of Pluto, the Plutonians' spaceship encountered problems and had to land on Earth for repairs. They disguised their diamond-like spaceship as an iceberg and left it in New York Harbor. They began to seek out a human that could help them.

(SM: SZfS) - While walking to the home of Dr. Smarter, Peter Parker slipped on a patch of ice and then realized that there was ice covering everything in his path, even in the blistering heat. He heard Dr. Smarter cry for help and, changing into his Spider-Man costume, arrived to find a large ice-creature seemingly attacking the doctor. Spider-Man frightened away the being and went after it. He found it covering another city block in ice, but had to leave until he could figure out how to handle the creature.

Spider-Man returned to Smarter's home, and the doctor had theorized that the creatures were Plutonians. Just then, two burst in and placed both Spider-Man and Smarter in ice. They kidnapped Smarter, but left Spider-Man behind to thaw out on his own. Once he was free, Spider-Man quickly built a heating unit to wear inside his costume and headed to the iceberg, which he deduced to be their base. He made his way through it, encountering several traps, but once in the core, found the aliens and their captive. He tried to attack one, but was called off by Smarter, who let the Plutonians' leader explain what they needed: an invention of Smarter's called the Space-Warp Control. Using the device, the Plutonians fixed their ship and it blasted off back into outer space.




: Created by Ralph Bakshi and uncredited others.

This was the second half of the first episode of the first Spider-Man animated series. As such, this is also the first profile on the Appendix that I am aware of in which the character(s) profiled have never appeared in print.

Ralph Bakshi was one of the creators of the series, though by no means the only one. He just happened to have gone on to bigger (but not always better) things afterwards.

Oh, and just how "WTF?" is this image, of the Plutonians taking a kidnapped Dr. Smarter to their ship via boat? -------->

Profile by Madison Carter.

Race name have no known connections to

Plutonian leader

 Much larger than the other Plutonians, and with a slightly different appearance, the leader explained his crews' situation to Spider-Man and Dr. Smarter.


Dr. Smarter

An inventor who created the Space-Warp Control. The Plutonians kidnapped him to get him to help them repair their ship.


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