radian-ylestja-928-2099ad-alien-doom17-face-unmaskedradian-ylestja-928-2099ad-alien-doom17-fullishReal Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Alternate reality (Reality-928 circa 2099 A.D.) extraterrestrial  (unidentified race) mutate

Occupation: Emissary of the Y'Lestja

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Kazimierz "Kaz" Maksymilian Rosikon, the Y'Lestja; unidentified Tibetan family
    interacted positively with
Lin Fong, Fortune, Poet;
    Doom defended him and considered him benevolent in the end; Radian subsequently considered Doom an ally

Enemies: Darkhaze, Feng Huang and her guards;
    formerly Doom (all of
Reality-928 circa 2099 A.D.);
    he had encountered, but had minimal interaction with Darkhaze's daughter, Calyx;

Known Relatives: None

Aliases:  "Lightchild,"
    "child of light," "light-bearer," "light-giver" 
(by which he referred to himself)

Base of Operations: Unrevealed (possibly an unidentified planet in a galaxy beyond the Milky Way);
    formerly a Y'Lestja sphere in the Himalayan mountains, Tibet;
    previously unrevealed, possibly the other Y'Lestja sphere in the Himalayan mountains,
Kanchenjunga, Nepal;
    formerly his own world, unidentified star system, unidentified galaxy (see comments)

First Appearance: (Unidentified) Doom 2099 I#15 (March, 1994);
Doom 2099 I#17 (May, 1994)

radian-ylestja-928-2099ad-alien-unpublished-energiesPowers/Abilities: A being of energy, Radian can fly though the cold and vacuum of space at great speeds (perhaps achieving the speed of light).

    On Earth, Radian adopts a physical, grossly human form. He can use his energies to form (presumably among other things) spheres that produce continuous heat and light (it seemed to be implied that it could do so forever), keeping a family without power comfortable in the frigid Himalayan mountain peaks (while the source of such continuous power is unrevealed, tapping into a star or an extradimensional power source seems likely). He is immune to frigid cold.


    Simply by willing it, Radian can move stone (possibly solid rock and/or piled rocks) and snow to expose a Y'Lestja sphere. It is not confirmed that he can easily move all such rock, etc., or only if he can open a path to a Y'Lestja sphere. He can also open the Y'Lestja sphere itself (which Doom identified as having a titanium shell alloyed with other non-terrestrial metals) at will.

    Telepathic, Radian could assimilate the languages of others within a few minutes and speak to numerous beings, simultaneously being heard in those beings' native languages. Radian could sense and communicate directly with the Y'Lestja.

    Radian has access to the advanced technology of a Y'Lestja sphere, allowing him to project memories/events via hologram, and facilitating contact with extraterrestrial and extradimensional beings.

    Radian previously had a much greater level of power while imbued with the energies of the Y'Lestja (which he willingly returned at his mission's completion). He also wore a suit of armor at that time, and it is uncertain how much of his power came from his internal energies, as opposed to the armor. Regardless, he could punch Doom to the ground with a single blow, resist Doom's most powerful energy blasts, encase Doom in an energy sphere from which he could not break out, open a warp to transport himself him orbital distances (at least), fire an energy blast to vaporize a weapon without harming the holder or to obliterate a large metal-shelled sphere, and override control of an entire space station. 

    His(?) abilities, appearance, and nature prior to becoming Radian and adopting human form are all unrevealed.


: Unrevealed (perhaps 6'10" (and a few inches taller in the armor)radian-ylestja-emissary-eyes
Weight: Unrevealed (if Radian is a being of energy, his mass is difficult to judge; if his physical form had human density, I would approximate him at close to 300 lbs.); as his armor's composition is unrevealed, it is unrevealed whether it weighs a few dozen or a few hundred pounds.
Eyes: Black sclera with either golden irides and a large pupil or black irides with a thin golden rim on their periphery
Hair: Blond
Note: These features apply to the human form Radian adopted; his original form is unrevealed

Doom 2099 I#18 (fb) - BTS) - In the past, the race of the being who would become Radian were at war with themselves and potentially headed for an oblivion of its own making. At least in retrospect, they considered themselves creatures of light dimmed by the darkness of their souls. 

    The Y'Lestja Collective came to the planet of the being who would become Radian. From their communal exchange, the people of this world found the means to change their discordant existence into a harmonious one; in appreciation, some of this world's people became emissaries of the Collective, assuming the form of the chosen species to facilitate the arrival of the Y'Lestja.

    The being who would become known as Radian served as the Y'Lestja's emissary on Earth. He was granted power (and possibly armor) from the Y'Lestja to accomplish the needed tasks.

(unpublished story) - Radian's people perished "eons" ago (see comments).

(Doom 2099 I#15 (fb) - BTS / Doom 2099 I#18 (fb) - BTS) - Centuries (possibly millennia) ago, the Y'Lestja sent a giant metal sphere (beacon) to Earth, where it crashed into the ground in Nepal and was covered over time.

(Doom 2099 I#15 - BTS) - While exploring China and seeking to avoid border patrols, the Latverians Kazimierz "Kaz" Maksymilian Rosikon and his sister, Fortune, walked into an avalanche in the Himalayas.

(Doom 2099 I#18 (fb)) - The sphere/beacon's computer performed neurological surgery on Kaz, altering his cerebral functions and programming in the intricate Y'Lestjan language.

(Doom 2099 I#15 (fb)) - <2094 AD> - Seismic activity in the Himalayas unearthed the mysterious metallic sphere.

(Doom 2099 I#15 (fb) / Doom 2099 I#18 (fb)) - Gaining entry into the sphere, the team of Feng Huang's scientists found evidence of an incomprehensible alien technology, they also found Kaz held in metabolic stasis by the sphere's systems. The scientists considered that the sphere had saved Kaz and turned him into a Rosetta Stone, the key to a civilization apparently preparing to make first contact with Earth.

(Doom 2099 I#18 (fb) - BTS) - Via their link to Kaz, the Collective determined that humanity was approaching a crossroads, and they concluded that this might be their last opportunity possible to fully join with humanity.

(Doom 2099 I#15 - BTS) - Feng Huang held Kaz aboard her zero gravity pharmaceutical manufacturing station, the Chin Shan platform.

(Doom 2099 I#15 - BTS) - Fortune worked with Lin Fong and Vytali Morkovkin with the goal of recovering Kaz from Huang's clutches. To this end, they infiltrated one of Feng Huang's space shuttles, which brought them aboard the Chin Shan platform.


radian-ylestja-928-2099ad-alien-doom17-doomblasted(Doom 2099 I#15) - Investigating a transmission point responding to a deep space signal (which he could not translate), Doom traveled to Kanchenjunga, Nepal, Doom unearthed the sphere. Entering, Doom's sensors registered an atmospheric disturbance just seconds before he was struck down by the armored Radian.

(Doom 2099 I#17) - Attempting to demonstrate his power to Radian, Doom blasted him with energy to no apparent affect; as Doom prepared to strike again, Radian instead formed an energy field around Doom before speaking in an alien language and then projecting an image of the Chin Shan platform. Radian then transported to the space platform, and Doom replicated the energy Radian had used to follow him there. Radian subsequently fired an energy back through the gateway he had created, destroying the sphere from which they had departed. When Huang's men tried to surround Radian, he fired another blast, destroying the lead armored warrior's energy rifle.

    Removing his helmet and introducing himself as Radian, of the Y'Lestja, he noted that it had taken him some time to assimilate all of their languages; he further noted -- as he spoke telepathically so they could understand him in their native Latverian, English, and Mandarin (presumably would have been Russian, too, but Huang had since cast Morkovkin into space), that all of the different languages were inconvenient and that they should take steps to remedy the situation.

    Noting that preparing for the arrival of the Y'Lestja was his concern and that he had taken control of the space platform, Radian then communicated with Kaz, who spoke and understood his language. Furious about her vessel being usurped, Feng Huang considered that she had wanted to have Radian himself reveal his nature, she would settle about learning from a detailed autopsy; however, as she fired on Radian, Doom blasted her weapon and caused her blast to go wild, striking Kaz instead.

    Radian then announced the arrival of the Y'Lestja, whose energy-collective form approached the space platform.

(Doom 2099 I#18) - After explaining that a manifestation of the Y'Lestja's collective conscious was what they were seeing, rather than a ship, Radian clarified that he was not actually one of the Y'Lestja, but rather a servant of the collective, given physical form to interface with Earth's sentient bipeds. When Huang ordered her troops to assault Radian, Doom advised her that this would accomplish nothing and that she should wait for Radian to make the next move. 

    Having been lying inert on the ground since receiving the stray blast, Kaz began glowing with energy and levitated into the air, and Radian noted that the Ceremony of Communion was beginning. Radian further clarified that the Collective understood humanity's capacity for self-destruction, but that they also recognized mankind's potential to transcend the cancers that plagued their spirits.

    The life force of the collective began to surround the Chin Shan platform, and those within felt something soothing and warm wash over them. 

radian-ylestja-928-2099ad-alien-doom18-blasted    Respectfully reporting the completion of his duties, Radian returned to the Y'Lestja the power allocated for his task. The Y'Lestja noted their gratitude, as he had served them well, and they rewarded him with freedom, and they told him to follow his own destiny. Noting that they would meet again at the Hour of Ascension, the Y'Lestja bade Radian and the others farewell and rapidly departed.

(Doom 2099 I#18 - BTS) - As the others noted how they could barely comprehend/recall the things that seemed so clear during the communion, like an amazing dream, Radian advised them that they were shown many things and that they should remember what they could. Doom asked what Radian would do now that the Collective had left him to his own devices, but Feng Huang interrupted, noting that he could rot along with "that blasted collective," which had offered her nothing, and she considered the communion to have been worthless.

 radian-ylestja-928-2099ad-alien-doom18-energy   Radian advised Feng Huang that if she chose to ignore what the Y'Lestja had shown her, she was discarding diamonds in the sand; but, regardless, she should know that was not unchanged by the communion: She had been touched by the Y'Lestja, and their mark would soon be apparent. Doom questioned what Radian meant, but Radian advised that they would find out in due time, but that it was time he departed to find a place to consider his future path. However, with Radian having relinquished control of the Chin Shan platform, Feng Huang used her base's weapons to blast and seemingly slay Radian. She then activated the station's self destruct sequence and departed. 

(unpublished story (fb)) - As a being of light, Radian was not slain by Feng Huang's assault. 

(Doom 2099 I#18 - BTS) - Accessing the platform's blueprints, Doom sent Kaz, Fortune, Lin Fong, and Poet on an escape pod. As Feng Huang tried to salvage Radian's armor, which her weapons had spared, Doom confronted her. Unharmed by her attempting to kill him, Doom vowed that the armor was his. 

    Just before the Chin Shan platform detonated, yellow energy spiraled around the escape pod before departing for space, and Fortune speculated that this was Radian, as energy could not be destroyed, only redistributed.

radian-ylestja-928-2099ad-alien-unpublished-full(unpublished story (fb)) - Deep in space, Radian reconstituted his energies into his humanoid form again.

(unpublished story) - Unarmored, Radian returned to Earth in the mountains of Tibet. A poor family struggling in the cold recognized his power, considering that he must be a very great lama. Hearing of their plight, Radian gifted them with a glowing sphere that granted them light and warmth. A young woman in the family considered that the lamasery was in the valley rather than the mountains and that the being they saw was not a priest, but rather an angel.

    Radian continued on to a second Y'Lestja sphere, identical to the first, from which he cleared the snow and stone from it before entering the sphere, which he considered his sanctum. There he planned to wait for further alien contact.

(Doom 2099 I#44 (fb) - BTS) - All present on the space platform where changed by the experience. Fortune's prescient abilities were expanded, while Kaz was given purpose and light. 

(Doom 2099 I#44 (fb) - BTS) - Although Doom salvaged Radian's armor, he lost it when he crashed in the Savage Land. The armor then found Kaz; at first he thought he was hallucinating, but he slowly came to understand the nature of his gift. 

(unpublished story - BTS) - Darkhaze of Hellrock, along with his daughter, Calyx, encountered the same family Radian had gifted with the light/heat sphere. Although the family offered to take them in, Darkhaze demanded the sphere and slaughtered at least some of the family as he took it.

(unpublished story) - After a long wait for alien contact, a race of light beings apparently from a sister planet (apparently in relationship to Radian's planet), invited Radian to make a new home on their world, beyond the Milky Way galaxy. There he would add a new dimension to their spectrum of light, give their world dimension, and share the knowledge he had waited centuries to collect. 

    Radian's meeting was interrupted by the arrival of Darkhaze and Calyx, the former having tracked Radian's energy to the sphere (or dome, as it appeared above the ground) and seeking to claim whatever weapons it might hold.

    After Darkhaze answered Radian's query of his identity and threatened Radian, Radian noted his alliance with Doom, although Darkhaze was unimpressed. 

    The alien light beings benevolently offered transport of Radian, Darkhaze, and Calyx to their world, noting that with the help of the Y'Lestja, they might restore Radian's lost race on his former home. However, as the aliens formed a light being to transport the trio to the ship that would bring them to their world, Darkhaze sensed that the light beam was not strong enough to transport all three of them. Darkhaze knocked Calyx out of the beam to her apparent death, and when he tried to grab Radian to sustain his own transport, an energy backlash cast Darkhaze back out of the beam as well.

(Doom 2099 I#44 - BTS) - As the Phalanx invaded Earth, Kaz told Fortune that the experience with the Y'Lestja had changed them all. He then summoned the Radian armor and flew to Doom, aiding him against the Phalanx.

Comments: Created by John Frances Moore, Pat Broderick, and John Nyberg.

    You can access the unpublished Radian story here. It was presumably meant for a 2099 Unlimited story that never saw print.

    Technically speaking, an eon is a billion years. "Eons" is commonly used to refer to a very long time, so a reference to something having happened eons ago does not necessarily mean it happened a billion years ago.

    The alien beings in the unpublished story referred to themselves as being from a "sister planet" (which I took as meaning in relationship to Radian's race's homeworld), and to their world as being beyond the Milky Way galaxy. If my ASSumption is correct, than that would mean Radian's world is not in the Milky Way galaxy, either.

    I'm unclear when Radian first came to Earth. 

    This profile was completed 04/23/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Snood.

Radian should be distinguished from:

other Y'Lestja sphere


     Another Y'Lestja sphere existed in the Tibetan Himalayan mountains, identical to the first. After returning to Earth, Radian located, unearthed, and occupied this sphere as his sanctum. From this base, Radian sought and eventually received contact with the unidentified extraterrestrial light-beings. Alongside his daughter, Calyx, Darkhaze tracked Radian to the sphere and sought transport to the light-beings' world along with Radian, but Darkhaze and Calyx ultimately fell outside the light transport and apparently perished.

--unpublished Radian story

images: (without ads)
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            panel 3 (Doom blasting Radian);
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            panel 5 (eyes);
    #18, pg. 16, panel 2 (blasted);
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unpublished Radian story, pg. 2 (unarmored);
    pg. 4, panel 1-2 (forming heat/light sphere);
    pg. 8, panel 3 (Y'Lestja sphere);
    pg. 9, panel 1 (Y'Lestja sphere, interior);

Doom 2099 I#15 (March, 1994) - John Frances Moore (writer), Pat Broderick (penciler), John Nyberg (inker), Joey Cavalieri (editor)

Doom 2099 I#17 (May, 1994) - John Frances Moore (plot), Peter David (script), Pat Broderick (penciler), John Nyberg (inker), Joey Cavalieri (editor)
Doom 2099 I#18 (June, 1994) - John Frances Moore (writer), Pat Broderick (penciler), John Nyberg (inker), Joey Cavalieri (editor)
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John Frances Moore (writer), Jeff Lafferty (penciler), Vince Russell, Joe Rubinstein, Andrew Pepoy, Daniel Panosian (inkers), Suzanne Gaffney (editor)
unpublished Radian story - Terry Kavanaugh (writer), Alcatena (artist),
Joey Cavalieri (editor)

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