Classification: Extraterrestrial gaseous lifeforms

Location/Base of Operations: Unox Major

Known Members: Gasbag (Qgaxbq-4)

Affiliations: None

Enemies: None

First Appearance: Rocket I#3 (September, 2017)

Powers/Abilities: As a gaseous lifeform, Unoxxians can dissipate into the air and pass through openings of any size. In the Unoxxians' gaseous forms, green in color has been seen and it was unrevealed if other Unoxxians were different in color.  They can also vocalize in their dispersed forms.

Traits: Unoxxians also each enjoyed dispersing themselves through the air but were painfully adverse to pure oxygen, exposure to which could be used as a punishment.

Type: Amorphous gaseous lifeforms
Eyes: None
Fingers: None
Toes: None
Skin color: Inapplicable
Average height: Inapplicable

(Rocket I#3 (fb) - BTS) - The Unoxxians were a gaseous lifeform from Unox Major. In their natural state, they appeared as gas clouds of yellow-greenish color. They enjoyed dispersing into the surrounding air but pure oxygen was highly unpleasant to them. The Unoxxians could be restricted in their freedom by being sealed inside airtight suits, which they could operate to interact with their surroundings. One Unoxxian who ventured off-world was Qgaxbq-4, a criminal who was captured and imprisoned at SekuriMax UltraPen 8000 prison, where he earned the nickname "Gasbag" due to the suit he was forced to wear.

(Rocket I#3 (fb)) - Gasbag was given a new cellmate, Rocket Raccoon, who used Qgaxbq-4 as part of his escape plan. During the mandatory work shift, Rocket used his electro-stylus to puncture a hole in Gasbag's suit. He then stuffed the stylus inside the suit and started a fight with Gasbag, which earned Gasbag a shot of pure oxygen and put both him and Rocket into the Hole, the prison's punishment room. There, Rocket retrieved the stylus and used it to unlock the shock implants on himself and other prisoners there. Gasbag used this opportunity to dissipate into the air and Rocket took his suit, with an oxygen dose still inside, for himself in order to escape through the airlock.

Comments: Created by Al Ewing and Adam Gorham.

Profile by HBK123.

Unoxxians have no known connections to:


Qgaxbq-4 was an Unoxxian criminal who was put into SekuriMax UltraPen 8000 prison, where he was called "Gasbag." His cellmate Rocket Raccoon used him in his escape plan. Gasbag himself was left behind but Rocket noted that Qgaxbq-4 was already at the worst part of the prison and could not be punished further.

--Rocket I#3 (fb)

images: (without ads)
Rocket I#3, p14, pan1 (An Unoxxian's natural form)
Rocket I#3, p11, pan1 (An Unoxxian wearing an airtight suit)
Rocket I#3, p10, pan1 (Gasbag)

Rocket I#3 (September, 2017) - Al Ewing (writer), Adam Gorham (art), Jordan D. White (editor)

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