Official Name: The planet Cyllandra

Continent: Cyllandra was an entire planet.

Population: Unrevealed

Capital City: Unrevealed

Government: Empire

Major Languages: Kree

Monetary Unit: Unrevealed

Major Resources: Knowledge in the form of Kree archives

National Defense: Presumably Kree soldiers

International Relations: Cyllandra's Sallen Bei sent a Record-Sphere off-planet into space in hopes of finding other Kree lifeforms to pass data to.

Extraterrestrial Relations: Cyllandra maintained communication with other planets in the Kree Empire.

Places of Interest: Unrevealed

Domestic Super Humans: Unrevealed

Non-Human Population: Cyllandra was home to an unspecified amount of alien Kree librarians as well as the Kree Keeper of History Sallen Bei and his wife Riah.

Prominent Citizens: Sallen Bei

Superhuman Residents: Unrevealed

Domestic Crime: Unrevealed

International Crime: During the Kree-Shi'ar conflict known as Operation: Galactic Storm, Cyllandra was destroyed by a Nega-Bomb utilized by the alien Skrulls. As part of the Kree Empire during that conflict, the planet Cyllandra considered Earth's Avengers and the alien Shi'ar as its enemies.

First Appearance: (Mentioned): Avengers Strikefile#1 (January, 1994)

History: (Avengers Strikefile#1 (fb) - BTS) - Cyllandra was added into the alien Kree Empire by the Supreme Intelligence and soon became known as the only planet in the entire Kree Empire that was dedicated to the maintenance of the history of the Kree people. At some point in his final hours of the Kree-Shi'ar conflict known as Operation: Galactic Storm, Cyllandran Keeper of Memory Sallen Bei discovered the History of the Kree Empire, the final report of a Kree soldier named Karr-Oll, and decided to send a Record-Sphere out into the far reaches of space in hopes of finding potential Kree lifeforms to pass the History of Kree Empire on to. Recording a hologram of himself explaining what was in the Record-Sphere, Sallen Bei related the History of the Kree Empire for whomever the Record-Sphere might potentially reach moments before a Nega-Bomb devastated Cyllandra and many other Kree worlds. As Cyllandra was destroyed, Sallen Bei attempted to flee with other Kree agents but the Bomb's destruction eventually caught up to Sallen Bei's ship despite it maxing out its warp capabilities and Sallen Bei was able to send the Cyllandran Record-Sphere out into space before his ship was destroyed and he along with it.

(Avengers Strikefile#1 - BTS) - When the Cyllandran Record-Sphere landed in the Blue Area of Earth's moon, where the Kree Lunatic Legion were based, the Legion retrieved what they thought was a probe and determined it to be a Record-Sphere from Cyllandra. Recognizing Cyllandra as a Kree planet dedicated to archiving Kree history, Talla Ron agreed with Kona Lor about the nature of the Cyllandran probe. Upon hearing about Cyllandra, Dylon Cir remarked on how a planet of librarians sounded like a pathetic existence. The Lunatic Legion's superior officer, Galen Kor, quickly reminded Dylon-Cir that if the Kree Supreme Intelligence felt the need to have the archive planet of Cyllandra within the Empire, the Legion were no one to judge the Intelligence's actions. As the Record-Sphere began its playback, the hologram of Sallen Bei appeared and revealed to the Lunatic Legion that the Record-Sphere contained the History of the Kree Empire and the hologram began recounting Karr-Oll's reports, with Sallen Bei's hologram adding that if the Kree had never deposited a Kree Sentry on Earth. Following Sallen Bei's recounting of not only the destruction of the Kree Empire but Cyllandra and his family's deaths, the Lunatic Legion strengthened their resolve and motivation for revenge against the Avengers for the Kree Empire's destruction.

Comments: Created by Bob Harras, Jeff Moore and Mike Sellers.

Cyllandra was never actually seen, only mentioned.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Cyllandra has no known connections to:

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Avengers Strikefile#1 (January, 1994) - Bob Harras (writer), Jeff Moore (pencils), Mike Sellers (inks), Richard Ashford (editor)

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