Real Name:  Kray-Tor

Identity/Class:  Extra-terrestrial (Judan), possibly mutate.

Occupation:  Currently member of the Soul Gem Community, formerly Judge of the Universal Church of Truth (UCT),

Affiliations: Currently Soul Gem community, formerly UCT

Enemies: Currently none, formerly Adam Warlock and other "heretics"

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: The Grand Inquisitor, Brother Kray-Tor

Base of Operations:  Currently Soul Gem, formerly courtroom on Sirus X (Homeworld).

First Appearance:  Strange Tales I#180 (June 1975)


Powers:  Like all Judans, Kray-Tor continually generated anti-gravitons from his brain to support his massive weight.  He displayed the power to fire a beam of energy that caused Adam Warlock to sink within the floor.  He also glowed with energy when he prepared to execute Warlock.  The full extent of his powers is unknown.  It is unknown whether all Judans have these powers, or if they were unique to him. 



History: Nothing is known of Kray-Tor's life before he became a Judge in the UCT's court system.  He was, however, a true believer in the Church's mission, and not merely a hypocrite. 

(Strange Tales I#180)  After failing to terrorize information from the Matriarch, Adam Warlock was dropped into a dark pit.  When the lights came on, he found himself in a courtroom with the "honorable" Judge Kray-Tor presiding.  The trial proved to be rigged however: Warlock's defense attorney did not even have a mouth.  Warlock finally tired of the coerced witnesses and false accusations and began busting up the courtroom and everybody in it.  Finally he was left alone with Kray-Tor.  The Judge blasted the floor with an energy beam that caused Adam to sink, and not even Warlock's soul gem could reverse the pull.  Kray-Tor pronounced the death sentence and began to glow with energy.  Warlock decided to remove the kid gloves, claiming to see that Kray-Tor was truly evil, and willingly used the gem to steal Kray-Tor's soul.  However, in the rush of memories that Warlock absorbed, he saw that Kray-Tor truly believed that he was doing what was right.  Furthermore, Warlock saw that he proved himself to be a villain by willingly stealing a soul.

(Avengers Annual#7, Marvel Two-In-One Annual#2)  Kray-Tor was part of the hospitality committee that welcomed Warlock into soul world. He was seen in the background as Adam began to realize and appreciate the peace within Soul World. 











(Silver Surfer III#46, 48)  Kray-Tor was present when the Silver Surfer and Drax the Destroyer entered the Soul World to convince Adam Warlock to return to the Earth Dimension to oppose Thanos. He happily welcomed them to the Soul World, although he did end up serving as a punching bag for Drax until the others calmed him.

(Infinity War#6)  Autolycus was present when the Magus was sent to Soul World. The Magus sought to create an army from the inhabitants of Soul World, but found that since he was only an aspect of a soul, he had no substance in the Soul World. In fact, Autolycus and Kray-Torr walked right through him without ever knowing he was there.

(Warlock and the Infinity Watch#33) The villain Count Abyss took the Soul Gem from Adam Warlock, and used his powers to terrorize the natives of Soul World, sending their reality into a maelstrom of chaos. Ultimately, Adam Warlock was able to access the Soul Gem, and used Kray-Tor to subject the evil Abyss to the soul of a virtuous man. Not only did Kray-Tor's soul cause Abyss agony, but it also made him unrecognizable to the Zalkor, the source of his powers. Before Abyss could expel Kray-Tor's soul, Warlock found, attacked, and defeated him. Kray-Tor was returned to Soul World, but he was tormented by his own exposure to the evil of Abyss. He fled from the company of the rest of the Soul Gem community, cursing the comfort they offered him.

(W+IW#37)-Kray-Tor's agony continued, and began to spread to the rest of Soul World, like a virus.

Comments:  Created by Jim Starlin.  

I've always liked Kray-Tor's look.  He's one of the most visually interesting characters Starlin's created.  I'd like to see more Judans in order to flesh out the full extent of their powers. 

I don't remember seeing any resolution to Kray-Tor's torment.--Snood

Profile by Chuck D and Snood.

Clarifications: Kray-Tor, the Grand Inquisitor, has no known connections to:
The Grand Inquisitor of Jarella's World (planet of the city of K'Ai), Risuli, @ Incredible Hulk II#351

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