Real Name: Risuli

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Microverse) extraterrestrial (K'ai)

Occupation: Dictator and religious leader 

Group Membership: Leader of self-styled Holy Order

Affiliations: His soldiers, his Holy Order of Sisters

Enemies: Bohb, Booly, Gorsham, Hulk (Bruce Banner), Marclark, Whully

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Grand Inquisitor

Base of Operations: His citadel in a city (name unrevealed) on K'ai

First Appearance: Incredible Hulk II#351 (January, 1989)

Powers/Abilities: The Grand Inquisitor did not display any superhuman abilities, but commanded a large army of soldiers. He was also believed by his subjects to be a messenger from their god, thereby inspiring religious devotion. He could project energy through his staffs, although this appears to have been a property of the staffs rather than an innate ability.

Height: 5'10 (estimated, compared to the 6'6 Grey Hulk)
Weight: 185 lbs (estimated)
Eyes: Unrevealed (he wore a visor and was otherwise only pictured with eyes closed)
Hair: Black/Grey

History: (Incredible Hulk II#351 (fb) - BTS) - After the Hulk's many adventures on the subatomic, extradimensional world of K'ai (see comments), his deeds became legendary, and the people of K'ai began worshipping the Hulk as a god. Different sects arose, all claiming to know the Hulk's divine truth. Religious warfare broke out across the world, killing thousands. Over time, several factions gained power and fell. Eventually, Risuli formed a holy order of sisters to worship the goddess Jarella and styled himself the Grand Inquisitor. The Grand Inquisitor's sect gained dominance over his part of the world, and ruled with an iron fist, enforcing "the Hulk's" law, and torturing and executing any "blasphemers" who challenged his sole standing as the Hulk's true prophet.

(Incredible Hulk II#351) - Three sorcerors living within the Grand Inquisitor's territory, Gorsham, Whully, and Booly, used their magic to transport the Hulk to K'ai in hopes that the Hulk would overthrow the Grand Inquisitor, allowing them to rule K'ai in his stead. After arriving on K'ai, the Hulk saw a young woman named Marclark, one of the sisters of the Grand Inquisitor's order, being chased by warthos (a large beast resembling a giant warthog), and rescued her by slaying the creature. Afterward, Marclark told the people in the town square how the Hulk had appeared and rescued her. The Grand Inquisitor's men arrived and arrested Marclark for blasphemy, causing some unrest in the crowd as some openly questioned the Grand Inquisitor's claims to be the only one who could hear the Hulk's words. The Grand Inquisitor oversaw Marclark being tortured until she was prepared to make a "confession" that she had not seen the Hulk, but rather an evil "anti-Hulk." The Grand Inquisitor heard Marclark's confession shortly before she apparently expired.

(Incredible Hulk II#352) - The Grand Inquisitor addressed his subjects, warning them of the "anti-Hulk" in their midst and instructing them to find and destroy him. Shortly thereafter, the Hulk, along with Gorsham, Whully, and Booly, arrived and publicly challenged the Grand Inquisitor and his soldiers. The Hulk proceeded to soundly thrash the Grand Inquisitor's forces in town after town, rallying more and more people to his side as he went. Meanwhile, the Grand Inquisitor's forces captured a band of dissidents, including Bohb and Marclark (who had survived the Inquisitor's earlier torture) and brought them to the Grand Inquisitor's dungeon. The Grand Inquisitor personally executed Bohb.

Moments later, the Hulk arrived at the Grand Inquisitor's citadel and challenged him personally. The Hulk quickly and easily defeated the Grand Inquisitor, and turned him over to the people he had mistreated. The Grand Inquisitor's former subjects had him tortured for ten hours. Shortly before dying of his wounds, the Grand Inquisitor acknowledged the Hulk and asked for (and received) the Hulk's blessing.

Comments: Created by Peter David, Jeff Purves, and Bob Wiacek.

The Hulk made his first visit to the sub-atomic world of K'ai in Incredible Hulk II#140 (June, 1971) and had periodic adventures there in several delightful 1970s adventures, wooing the princess Jarella in the process. At the time of this story, the Hulk had not been to K'ai in some time, since (if I recall correctly) Incredible Hulk II#248 (June, 1980).

Profile by Stunner.

The Grand Inquisitor has no known connection to:

images: (without ads)
Incredible Hulk II#351, p20, pan1 (main)
Incredible Hulk II#352, p15, pan4 (holding spear)
Incredible Hulk II#352, p20, pan4 (without visor)

Incredible Hulk II#351 (January, 1989) - Peter David (writer), Jeff Purves (penciller), Bob Wiacek (inker), Bobbie Chase (editor)
Incredible Hulk II#352 (February, 1989) - Peter David (writer), Jeff Purves (penciller), Terry Austin (inker), Bobbie Chase (editor)

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