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SANDY from Pryd'ri

Real Name: Sandy Hölm (see comments)

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Reality-791) extraterrestrial (Pryd'rian) "Human" (see comments)

Occupation: Consort/wife to the Imperial heir, mother
   (before motherhood) Pathfinder, warrior
   (originally) "Best thief on Pryd'ri"

Group Membership: Imperial Pathfinders

Affiliations: Emperor Jason of Sparta, Star-Lord

Enemies: Arak (deceased), Ariguans, Arion (deceased), Dirac, Prince Gareth (deceased) of Sparta, Kyras Shakati (deceased) of Cinnibar, slavers (all except Dirac are deceased), Prince Gareth's household guard (especially the torturer Tikos)

Known Relatives: Kip Hölm (husband), Alain (son), Rhys (son), Robyn (daughter), Emperor Jason of Sparta (adoptive father-in-law)

Aliases: "Momma" (to her children)

Base of Operations: Sparta, the imperial throneworld (possibly located somewhere within the Milky Way galaxy)
   (birthplace) Pryd'ri (planet, now an uninhabitable dead husk)

First Appearance: Marvel Preview#11 (Summer/June, 1977)

Powers/Abilities: Sandy is a member of the Pryd'rian race, humanoid aliens whose external appearance is identical to that of Caucasian humans from Earth. The greatest known physical difference between a normal member of this race and a normal Terran human is that the Pryd'rians have much longer potential lifespans than Terrans. While the maximum age which has ever been attained by any of this race has not yet been revealed, it is known that Sandy resembled a Terran in her late thirties or early forties (measured in Earth years) at a time when she was almost 90 (Imperial/Sparta) years old. It is presumed that an average member of this race would possess the same physical abilities as those of a Terran human of her/his apparent age.

   Another way in which this alien race differs from Terran humans is that their females (like Sandy) can become pregnant and produce viable offspring even when they are about eighty Imperial years of age.

   Sandy had allegedly mastered numerous criminal skills by the time she was 17 years old. She called herself "the best thief on Pryd'ri" and, when the need arose, proved herself to be a capable and deadly warrior.

   As a "pathfinder extraordinaire" Sandy presumably possessed a high degree of whatever skills were needed for that profession. A talent for interstellar navigation would probably be crucial.

Height: 5' 6" (estimated, as a teenager; possibly a bit taller as an adult and/or a little shorter in her more senior years -- though she didn't show signs of aging)
Weight: 150 lbs (estimated, as a teenager; possibly a bit heavier as an adult and/or a little lighter (or heavier?) in her more senior years -- though she didn't show signs of aging)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red

(Marvel Preview#11 (fb) - BTS) - Sandy was a "human" who was apparently born on the planet Pryd'ri, a world known for its lawlessness.

(Marvel Preview#11 (fb) - BTS) - Sandy was "taught (her) trade [being a thief] from the day (she) was born." Part of her training included how to defend herself from knife-wielding attackers.
   Perhaps as part of her training, Sandy learned to recognize finger blasters, organic implants that "were all the rage on Pryd'ri."

(Marvel Preview#11 (fb) - BTS) - One day, when Sandy was 16 or 17 years old, Pryd'ri was attacked by slavers. Following their standard procedure, they killed everyone over 17 years of age and anyone who resisted, then herded the shocked survivors aboard their starship and into their slave-pens.

(Marvel Preview#11 (fb) - BTS) - Sandy used her abilities as a thief to find a way out of the slave pens and she discretely familiarized herself with the starship's slave decks.

(Marvel Preview#11 (fb) - BTS) - Eventually, the slavers attacked the planet Windhölme (their third target, after Pryd'ri and another world whose name has never been revealed) and wiped out most of its eight million people, leaving only a few thousand surviving children who were taken as slaves.

(Marvel Preview#11) - Once the slaver starship had lifted off from Windhölme and entered orbit, Sandy covertly exited the slave pen to see how the Scania would react. She watched from an air duct as one of them, Kip Hölm, tried to fight back against the slavers but was beaten down. When Kip was brought before the Slave-Master, Sandy took the opportunity to turn off the lights in that corridor and then use the darkness to free Kip from the slavers restraining him and pull him into the air ducts with her. Sandy then led Kip to one of the slave pens where, once he got a good look at her, he was surprised to see that she was a girl. Amused by his surprise, Sandy briefly teased him, asking if he "didn't like girls?" She then introduced herself and revealed that she'd rescued him because she'd seen his (unsuccessful) one-man stand. As Sandy mentioned that the ship would be flooded with knock-out gas when the slavers reached their base on Kandahar a tocsin began to sound, one that Sandy identified as their battle stations alarm, indicating that the ship must be under attack.
   Later, in the slave pen, Sandy and Kip witnessed part of the door being vaporized by what Sandy identified as a rifle blaster set on max. Looking out through the gap, Kip saw "some guy in a uniform" fighting the troopers single-handedly and winning. When Kip reported that one of the troopers had dropped his "hander" (hand-held energy pistol) outside their pen and reached for it, Sandy warned him that the door was still red-hot. Kip managed to retrieve the hander and then joined the fight by shooting a trooper.

(Marvel Preview#11 - BTS) - Sandy and Kip freed the occupants of at least one of the slave pens and those who were willing to fight joined them in looking for the butchers who has killed so many of their people.

(Marvel Preview#11) - In a corridor leading to the lifeboat bay, Kip confronted the fleeing command crew who were planning to eject in a lifeboat and then detonate the starship's auto-destruct charges to destroy all evidence of their crimes, including the slaves. When the captain mocked Kip's "gallant last stand" and ordered his crewman Tak to kill Kip, the other freed slaves emerged from hiding and closed in on the slavers. Despite having superior weapons, the outnumbered slavers found themselves in a brutal fight to the death which they soon lost. When a bloodied Kip observed that the slaves were tearing the slavers limb from limb and wondered why he wasn't feeling anything, Sandy told him not to waste his tears on those scum because they weren't worth it.
   Once all the slavers were dead, the slaves cheered their "VICTORY!" but then realized that they didn't know what to do next since none of them could crew a starship. Star-Lord then stepped forward and suggested that they make a home for themselves on Windhölme, which had been damaged but was still capable of supporting life, unlike the other worlds which the slavers had conquered (including Pryd'ri) which had all been reduced to dead husks. Star-Lord's offer to protect them from the slavers by scattering a field of defensive satellites throughout the system was mocked by a vengeful Kip who, with Sandy at his side, pointed out that the only way to really protect them was to find out whoever was behind the slavery ring and put them out of business. Ship suggested that the slaver's "passengers" should be off-loaded to the planet quickly and then they might try something to find the slaver's base.

(Marvel Preview#11 - BTS) - Over the next two days all of the former slaves were evacuated to Windhölme and settled in on the Western Isles.

(Marvel Preview#11) - As they entered the slaver's Auxiliary Control, Kip told Sandy that he was glad she had stayed, and she replied that someone had to keep him out of trouble, to which Star-Lord told her that if that was true, then she had her work cut out for her. Ship then suggested that Kip, as a Windrunner, might be able to use his psychic talent to find the slavers' base. Although initially reluctant, Kip entered a trance in which his consciousness was drawn to a world with a hundred moons, then to a palace floating above that planet, and finally to a fat man who was master there. As their minds touched, Kip was overwhelmed by the sheer evil in the other's mind and their contact was broken as Kip shouted, "NO!!" Sandy instantly knelt down beside Kip, who was shaking from his experience, and asked what he had seen. As Kip spoke of the sheer evil which he had contacted, Ship revealed that she had monitored Kip's trance and identified the fat man as Kyras Shakati, a merchant of great renown whose homeworld was Delta Corianus IV, a.k.a. Cinnibar.

(Marvel Preview#11 (fb) - BTS) - Aboard Ship, Star-Lord, Sandy and Kip traveled to Cinnibar. Once there, Ship entered a parking orbit around its starport station. Sandy and Kip both donned skinsuits, and then they and Star-Lord used a skimmer to descend to Shakati's anti-gravity palace, with Ship getting them through Cinnibar's planetary defenses undetected.

(Marvel Preview#11) - Accompanied by one of Ship's widgets, the trio boarded Shakati's palace and headed towards the computer center but as they approached it they were ambushed by three statues that were actually Melyan Constructs, fighting robots who were capable of almost instantaneously repairing any damage that they received. Sandy managed to arm herself with a sword taken from one of the Constructs but the unending battle eventually forced them into a cul-de-sac. Sandy found a sliding panel that seemed like a way out, but Kip was suspicious, feeling that the robots had herded them that way. Before they could escape, the floor opened up, dropping Sandy and Kip. Star-Lord flew down and caught them but the trap-door swung shut, leaving them in absolute darkness which was quickly replaced by a blinding light that overloaded their senses.

(Marvel Preview#11 (fb) - BTS) - The light was a manifestation of the Telempathic Crystal which Shakati was using to probe the minds of the intruders while also hijacking their senses so as to place them within an artificial reality of his choosing.

(Marvel Preview#11) - As the light faded, the trio regained their senses only to find themselves somewhere else. Kip was shocked to realize that they were all apparently on Windhölme, with his parents aboard their ship, The Sea Fang, even though they had been killed and the ship destroyed before Kip's eyes days earlier. As they tried to understand what was happening to them, the threesome witnessed a King Kraken erupt from the sea under a skiff off in the distance, crushing it in its jaws. Kip revealed that what they were experiencing was a hunt from a month earlier but this time, instead of leaving, the Kraken charged the ship, ramming it and knocking Star-Lord overboard. Stating that Star-Lord wouldn't have a chance against the Kraken, Kip told Sandy to get harpoons so they could kill the Kraken before it got them. Star-Lord managed to stab the kraken in an eye, causing the beast to go crazy, leap out of the water and smash the ship with its massive tail. Now left floating in the sea, Sandy called out to Kip who responded that he was still alive but probably not for long as the Kraken could still gobble both of them down without a second thought. Sandy and Kip then watched as Star-Lord surfaced. Seconds later, the Kraken attacked again and grabbed Sandy in its jaws. As Sandy begged Kip and Star-Lord to help her, Star-Lord raised his (empty) hand and fired (with nothing) at the sea-beast, causing it and the entire simulated world to disappear.
   As Sandy observed that they were "back" in Shakati's palace, Star-Lord explained that they had never left and had just been in an artificial reality created out of Kip's memories. Shakati ordered Arak to protect him, and Arak chose to start with Sandy, calling her "Pretty-Pretty" and telling her that his blade was eager to be fed. Totally unimpressed, Sandy told Arak that she had been the best thief on Pryd'ri and had been taught her trade from the day she was born, and as she spoke she simultaneously disarmed Arak with her right hand and snapped his neck with her left. Then, as Shakati approached Star-Lord, begging for his life and offering valuable information, Sandy threw Arak's knife at Shakati, impaling him in his chest and killing him instantly. When Star-Lord asked why she had killed someone who had information they needed, Sandy revealed that Shakati had had a finger blaster aimed at Star-Lord's heart and that if the merchant had come another step closer he would have cut Star-Lord in half, to which Star-Lord responded, "He would have tried."
   While Star-Lord scanned the computer banks, Sandy and Kip stepped outside to a balcony where Kip told her that he'd like to help. Sandy replied, "You can't, sport. You don't know me at all. Or my life. Christos, a rube like you wouldn't last ten seconds where I grew up. We're nothing alike, you and I." Kip persisted, saying, "I'm human, Sandy. Just like you. I've lived. I've lost. I've fought. I've killed. I've hated. I love. You. The details don't matter." Sandy agreed and the two shared a kiss which was interrupted by near-miss blaster fire from Arion, Arak's twin brother. Joining up with Star-Lord, the trio headed for their skimmer, but Ship warned them that the skimmer had been booby-trapped and also that the palace's anti-grav generators were going to explode in less than two minutes. Just barely in time, Ship arrived at the palace and sucked the trio inside her just a moment before the generators exploded in a multi-megaton fusion explosion which our heroes witnessed from its center. Then Star-Lord revealed that he had learned that the profits made off the stripped worlds were being used to finance a coup d'état that planned to replace the reigning emperor (Jason) with his uncle, Prince Gareth.

(Marvel Preview#11) - As Ship and her passengers approached Sparta, the Imperial Homeworld, they were attacked by an Imperial hunter-killer group and Ship soon suffered a direct hit that caused Star-Lord, to whom she was linked in an empathic rapport, to scream in pain. Star-Lord stated that he thought that Ship had been mortally wounded and that it was time for Kip and Sandy to get out. Sandy refused, saying that they weren't leaving him and that they had come this far so they would stay 'til the end. Star-Lord countered by saying that it was the end and that the lifeboat would drop them on Sparta where, with luck, they might still be able to warn their emperor. Sandy replied, "To hell with him, it's you I -- Unnngnh" as Star-Lord stopped her arguments by knocking her out. Kip then got into the lifeboat with the unconscious Sandy and they blasted free while a dying Ship headed towards a crash landing on Sparta's continent of Thrace.
   Aboard the Imperial fleet, Prince Gareth ordered that the occupants of the lifeboat were to be taken alive for questioning and that the emperor was to be told that there were no survivors so that he would believe the incident was closed.

(Marvel Preview#11 (fb) - BTS) - Sandy and Kip were captured by Prince Gareth's household guard and secretly brought to Gareth's private wing of the Imperial Chalet on the continent of Marathon. Once there, they were both imprisoned in a "chamber of horrors" where the jailor, Tikos, began to "work on" the boy. Although Sandy wasn't touched, she was left hanging in chains alongside Kip, helpless, while he was being tortured.

(Marvel Preview#11) - After three days passed during which Kip refused to talk, Arion intervened, calling Tikos a "brute" and criticizing him for not having learned anything in those three days. After mentioning that the mind-ripper would tear Kip's secrets from him once it arrived from Kandahar, Arion stated that he would begin to break down the resistance of the prisoners with finesse, and that he would start with the girl. As he approached Sandy, Arion reminded the "Pretty-Pretty" that she had killed his twin on Cinnibar and said that he was grateful for the chance to repay her kind-for-kind. However, before Arion ever touched Sandy with his knife-glove, Star-Lord suddenly made his presence known. As Tikos attacked Star-Lord only to be taken down by a single punch, Arion unwittingly stepped back within reach of Kip, who wrapped his legs around Arion's neck, breaking it in an instant. Once Sandy and Kip were freed from their manacles, the trio left the torture chamber, unaware that Dirac had been watching from the shadows of an upper level. The trio didn't manage to get very far before they were intercepted by Prince Gareth who introduced himself and his companion, the Ariguan Sith-lord Rruothk'ar, and revealed that they were the trio's executioners. Realizing that he was the only one capable of fighting the two enemies, Star-Lord gave the data pack to Kip and told him to take it to the emperor while he handled the villains. As Star-Lord charged his foes, Kip and Sandy ran for it with Sandy remarking on the hate she had seen on Star-Lord's face which made her think that he'd met "Lizard-beak" (Rruothk'ar) somewhere before.

(Marvel Preview#11 (fb) - BTS) - Sandy and Kip managed to find the emperor and (presumably) were able to use the data pack's information to convince him to at least meet with Star-Lord.

(Marvel Preview#11) - Sandy and Kip brought the emperor to Sky Level 4, arriving just after Prince Gareth had fallen over the edge after being impaled by his own sword (thrown by Star-Lord). The emperor's arrival prevented the three troopers who had Star-Lord in custody from doing anything rash. As they approached, Kip called out that they had found the emperor. Looking at a man who looked like an older version of himself, Star-Lord pulled off his cowl and asked, "But...who are you?" And Emperor Jason replied, "Peter Jason Quill...I am your father."

(Marvel Preview#11 (fb) - BTS) - Once the information in Star-Lord's data pack was confirmed, the Imperial Guard moved against Gareth's mercenaries and the fleet took up positions along the truce line to prevent any Ariguan mischief. Within a few hours of Gareth's death, the conspiracy was smashed.

(Marvel Preview#11) - As Sandy and Kip (both in new, noble attire) entered the throneroom with Star-Lord and Emperor Jason, the emperor asked Sandy if something was bothering her. Sandy replied, "Huh? Oh...ah...No, majesty, it...oh, Hellsteeth, YES! I feel like a mark in this outfit. Gi' me a tunic an' pants an' some pockets to pick, then I'll be happy." Jason replied that he knew how she felt and revealed that in his youth he had hated court life so much that he had fled to deep space to pursue his heart's desire to explore. The emperor then revealed how he had met Peter's mother, Meredith Quill of Earth, and how his trusted uncle Gareth had betrayed him. As Jason expressed how glad he was that his supposedly-dead son had been returned to him, Peter stated that, as Star-Lord, he had the universe and didn't need to be shackled to a throne. Peter then suggested that if Jason wanted a son and heir he should adopt Kip because he would make the kind of son that Peter could never be, so long as Sandy was around to keep his head on straight. Then, as Star-Lord flew away, Jason stated that he'd give all he had to be going with him, and Kip added, "So would we." Sandy was unusually silent during this farewell but shed a tear as she watched Star-Lord fly off.

(Starlord, The Special Edition#1 (fb) - BTS) - Emperor Jason adopted Kip as his son and heir.

   Sandy took advantage of the new opportunities that were now available to her to become a "pathfinder extraordinaire" who discovered new worlds beyond the rim. She also demonstrated skills that caused Emperor Jason to assess her as being "as deadly a warrior as (he had) ever seen."

   Twenty years after Sandy and Kip first met Jason, the Empire entered a state of peace which would last for (at least) the next fifty years.

   At some point, Kip Hölm and Sandy were married. Whether or not Sandy, as independent as she was, then adopted her husband's surname as her married name has not been revealed.

   When Sandy and Kip were both about eighty years old, they decided to have children together. Within the space of a few years, Sandy gave birth to three children, two sons (Alain and Rhys) and one daughter (Robyn).

   At some point following an abortive attempt to bring Peter back, Kip encountered Ship who told him how "Star-Lord and Ship roamed from one end of the galaxy to the other -- and beyond -- always searching, never at peace, Peter driven by his insatiable curiosity, Ship by her love for him." Kip did not tell Jason about this encounter until some time later (but he may have told Sandy).

   Throughout the hundredth year of Emperor Jason's reign (about seventy years after Sandy and Kip and Jason all first met) the people of the empire observed the occasion with festivities as their way of thanking their monarch for all he had given them - unparalleled prosperity and a half-century of peace.

(Starlord, The Special Edition#1) - On the last night of the celebration, Jubilee Night, Kip approached Emperor Jason as he stood on an upper balcony of the imperial palace and asked him what was wrong. Kip explained that, during the last days of the jubilee, he and Sandy had noticed that Jason seemed to have been gripped by some dark mood. As a psi-sensitive, Kip had sensed that Jason seemed to be looking for something -- someone -- and not finding it, and he had concluded that Jason was seeking his true son, Star-Lord. Jason stated that Kip and Sandy were all the children a father could hope for and that they were the children of his heart as Peter was the son of his body but that, while he loved them all, he had lately realized that he missed Peter. Kip agreed that he missed Peter as well but before they could talk further they were set upon by three terrors, Kip and Sandy's children, who tackled them to the floor. Sandy then arrived, and Kip asked his darling wife for help, but Jason stated that he knew when he was beaten and surrendered. When Kip asked why they weren't in bed, Rhys protested that it was Jubilee Night. Seconds later, each of the children asked to be told a story, and Kip offered to tell them a very special story to mark that very special night. It was the story of how their mother and grandfather and he first met, and of the man who had brought them together, a man whose name was Peter Jason Quill but to them -- and the wide, wonderful universe -- he was known as Star-Lord.
   Kip told his children about the slavers and their attack on his home planet, Windhölme, how he met Sandy and then Star-Lord, about what happened on Cinnibar, about their voyage to Sparta and how he and Sandy and Peter first met Emperor Jason and saved him from his uncle Gareth's planned take-over. As Kip was telling Jason about how he had encountered Ship following an abortive attempt to bring Peter back, Sandy told Kip and Jason to hush because the children had fallen asleep in Jason's bed. As Kip complained, "So much for my vaunted skill as a balladeer," Sandy reassured him that "anyone with the ability to quiet this brood is worth his weight in matrix crystals." Sandy stated that she would go scrounge a grav-plate to help them carry the children back to their apartments, but Jason said that wouldn't be necessary as he planned to sleep on the roof. Sandy and Kip were both shocked when Jason then revealed that he planned to announce his abdication at the next day's Council meeting. Kip was unable to talk Jason out of his decision, and the emperor assured Kip that the empire was his and that he had earned it.
   Later that evening, Sandy and Kip were asleep in their apartments when they were awakened by a loud BOOM! Reaching the roof in seconds with weapons in hand, they found Jason gone and spotted the ship that took him boosting out of the atmosphere. Sandy said that she would alert Port Control but then Kip noticed two items on Jason's pillow: the Imperial Seal Ring and Star-Lord's helmet. Realizing that Jason had left with his son, Sandy asked, "D'you think we'll see them again, Kip?" and her husband replied, "Who can say? I found my heart's desire the day I met you." Sandy agreed, "As did I." Kip then expressed his hope that Jason and Peter had finally found theirs. Speaking for himself and Sandy, Kip said, "Wherever you go, dear friends, whatever you do, we wish you well."

Comments: Created by Chris Claremont, John Byrne and Terry Austin.

   The Height and Weight measurements listed above are only estimates, and are derived from the fact that there are several images in which Sandy and Kip appear to be the same height so I used the estimated measurements that I used in my profile on Kip. Of course, they're really only guesses. Also, Sandy was a teenager when she first met Starlord so her measurements when she attained her full adult size are probably greater than what I've listed. Also, her pregnancies would probably have affected her measurements as well.


   When they were first written, the "classic" Star-Lord stories contained no direct connections to the "mainstream" Marvel Universe so readers were free to decide for themselves whether or not Star-Lord existed in that familiar reality.

   For over twenty years, this situation remain unchanged until the 2000 Inhumans miniseries seemingly revealed that Peter Quill's father, Jason of Spartax, DID exist within Reality-616 but that, since he was currently childless, his son (the Star-Lord-to-be) and his adventures were actually part of a possible future of Reality-616 and not part of its past.

   In 2004, things changed again when the short-lived Thanos series and and the subsequent Annihilation miniseries revealed that Peter Jason Quill, formerly known as Star-Lord, existed as an adult in the "present-day" MU, a contradiction that was never officially explained.

   Most recently, in early 2013, writer Brian Michael Bendis presented his "streamlined and updated" origin for the Star-Lord who existed in the "mainstream" MU. Since it was impossible to reconcile this new Bendisized origin with the "classic" origin, it was decided, officially, that these two origins had to actually relate to two different versions of Star-Lord. And since the current-day Star-Lord definitely exists in Reality-616, it was decided that the "classic" Star-Lord and his adventures (and allies) would be relegated to Reality-791.

   Now that is has been established that Sandy exists in an alternate timeline known as Reality-791, what can we determine about exactly when she lived? This is a more difficult questions since there are no Earth-dates provided for any of the events in her life. However, we can make some observations and use them to come to some conclusions:
1. The fact that Star-Lord became involved indicates that the slaver attack on Pryd'ri took place some time after February 9, 1990 A.D. because that was the date when Peter Jason Quill was transformed into the Starlord. Of course, it must have taken Quill some time (perhaps several years) to become as effective at being Star-Lord as he was in Marvel Preview#11, but 1990 will serve as a good starting point for our calculations.
2. Since the slavers routinely killed everyone on the planets which they targeted who were over the age of 17, it is reasonable to assume that Sandy must have been no more than 17 years old when she first met Kip and Star-Lord.
3. On Jubilee Night, Sandy's three children appeared to be about 7 years old.
4. That same night, Sandy herself stated that she had "waited eighty years to bear this trio."

   With these "facts" in hand we can make the following deductions:
1. On Jubilee Night, Sandy was (will be) about 87 years old.
2. If Sandy was 17 years old when the slavers destroyed Pryd'ri, then Jubilee Night was (will be) 70 years after she first met Kip and Star-Lord.
3. If we assume that Star-Lord first met Kip, Sandy and Jason no sooner than 1991, then Jubilee Night was (will be) held sometime during the year 2061 A.D.

   Of course, these calculations have a very high margin of error since there are two major variables which we cannot properly define. First, it has never been established how long Peter Quill operated as Star-Lord before he came into conflict with the slavers. For my calculations, I've assumed that he had at least 11 months of experience under his belt but realistically it could (and perhaps should) have been a much longer time. Second, the dating system used in the "Spartan" Empire is presumably based on a "standard year" which is the same length as a Sparta year, and given that there is no reason to assume that all inhabited planets have years that are exactly as long as an Earth year, 70 Sparta years could be significantly different than 70 Earth years. So my calculation that Jubilee Night will occur in the year 2061 could be off by years or even decades. Still, it's a start.

   Although it was established that Sandy was born and raised on the planet Pryd'ri, almost nothing has been revealed about her species. Now, I could go on (and on and on) about the fact that six of the seven main characters in Marvel Preview#11 are all apparently identical to Caucasian human beings from Earth. I could point out that the fact that Jason of Sparta was able to successfully produce a child with Meredith Quill from Earth STRONGLY suggests that "Spartans" and Terrans must be genetically related (or that a writer thought it would make a good story...--see my comments in Gareth's profile, as this kind of thing happens all the time, and it's as simple as a plot device--Snood), and the fact that Sandy could have children with Kip does the same for the Pryd'rians and the Scania (see above--Snood). I could even theorize that the best possible explanation for this astonishing similarity would be that these supposedly-different species must actually be related through some common ancestor, some progenitor race who colonized numerous planets. If that were the case, then it could well be that one group, the ones who settled Sparta, established an interstellar empire while other groups, like the Scania and Sandy's ancestors, went their own ways. Unfortunately, that would all be mere speculation, with no in-story evidence to support this theory, so I'm not going to waste my time (and yours) by propounding something that can be neither proved nor disproved. Instead, I'm just going to point out that the fact that Kip was able to have children with Sandy, a woman who was apparently not a member of the Scania, could indicate that the Scania are more of a tribe of a greater "Human" species and not actually meant to be considered as a separate species of human-type alien. Or it could mean that the "Spartans" possess reproductive technology that makes cross-breeding between different species possible. You decide.
--It's just not uncommon AT ALL in science fiction, or comic book stories...if it fits the story, cross-breeding is possible between species...if not, not--Snood.

   Although Sandy and Kip (and the Scania survivors) were all identical-to-Terrans human-types, Marvel Preview#11 showed that many of the other slaves were not. The slave pen where Sandy brought Kip was shown to contain slaves from at least 10 different species, and members of at least another 7 different alien races were involved in the slave rebellion. However, Sandy told Kip that the Scania were "the third batch pulled in so far" by the slavers and when Kip used his psychic talents to backtrack the slaver starship's course he watched "two other worlds -- Sandy's among them -- die under its guns." So where did they all come from? While it's possible that those other slaves were already aboard when the slavers began their final attacks or that they were obtained during the voyage via raids on other starships, it doesn't seem likely that slavers who were planning to wipe out nearly the entire populations of several worlds would reduce the room available in their slave pens for newly-captured slaves and thus diminish the profits they could make. Accordingly, the only reasonable explanation is that those many different alien slaves must have come from one or both of the two worlds which the slavers had attacked before Windhölme, Pryd'ri or the other world whose name was never revealed, suggesting that one or both of those planets had a multi-racial population. Given Pryd'ri's apparent lawlessness, it's not hard for me to imagine that that planet was, like Mos Eisley spaceport in the Star Wars universe, a "wretched hive of scum and villainy" where criminals from many races met to conduct their business...but that's just speculation on my part. Who knows? Maybe the third planet was a monastic world which pilgrims from many species would visit in search of spiritual enlightenment. Again, who knows? Only Chris Claremont.

   In my profile on Kip Hölm, I stated that when Kip mentioned that he hadn't felt a thing when he killed Arion, it was Sandy who told him that he would, "in time." However, in reviewing the relevant page, I noticed that the next person to speak, Prince Gareth, says, "I'm afraid your time's run out, Starlord." This would seem to suggest that Gareth was responding to a reference to "time" made by Star-Lord, not Sandy. Accordingly, I've removed that exchange from this profile.

Why I have a problem with extraterrestrials interbreeding

For the record, my concern about the fact that so many alien races are depicted as being identical to Humans from Earth is not directed at the various alien characters themselves. I fully understand that there are real-world reasons why comic books (and other media) tend to portray aliens as being so improbably human-like. Comic book artists are used to drawing the human form and so it is easier and quicker for them to create almost-human aliens instead of truly alien forms. Similarly, comic book writers want their readers to identify with the alien characters in their stories and it’s easier to get that desired response if the aliens look like humans instead of bipedal reptiles or giant insects or whatever. However, using aliens who are “too human” can create problems.
--I agree with these points completely. At the same time, I also appreciate that while there are ethnocentrisms going on, but one might argue, for the purpose of the story, that having the characters appear significantly different than human might be distracting from the story or point the writer is trying to make.

Writer Peter David has been quoted as saying, "A shared universe, like any fictional construct, hinges on suspension of disbelief. When continuity is tossed away, it tatters the construct. Undermines it."

This statement  speaks to the importance of “continuity” in any given story but it can also be applied to the “plausibility” of a story’s elements. If readers find part of a story to be too implausible, then their suspension of disbelief may be stretched too far, possibly past the breaking point, and that can ruin their enjoyment of the story. And exactly how plausible a story element seems can sometimes be inversely proportional to what it known about it in "reality." Consider the following examples. Faster-than-light travel is currently impossible for any human technology. As a result, I can read stories featuring various fictional methods of star travel and, since it is impossible for me to “know” which of them are “wrong” I am free to accept all of them as being possible. This allows my suspension of disbelief to stretch quite a ways.
--I certainly appreciate all of these points, and Peter David is one of my favorite writers. However, I apply science to comics in needed degrees. When someone writes a story in which they fail to understand an existing medical condition, such as diabetes, and HORRIBLY WRONGLY -- suggest that insulin is needed when someone's blood sugar is low -- I have a problem with that. I hope such writers realize that their misinformation could quite literally kill people.
    However, when I see Superman (or Hyperion, or Gladiator, or whoever) fly at hundred or thousands of miles an hour and snatch someone out of the air to save them from falling to death, my brain might react that the inertia involved between the heroes velocity and mass/density would have pulped the person he or she was trying to rescue...but then I appreciate that this is a comic book and it is silly to get that worked up about something. For all we know, the flying character has this inertia-dampening power that prevents injury in these issues. While I REALLY appreciate when a writer provides such an explanation, I can live without it most of the time.

    On the other hand, modern science currently knows a fair amount about the evolutionary process and how genetics work. So, if I read a story which features information which contradicts what is "known" (or. at least, what is believed to be known), then that diminishes how far I am willing to let my suspension of disbelief stretch. In this context, the current scientific consensus is that organisms which evolved on alien planets would be highly unlikely (to say the least) to be identical to any complex Earth creatures and even those which, due to convergent evolution, might resemble Earth species would still possesses genetic codes which would be incompatible with those of their earthly counterparts. It is for this reason that I find the idea of identical-to-Caucasian-Humans aliens who are able to interbreed with Terrans to be something that shreds any suspension of disbelief which I might have on this subject.
    --You want a possible explanation?
    Who is to say that almost every race outside of humanity does not practice parthenogenesis, and can reproduce asexually? Who is to say that alien females do so, but also adopt their partner's genotype and/or phenotype when they produce offspring following mating with a being from another species. Who is to say that the male extraterrestrials don't induce the same activity in human females?
    With more time and effort, I could probably produce a few more plausible explanations. But, I don't have the time or inclination. I would really appreciate if a writer said, "though their genetics differed, these two beings reproduced because X, Y, or Z." But, it is such a common phenomenon, that I just don't worry about it.
    And, if you need a scientific explanation of why sci-fi stuff happens in comics or other sci-fi series, then the answer is that almost none of it can happen, based on the information we understand at this point in time.

    However, one thing that can help strengthen one’s willingness to suspend their disbelief is a plausible explanation for why something which shouldn’t be possible actually is. Using the example above, if I were told that the various “races” of Identical-to-Caucasian-Humans were actually just different sub-groups of a single alien race, then I would have an easier time accepting their uncanny similarity to Earth Humans. And if I were told that these “aliens” were actually all descended from Humans who had long ago been abducted from Earth and taken to those other planets, then I would be very satisfied.

In short, whenever there’s a story element which strains the reader’s willingness to suspend their disbelief, any plausible explanation for it is better than “just because.”
        --See above...Snood

Profile by Donald Campbell.

Sandy Hölm has no known connections to

  • Sondra "Sandi" Brandenberg, a secretary for Deadpool and later Agency X who had an on-again/off-again relationship with Taskmaster and was once nearly killed by a Triad gang member--Taskmaster#1
  • Tina "Sandy" Sands, the landlady at the Colden House apartment complex where Jack Russell (a.k.a. Werewolf by Night) was briefly a tenant--Werewolf By Night I#11
  • Sandra "Sandy" Pierce, a young woman from a wealthy family who met Namor in 1936, became his girlfriend for a time and who left her family to stay with Namor when the Atlanteans were forced to flee their city off the coast of New York--Namor II#1
  • Sandra K of Earth-93060, an ultra criminal with pyrokinetic powers who was killed by Rafferty--Firearm#10
  • Sandra, a young woman who is a former girlfriend of Ollie Osnick (Steel Spider) -- mentioned in Thunderbolts II#113
  • Sandra, a woman who was Dr. Benning's assistant at Omega Flight headquarters--Marvel Comics Presents II#5/4
  • Sandy, a hairstylist who worked for a time for Mary Jane Watson-Parker--Amazing Spider-Man I#298
  • Sandy, a woman whose fincé was killed by Madman and who later befriended the Abomination--Incredible Hulk II#408
  • or any other "Sandy" or "Sandra" characters

Alain Hölm has no known connections to

  • Alain D'Bruges of the Hyborian Era, a former lover of Branwyn who helped rescue her from Vassilisa before sacrificing himself while stopping the Dark--Red Sonja III#8
  • or any other "Alain" or "Alan" characters

Rhys Hölm has no known connections to

  • Rhys, an Englishman (and photographer?) who was one of a band of mercenaries hired by the Sheik to be an agent of Abdul Alhazred during his attempted takeover of the island nation of Madripoor--Marvel Comics Presents#62
  • Mr. Rhys, a constable in Abergylid, Wales who promised Pixie that he would look into some disappearances--Free Comic Book Day 2008: X-Men#1
  • or any other "Rhys" characters

Robyn Hölm has no known connections to

  • Robin of Earth-74425, a Distinctly Costumed hero who teamed up with his friends Action Jackson, Batman and Superman to find and capture mysterious terrorists who had detonated an atomic bomb and were threatening to launch another bomb at New York City--L'Uomo Ragno I#105/Albi Super-Eroi I#28
  • Robin, a mutant metamorph who worked at a strip club that catered to mutants and normals--Uncanny X-Men#425
  • Robin, a reporter who did a story on the Church of Hala's food drive--Captain Marvel VII#3
  • Robin of "Earth-6871" who was an agent of Eagle/Red Skull--Captain America: The Great Gold Steal
  • Robin Hood (Robin of Locksley), an infamous outlaw of Sherwood Forest in 12th Century England--Incredible Hulk II#284 (who may have actually been an alias used by the Asgardian Fandral the Dashing [see Thunderstrike I#18/2])
  • "Robin of Locksley", one of the "great warriors of the past" whose guises were adopted by War-Yore (Eric Slaughter), an MI-6 agent who had been driven insane by an experimental brainwashing treatment meant to create "the perfect optimum-danger agent" who was used by MI-6 as an assassin whom they could safely disavow--Master of Kung Fu#54
  • The "Modern" Robin Hood (Joshua Blaine), a New York city attorney and medieval weapon historian who wore a Robin Hood costume while robbing the rich, who gave half of his loot to the poor (but only to make them sympathetic to him), and who was opposed and captured by Captain America (Jeff Mace) and Bucky (Fred Davis)--Captain America Comics#59/2
  • Robin Hood Raider of the Old West (Gance), a bartender who wore a mask and used a bow and arrows while stealing from others in order to give to the people of his town (Rat's Roost) until he was captured by Kid Colt--Kid Colt#139
  • or any other characters with the first name of "Robin" or the last name of "Robbins"


          Alain, Rhys, and Robyn










Alain (far left) is one of the two sons that Sandy had with Kip Hölm. He has golden hair which is unlike either of his parents.

Rhys (near left) is one of the two sons which Sandy had with Kip Hölm. He has the same blond hair as his father.

Robyn (right) is the only daughter of Sandy and Kip Hölm. She has the same red hair as her mother.



   Kip and Sandy's three children were all born after Sandy was eighty years old. They appeared to all be about seven years old, suggesting that they might be triplets (although the combination of one girl and two non-identical boys is not possible with human pregnancies on Earth, at least not without artificial manipulation). Despite their young age, the trio already had a reputation as "terrors" and anyone who could quiet them was greatly admired by Sandy.



(Starlord, the Special Edition#1) - On Jubilee Night, the last night of the year-long celebration of the hundred-year anniversary of the coronation of Emperor Jason of Sparta, the three children sneaked up on their father and grandfather as they talked and then pounced, swiftly bringing their prey to the floor. Almost instantly, their mother rushed in, demanding to know what her children were doing but they ignored her, with Rhys and Alain continuing to wrestle their father while Robyn remained on her grandfather's back, pinning him to the floor. Rhys announced that they were winning but Alain complained that it was "No fair" because Daddy was tickling him. Kip implored his wife to help them but Emperor Jason, while asking Robyn to not pull his hair, said that he knew when he was beaten and surrendered. Sandy admitted that she "would sooner face an Ariguan battle fleet than these three terrors" and Kip agreed, then asked if they weren't supposed to be in bed. Hearing this, Rhys protested that it was Jubilee Night and not fair and he pleaded with Grandfather to let them stay up. Rhys (or Robyn) asked the adults to tell them a story and Alain asked Grandfather for the story about how he and Father defeated the Ariguans. Robyn objected, saying that they had heard that one and asked Momma to tell them about the new worlds she had discovered beyond the rim. At that point, Kip offered to tell them a very special story to mark that very special night. It was the story of how their mother and grandfather and he first met, and of the man who had brought them together, a man whose name was Peter Jason Quill but to them -- and the wide, wonderful universe -- he was known as Star-Lord.


   Sometime later, as Kip was finishing his story and he and Jason were discussing where Kip had heard "that ending" to their story, Sandy told them to hush as the children were asleep in Jason's bed. Kip lamented the apparent loss of his "vaunted skill as a balladeer" but Sandy reassured him that anyone with the ability to quiet that brood was "worth his weight in matrix crystals." Sandy then prepared to go scrounge a grav-plate to help carry them the children back to their apartments but Jason said that that wouldn't be necessary and that they were all welcome to stay there because it was such a lovely night that he had planned to sleep on the roof. Jason then went on to say something important to Kip and Sandy but the children were already asleep so they missed it.


   All three children apparently remained asleep during the loud BOOM! that their parents later heard when Jason left with Peter aboard Ship.


--Starlord, The Special Edition#1

images: (without ads)
Starlord, The Special Edition#1, page 9, panel 5 (main image)
      page 14, panel 6 (head shot)
      page 28, panel 3 (killing Arak)
      page 29, panel 5 (with Kip)
      page 40, panel 7 (at Arion's mercy)
      page 3, panel 1 (as a concerned mother)
      page 3, panel 4 (Alain with Kip)
      page 3, panel 2 (Rhys)
      page 3, panel 3 (Robyn with Jason)
      page 3, panel 3 (all three asleep)

Marvel Preview#11 (Summer, 1977) - Chris Claremont (writer), John Byrne (penciler), Terry Austin (inker), John Warner (editor)
Starlord, The Special Edition#1 (February, 1982) [framing sequence] - Chris Claremont (writer), Michael Golden and Terry Austin (artists), Jim Salicrup (editor)

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