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Real Name: Mxxptrm

Identity/Class: Alternate Reality (Reality-5106) humanoid extraterrestrial (Martian)

Occupation: Space Squadron member, adventurer

Group Membership: Space Squadron, Grand Council;
   formerly VDBN

Affiliations: Pete Arnolds, Rusty Blake, Captain Jet Dixon, Commander Bennett "Blast" Revere, Dawn Revere (all Reality-5106)

Enemies: Barbados and his Armada of Death, Drago, Boz, Dr. Zane Emery, Fire Beings, Lizogators, Octopus-Men, Edgar Revere, Space Demons, Ud, Ura, Vulturos, rogue VDBNs (names unrevealed) (all Reality-5106)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Max

Base of Operations: Earth (Reality-5106);
   formerly Mars (Reality-5106)

First Appearance: Space Squadron#1/6 (June, 1951)

Powers/Abilities: Mxxptrm is a strong athletic fighter, trained in Martian military combat, including swords. 

    As a Martian, he has near superhuman durability with exposed skin, much of which is covered with matted hair, that counters extreme temperatures and gives him immunity to human-devised death rays and poisons; he also has superhuman strength and is able to easily smash through concrete. 

    He is a skilled space pilot and gunner. As a brutal VDBN Martian, Mxxptrm's instinctive nature is violence, but he has chosen the way of way of peace and helps Space Squadron protect Earth against alien threats and invasions, so he restrains his strength. However, he can be quick to anger when his comrades are threatened.

Height: 6'4"
Weight: 250 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black


(Space Squadron#1/6 (fb) - BTS) - In Reality-5106 in the year 2000, space rocket travel dramatically advanced human society and saw Earth at the center of a solar system-wide Federation of Planets protected by the Space Squadron headed by Captain Jet Dixon. After a century of Martian war, the violent VDBN nation chose to learn peace after significant losses. Headed by Mxxptrm, a detachment of 24 VDBNs headed to Earth to learn to live in peace.

(Space Squadron#1/6) - Dixon boarded the VDBN spacecraft but Mxxptrm refused Dixon's peaceful gesture of an outstretched hand as his VDBN nature was to only strike. Despite Earth officials' suspicions, Dixon invited the VDBNs to a gathering to introduce the Federation Chief's daughter Dawn Revere to him, but Mxxptrm instead desired her and challenged Dixon to a death-duel. Mxxptrm was defeated and demanded death but Dixon refused. As a consequence, Mxxptrm kidnapped Dawn, her father Blast Revere and senior Federation officials, taking them alive to show he meant peace. Dixon gave chase and Blast Revere revealed Mxxptrm's unusual plan. Mxxptrm had learned friendship when Dixon refused to kill him and shook his hand in peace to fight alongside him. Dixon accepted this and insisted that Mxxptrm call himself "Max" (as "short names are the shortcut to friendship").

(Space Squadron#2/1) - Now a member of Space Squadron, Max joined Dixon, Blast and Saturnian scientist LLA 38 on a visit to a Galaxy Academy to visit cadets and were shown classrooms by nervous Cadet Rusty Blake. A week later, Space Squadron left on patrol, with Dawn Revere joining the regular crew of Dixon, Max and LLA 38 onboard the flagship Solar I. However, space pirate Barbados and his Armada of Death captured them. Dixon transmitted a coded message that Barbados thought would let him land and plunder Earth; the Solar I crew were dismayed, unaware of Dixon's secret code. Cadet Blake decoded the message and Barbados was eliminated. Blake then joined the Solar I crew.

(Space Squadron#4/1 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Max became a member of the Grand (or Great) Council, a body advising on policy matters and responses. Max also worked with scientist LLA 38 to develop a lethal ray-gun against wild Martians.

(Space Squadron#2/4) - Dawn Revere, in a misguided attempt to gain female representation in Space Squadron missions, stole Solar I, but was attacked by the giant parasitic bird-like Vulturos. Dixon rocketed to her aid, followed by other Space Squadron members in rocket-jets and they destroyed the threat. All returned safely to Earth.

(Space Squadron#2/6) - Max watched with others as Dixon flew off in a spaceship to compare jet rocket range against Edgar Revere's design (secretly modified by former criminal Drag).

(Space Squadron#3/1) - Max was part of the security at the Annual Interplanetary Conference held at Space Squadron headquarters. Alerted by Mer-King, leader of the two-headed and dual-natured Mercurians, Space Squadron ships were sent to Mercury to investigate outbreaks of violence. Max joined the meeting where Blast's ambitious son, Edgar Revere, challenged his father. Later, Max heard that Blake had been captured on the mission to Mercury and threatened reprisal. Despite Edgar's interference, LLA 38 soon found a scientific response that ensured peace.

(Space Squadron#3/4) - Dixon, Max and Blake investigated a possible disturbance in the Dead Sea on Neptune. There they found vampiric Octopus-Men emerging from sea-floor eruptions. Dixon ordered the peaceful Neptunians immediately drain the Dead Sea and this left the deadly Octopus-Men flailing. The Space Squadron members then shot and killed them all before returning to Earth.

(Space Squadron#3/6) - Off again on space patrol, the Solar I crew were suddenly beset by Space Demons, impish killers with jets for legs; these had been secretly planted by Edgar Revere to discredit Dixon. However, LLA 38 knew the true nature of the Space Demons to pursue and destroy their captor, and so Dixon set off to rescue Edgar, despite Max's suggestion that Edgar be left to his fate. The Solar I caught up with Edgar's spaceship and rescued him while Max was ordered to blast Edgar's spaceship as the Space Demons tore their way inside. Dixon forgave Edgar, but Max remained angry at the troublemaker.

(Space Squadron#4/1) - While visiting the Strato-Zoo that housed caged examples of dangerous beings from throughout the solar system, Max, Dixon, Blake and LLA 38 came across three savage Martians (apparently VDBNs - see comments). Considering Max a traitor, the three caged Martians became angry, shouting in their native language that they planned to attack; the three later rampaged through the city, unstoppable against Earth armaments. Ever the agitator against Dixon and his cohorts, Edgar drew suspicion against Max as a Martian. Angered, Max charged out after the escaped Martians, quietly planning to confront and eliminate their threat in combat, but the others did not know of his plan and thought him a collaborator. LLA 38 passed Dixon the ray-gun that could kill Max and Dixon gave chase. Meanwhile, Max had found the three Martians and fought them all in a frenzied melee. Eventually Max was triumphant and his battle-lust disappeared as he greeted Dixon and explained his actions. Max was then given a public hero's celebration.

(Space Squadron#4/2) - Patrolling the Moon's surface (see comments), the Space Squadron came across hordes of vicious giant fanged Lizogators that multiplied back to life after being killed. Realizing the danger to the Federation, Dixon ordered the atom bombing of the Moon, even though he and his crew would likely be destroyed too. The bombs hit the target but the crew were luckily shielded by the largest Lizogator. The threat ended, the Space Squadron returned to Earth.

(Space Squadron#4/6) - The Solar I crew, joined by fomenter Edgar Revere, flew to investigate the sudden flaming of Saturn's rings, the result of the reignition of the deadly Fire Beings. As LLA 38 prepared the serum to subdue the creatures once more, Edgar panicked near the rings and threatened the mission. Angered at Edgar, Max left his post and began throttling Edgar. The mission was a success and Max was about to dump Edgar into space but Dixon had him brought back inside and they returned to Space Squadron HQ.

(Space Squadron#5/1) - The Solar I crew were guests of honor at the space Olympics held on the Moon. The ambitious Moon natives Drago and Ura sought to win the spaceship race over regular winner Dixon by using their innate hypnotic and telepathic powers. LLA 38 recognized the duo's insidious plan and duped Drago to add his telepathy to his sister's hypnotism (unwittingly negating each other). However, Max and Blake suspected LLA 38 of collusion with the Moonmen, but the scientist asked to be trusted. In the spaceship race, Drago realized his scheme had failed and had moonships fire on Solar I. Max fired back and destroyed all three moonships and the crew were awarded winners.

(Space Squadron#5/2) - The nefarious genius Boz unleashed giant smothering tentacles over the Earth to force a surrender to his rule. The tentacles were invulnerable to weapons but LLA 38 suggested the Solar I crew use their combined mental will to overpower the tentacle holding their spacecraft; the tactic worked. Dixon then took lethal radioactive dust and scattered it over the Earth, despite his crew's protestations over its dangers, but Dixon recognized that the Earth was protected by the tentacles and the chemical obliterated only the tentacle threat.

(Space Squadron#5/6) - The Solar I crew were given awards for promoting progress and ensuring the security of all the peoples and creatures within the Federation's borders. But the jealous Edgar Revere challenged Dixon and the Solar I crew to undergo Dr. Kalandra's risky test to measure their bravery. Kalandra's Hex-O-Gas made them near invulnerable and they were shunted through space where they stopped escaping Octopi-Men before being flung to a new threat where the bandit Ud was being helped by Edgar to steal precious atom dust. The Solar I crew quickly stopped them before being flung back to Kalandra's Hex-O-Gas chamber. Dixon spoke for his crew, saying the mental strain was too great for the gas to be viable.

(Space Worlds#6/1) - Max attended a small Space Squadron briefing on the volatile nature of Jupiter's surface before heading off with the Solar I team and Pete Arnolds to investigate the disappearance of yet another Jupiter exploratory mission. Only Dixon and Arnolds went down to Jupiter's surface to investigate. Encountering the dangerous temptress Infra, only Dixon escaped her influence and went back to the spaceship. They watched in horror as Arnolds was incinerated and they returned home.

(Space Worlds#6/2) - Max joined the Solar I crew against the outlaw Cosmo Worlds cluster, small worlds that could move at will and shoot molten lead. LLA 38's untested gas weapon X-1 melted the planets. Solar I zoomed home triumphant, but the leftover globs coalesced into a giant humanoid creature and slowly followed them. Back on Earth, the crew celebrated but the monstrous beast now dubbed X-1 attacked, ripping apart buildings. LLA 38 devised a weapon and strategy that destroyed X-1 as Max watched on. Max later joined the crew as they reflected on the dangers created by science.

(Space Worlds#6/6) - Max was on the Grand Council when it convened to identify why the Earth had been plunged into complete darkness (secretly a scheme hatched by the ambitious Edgar Revere and outlaw scientist Dr. Zane Emery to sow discontent). While the Solar I crew investigated, Edgar successfully instigated a coup and ordered Dixon and his crew be arrested. But the Solar I crew found Emery's secret lab where Edgar had also arrived. Emery was quickly overpowered and the plot foiled. The angry Max throttled Edgar, nearly crushing his throat and preventing Edgar from speaking.

Comments: Created by uncredited writer & George Tuska.

    It's not revealed what VDBN stands for. The VDBNs were the more violent nation on Mars and seemed to be the examples caged in the Strato-Zoo (in #4/1) as non-violent Martians were shown in other stories, such as at the Annual Interplanetary Conference (in #3/1).

    Max was, effectively, a giant hairy brawler but kept on the sidelines. Apart from his introduction, he featured as the main star in just one story. Some extra action sequences, a big unique weapon or a distinct saying, while perhaps cliche (at least so in later years), would've been a nice touch.

    Space Squadron describes space a little differently, perhaps unique to that reality; "galaxy" refers to the solar system (and nearby space objects) while "universe" relates to the galaxy. There are inconsistencies too, for example, Earth's Moon has indigenous life in one story (#3/1) with a surface ruler (#5/1), but is lifeless in another story (#4/2) (perhaps they're referring to a different moon ... or perhaps it's a different writer).

    George Tuska is the artist for the very first Jet Dixon story (Space Squadron#1/1) as well as Mxxptrm's introduction, so I'll assume he's the co-creator/designer for the core cast of Space Squadron. Of note is that Tuska became the final artist for the 1960s Buck Rogers scifi comic strip (and soon after moved on to Marvel's Iron Man).

    Thanks to the Grand Comics Database for assistance with credits.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Mxxptrm the Martian has no known connections to:

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Space Squadron#4/6, p7, pan5 (throttling Edgar)

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