Marr Garr:  Marr Garr is a member of the plant-like R'malk'i race, from the planet R'Makl'z in the C'lehr'ee system (sound it out kids, that's "celery") in the Milky Way.  The R'Malk'I are apparently the majority shareholders of Interplaneteur Inc.  Like all members of his race, Garr communicates telepathically.  He is mobile, but must take root in his native soil when asleep.  Garr is a heartless ultra-capitalist interested only in maximizing his corporation's profits.





Mando:  The Mando are race from the planet Mand in the Andromeda Galaxy.  Mandos have superhuman strength (Class1- 5) and their skin can endure the vaccum of space without a suit, although they need breathing apparatus.  They are often used as hired muscle by I-Inc.  The Mandos accompanying Marr Garr seemed as heartless as he was.  They manhandled a human with no regard for the damage they could've done to his space suit.  They were easily defeated by Adam Warlock.    


PURPOSE: Turning a profit, by any means necessary

AFFILIATIONS: Mandos (hired goons)
Enemies: Adam Warlock, people who don't pay their bills on time--such as Lamilm Gor.

BASE of OPERATIONS:  Planet R'Makl'z, with operations extending throughout known space

FIRST APPEARANCE: Warlock #15 (November, 1976).  Only representatives of I-Inc have been seen, the corporate headquarters has yet to be depicted.

HISTORY:  Interplaneteur Inc., is the most powerful corporation on R'Makl'z, the homeworld of the R'Malk'I.  Apparently, I-Inc. has extensive holdings and operations throughout known space.  They employ the Mandos from the Andromeda Galaxy and loaned money to a humanoid to buy a space cruiser.  If Marr Garr is any indication, I-Inc. is an unscrupulous corporation interested only in making money.  He showed no concern for the welfare of an old man whose space cruiser he repossessed.

(Warlock#15)  After the death of the Star Thief, Warlock returned to his wanderings through space.  He came upon an old man in a space suit, Lamilm Gor, being manhandled by a pair of Mando thugs.  Warlock quickly disposed of the thugs and confronted their leader, the R'Malk'I businessman known as Marr Garr.  Garr explained that the old man had defaulted on his payments and that I-Inc was lawfully repossessing the collateral.  Although Garr had no intention of providing taxi service for the old guy, Warlock "convinced" him (with a withering glare and a blazing soul gem) to allow the old man to return home and make his payments.  Warlock then left them to their own devices.








COMMENTS: Created by Jim Starlin.

This was a cool concept that I'd love to see again especially now with Enron and increasing the anti-corporation sentiment.  It shouldn't be too hard to bring them back; I'll bet Starfox and Genis-Vell owe them money. 

Profile by Chuck D

CLARIFICATIONS: Marr Gar has no known connection to:
The Marglar, who are the marglar from marglar, that allowed the marglar from marglar to come to marglar to save them from marglar, in South Park.

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