Classification: Extraterrestrial

Location/Base of Operations: Unnamed planet ("New Kehil")
  formerly "Kehil" (the Kehilla homeworld)

Known Members: Kamyr, Kasema, Kastyx, Kathar

Affiliations: Nova (Frankie Raye)

Enemies: Galactus, Kastyx, Space-Worm
    formerly Nova

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#93/2 (1991)

Powers/Abilities: They showed no special powers. They only possessed three fingers. Their spaceships made it possible for them to travel over great distances. Their main weapons were a variety of laser cannons on the ships and laser pistols. They also had small pods they used for suicide attacks (like Kamikaze).

Traits: Obedient to their leader, whomever it was, without asking any questions. They were a little bit naive in nature, but also adaptive to changes.

Black Holes rule! History:
(Marvel Comics Presents#94/2 (fb) ) - Once the Kehilla race was led by their strong and compassionate leader Kastyx until one day Galactus attacked their planet. Kastyx organized all the escape parties when this happened.

(Marvel Comics Presents#93/2 (fb) ) - The first planet Nova led her new master Galactus to the Kehilla homeworld. The Kehilla unsuccessfully fought Galactus with their fleet. The planet was destroyed and only a few ships escaped into space.

(Marvel Comics Presents#94/2 (fb) ) - After the destruction of their planet Kastyx told his people that he would lead them to their new destiny salvation. A locked course was programmed into all navigation-computers and the small fleet flew to Kastyx's chosen final destination.

(Marvel Comics Presents#93/2) - Many devoured worlds later Nova still felt guilty and decided to find the remaining Kehilla to help them. She followed their ship's ion trail and found the five remaining ships with the last 400 Kehilla on board. They attacked Nova after their sensors sighted her. Nova destroyed their lasers and Kastyx sent out manned pods on a suicide mission to attack Nova. One detonated his ship, but Nova survived and rescued the second pod's pilot before he could kill himself too. Nova brought him back to the lead ship and met Kastyx and Kasema. She offered them her help and Kastyx asked her to bring the Kehilla to the place of their salvation. Kastyx knew where it was, and Nova only needed to take the Kehilla there. Suddenly a Space-Worm came from deep space and threatened the last Kehilla ships.

(Marvel Comics Presents#94/2) - The ships and Nova attacked the Space-Worm with all their firepower. One ship was damaged beyond repair. Kasema wanted to send them shuttles, but Kastyx didn't allow it. Meanwhile the Space-Worm was destroyed by Nova. She saw the damaged ship when she returned and wanted to help Kastyx rescue his people, but he told her that it was already taken care of. Kastyx destroyed the damaged ship with all his people on board shortly after Nova had left him alone. Kasema went through the destination program and found out that Kastyx's course led them not to a planet, but into a black hole.

(Marvel Comics Presents#95/2) - Kasema told Nova about the course and asked her to help the Kehilla once again. Kasema gave Nova the key to get past the computer locks and told her that she only had to alter the lead ship's course because the other ships follow it. Kastyx listened to the conversation and ordered Kasema's arrest after Nova left the ship. The small fleet had arrived at the black hole and Kastyx attacked Nova in space with a gunship. He destroyed the lead ship's directional computer before she could change the course. He then flew into the black hole and died. Nova informed Kasema that she had failed, and Kasema despaired.

(Marvel Comics Presents#96/2) - As their new leader Kasema told the remaining Kehilla that Kastyx was dead and that Nova would try to pull their ships away from the black hole. Nova managed to pull the ships away from the black hole. Kasema thanked Nova, but she still had another surprise for the Kehilla. Nova brought the Kehilla to a planet they could live on. Nova left the survivors on their beautiful new home and was happy.

Comments: Created by Susan Kennedy, Gavin Curtis & Ian Akin.

"Kehila" is a direct hebrew translation for "community". This probably wasn't on purpose, but it fits considering it's a race.

I don't know why it shouldn't have been on purpose?
--Markus Raymond

Profile by Markus Raymond

The Kehilla have no known connection to:

Kamyr has no known connection to:

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(Marvel Comics Presents#96/2) - He served on Kastyx's ship under Kasema. He told Kasema that Nova's gravity was pulling them away from the black hole and had the idea that they could turn around the ship if it isn't too damaged.

--Marvel Comics Presents#96/2


(Marvel Comics Presents#94/2 (fb) ) - Once Kasema was the happy wife of Kastyx. She was second in command as Kastyx's wife. But one day Galactus attacked their planet and she had to flee with her people.

(Marvel Comics Presents#93/2 (fb) ) - Kasema was with Kastyx on his ship when Galactus devoured the Kehilla homeworld. She fled with him and other surviving Kehilla into space. On their journey she watched how Kastyx slowly became insane.

(Marvel Comics Presents#94/2 (fb) - BTS) - Kasema listened to Kastyx telling the Kehilla that he would lead them to salvation.

(Marvel Comics Presents#93/2) - Kasema sighted Nova coming towards the Kehilla ships and told Kastyx. She didn't like it when Kastyx ordered to attack Nova because Nova didn't show any hostility. She tried to stop Kastyx from sending more people to their death, but he just sent her back to her station. When Nova entered their ship Kasema went with Kastyx to welcome her on board.

(Marvel Comics Presents#94/2) - Kasema wanted to send shuttles to rescue the survivors of the damaged fifth ship, but Kastyx didn't allow it. He told her to leave and Kasema left because she was needed elsewhere on the ship anyway. Later she saw how the damaged ship was destroyed by Kastyx and wondered. She sought out the destination the Kehilla were headed to and found out that Kastyx wanted them to die in a black hole.

(Marvel Comics Presents#95/2) - Kasema told Nova about the course to the black hole and asked Nova to help the Kehilla again. She gave Nova a key to get past the computer locks and told her that she only had to change the lead ship's course because the other ships would follow it. After Nova was gone Kasema got knocked out by guards and brought to her quarters. She was under arrest for her treachery and determined to be executed. Kathar saved Kasema from the guards and together they went to the bridge. There Kasema saw her husband's death on the screen and Nova telling them that she had failed. Kasema lost hope and awaited death.

(Marvel Comics Presents#96/2) - Kathar encouraged Kasema to talk to her people as she became their new leader after Kastyx's death. She did so after Nova told her that there still was a chance to save them. Kasema told her people that Kastyx was dead and that Nova planned to pull their ships away from the black hole. On the bridge a panel exploded and Kasema had to bring Kathar to safety. She tried to turn her ship away from the black hole after Kamyr talked to her about it, but the ship was too damaged for this. Nova was now their only hope and she managed to save them. Kasema thanked Nova who still had a surprise for them. She brought the Kehilla to their new homeworld. Kasema liked the new planet and hoped that Nova would return soon to them for a visit. Kasema got flowers from Kathar and Nova left them alone.

--Marvel Comics Presents#93/2 (94/2 (fb), 93/2 (fb), 94/2 (fb) - BTS, 93/2-96/2


(Marvel Comics Presents#94/2 (fb) ) - Once Kastyx was a wonderful husband to Kasema and a strong and compassionate leader to the Kehilla. When Galactus attacked he organized the escape parties.

(Marvel Comics Presents#93/2 (fb) ) - Kastyx fled with the last Kehilla into space after Galactus had devoured their planet.

(Marvel Comics Presents#94/2 (fb) ) - After the Kehilla homeworld was destroyed Kastyx told the fleeing survivors that he would lead them to a salvation. He locked a secret course only known to him into the computers. The people trusted him, but Kastyx was already insane and his plan was to kill all Kehilla by sending them into a black hole.

(Marvel Comics Presents#93/2) - Kastyx ordered the Kehilla to attack Nova when she approached their ships. After their lasers were destroyed he sent out manned pods on suicide missions to kill Nova. Kasema tried to stop him, but he refused to take orders from her. When Nova entered his ship with one pod pilot he wanted to know why Nova dishonored him by letting him life. He listened to Nova when he heard that she knew what had happened to the Kehilla and that she wanted to help them. Kastyx asked Nova to bring them to the place of their salvation which only Kastyx knew.

(Marvel Comics Presents#94/2) - Kastyx watched Nova fight the Space-Worm and when one Kehilla ship was severely damaged he wanted to wait with sending shuttles to them until Nova had defeated the worm. He became angry with Kasema when she answered the damaged ships plea for help and sent her away. When the worm was destroyed he thanked Nova for the help, but denied her offer to help rescuing people from the damaged ship because it was already taken care of. Kastyx was contacted by the damaged ship and he destroyed it.

(Marvel Comics Presents#95/2) - Kastyx observed via security camera Kasema's chat with Nova about his plans. He ordered Kasema's arrest as a traitor and then went outside with a gunship to stop Nova from changing the lead ship's course. Nova surrounded his ship with fire and blocked all his blasts, but Kastyx was able to destroy the lead ship's directional computer with one blast. With his mission completed Kastyx committed suicide by flying into the black hole. In his last seconds he regretted what he had done, but it was already too late to change his wrongs.

--Marvel Comics Presents#93/2 (94/2 (fb), 93/2 (fb), 94/2 (fb), 93/2-95/2


(Marvel Comics Presents#94/2) - Kathar told Kasema that she was needed elsewhere on the ship and accompanied her to get a chance to speak privately with her.

(Marvel Comics Presents#95/2) - Kathar saved Kasema from the guards who brought her to her quarters when he heard that her execution was planned. He went with her to the bridge where they watched Kastyx's death and learned from Nova that she had failed to change the lead ship's course.

(Marvel Comics Presents#96/2) - Kathar told Kasema that she was now the new Kehilla leader and encouraged her to speak to her people. Kathar himself wanted to try to break into the directional computer himself, but Nova had a better idea to save the Kehilla. Kathar was injured when a penal exploded in front of him and Kasema brought him to safety. When Kasema wanted to turn the ship Kathar had to tell her that they couldn't do this anymore because of damages, but he trusted in Nova and she really managed to save them. Kathar was with Kasema when she thanked Nova. On the new Kehilla homeworld he brought Kasema some beautiful flowers. Nova left the new couple after this.

--Marvel Comics Presents#94/2 (95/2-96/2


(Marvel Comics Presents#93/2) - It arrived on the scene and threatened the Kehilla ships.

(Marvel Comics Presents#94/2) - Nova and the Kehilla ships attacked the worm. One ship got damaged by a powerful blast from the worm. The worm was distracted by Nova and now concentrated on her. It tried to fire another powerful blast, but Nova hit it with a fiery blast on her own before the worm could fire. Nova lured the worm near enough to a star so that the star's gravity sucked the worm towards it. The worm died in the star.

--Marvel Comics Presents#93/2 (94/2




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Marvel Comics Presents I#93-96 (1991) - Gavin Curtis (#94, 96) & Susan Kennedy (writers), Gavin Curtis (pencils), Ian Akin & Tim Tuohy (#95) (inks), Terry Kavanagh (editor)

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