main imageKLKLK race

Classification: Extraterrestrial, insect-like beings

Location/Base of Operations: Originated on planet La'kll (4th from the sun), Tl'blk star system, Milky Way galaxy, countless light years from Earth;
    possibly mobile through the Universe.

Estimated Population: 4.4 billion

Known Members: Ba't'll (Queen)

Type of Government: Hivelike Monarchy

Affiliations: None

Aliases: The Insectoids, the Locusts from the Stars

First Appearance: Incredible Hulk II#273 (July, 1982)

Powers/Abilities: The Klklk are insectoids (roughly locust-like in form), possessing two eyes, three fingers (including an opposable thumb) on their front limbs (arms). Contrary to the main image, they have 3 pair of limbs; they walk on their hind limbs, which possess two toes, and they balance themselves with the aid of their split tail. They are typically 8' from head to the end of their tail, are covered with a chitinous blue carapace, and they are prognathic (having an extended lower jaw). Their strength appears to be roughly human or slightly greater.

    They can emit ray-bursts from their paired antennae, capable of disintegrating small objects and causing pain to human beings (and even the Hulk). They cab extrude thin but strong web-like filaments They emit sounds when pained, but their method of communication is unknown, maybe a low level of telepathy; some subjects of this race have greater telepathic powers.

    The Klklk have intermediate-level starships, and they are skilled in genetic engineering in plants.



History: (Incredible Hulk II#273 (fb)) - The Klklk created a vast and beneficent agricultural civilization. Their science enabled them to voyage through the stars and to maintain a peaceful star system. Over the eons, their technology developed the Super-Seed, a seed that, once planted, would produce crops for thousands of years.

    Eventually, the worlds in their system were farmed out. The soil no longer nurtured life. They started a search for other worlds where they could buy for food and soil to cultivate. Their payment would be the Super-Seed.




main image

(Incredible Hulk II#273 (fb)) - After a long search, the Klklk reached the planet Earth. They choose the crops near St. Clair, a town in Canada. Without warning the human population, they started to harvest the crops, for immediate subsistence, with the intention to pay the earthlings later, planting the Super-Seed for them.

(Incredible Hulk II#273) - The population was scared of the aliens who stole their crops, referring to them as the "Locusts from the Stars." During the Klklk's next "harvest", the people of the town attacked the giant insectoids with sticks, axes and guns, slaying several of the aliens. The Klklk defended themselves, destroying only the weapons using their antennae ray-blasts. Bruce Banner, in the body of the Hulk, attacked and drove off the Klklk. When they retreated to their ship, the Hulk followed them there, continuing to smash the giant insectoids. He hurled one of the Klklk, shattering the screen containing the Super-Seed. Once exposed to the air, the Super-Seed swiftly degenerated. The Queen of the Klklk telepathically spoke to Hulk, explaining that they had chosen the Earth as farm, and that the Super-Seed could have fed humanity and Insectoids for millennia.

    The Hulk was beam transported to the ground. The Klklk left the Earth.





Comments: Created by Bill Mantlo (writer), Sal Buscema (art), Al Milgrom (Editor).

    In the flashback in Incredible Hulk II#274, Ba't'll is depicted rather differently than in IH#273.

I had thought the Klklk might have appeared in Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet (and therefore been behind the scenes in the regular Maximum Security series). The character (as pictured on the right) that I thought might be a Klklk only has two sets of limbs (though that could be a perpetuation of the 4 limbed image shown in the OHotMU), no antennae, and lacks the extended lower jaw.
    Still, an insectoid race might easily have numerous casts and variations.
    Both Kurt Busiek and Jerry Ordway say, "Nay!"
    I looked at the webpage you had, and I think I just made up that alien to fill in the background. If Kurt didn't ask for a creature in 
the script, I  sometimes filled in with creatures from various Marvels, but i know I didn't have any of the Mantlo era Hulks  available to look through. I did look though monster masterworks for some, but the one I drew looks too Giger-esque to be retro.
Hope that  helps,
Jerry Ordway



Profile by Spidermay and Snood.

The Insectoids have no known connections to

Ba't'll the Insect Queen has no known connections to


Ba't'll was the Queen of the Insectoids. She seemed larger and taller than a normal Insectoid, at least 2-3 times. She had telepathic powers that enabled her to speak with the Hulk's mind and understand Bruce Banner's language. She wielded a scepter that switched on the transporter-beam of the mother-ship.

    Ba't'll followed the Insectoids in search for a planet where to acquire food and to plant the Super-Seed.

    She did not intervene during the battle between their siblings and the Earthlings, but acted only after the Hulk had shattered the container of the Super-Seed. Her telepathy calmed Hulk's rage. She telepathically told to him and the people of the town the story of her race, and their purposes. Then she left the Earth with her people.

--Incredible Hulk II#273 (Incredible Hulk II#274(fb)

Incredible Hulk II#273, p15, pan1 (Insectoids)
Incredible Hulk II#273, p20, pan4 (Insectoids' planet)
Incredible Hulk II#273, p20, pan3 (Insectoids' world)
Incredible Hulk II#273, p20, pan1 (Ba't'll)

Other Appearances: None

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