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Classification: Extraterrestrial humanoid

Location/Base of Operations: Viburnum (home planet, likely the Milky Way Galaxy)

Known Members: Spirea

Affiliations: None

Enemies: None

First Appearance: Strange Tales of the Unusual#7/2 (December, 1956)

Powers/Abilities: Viburnumite males and females display the same appearance, powers and abilities as an average human; their main difference is pale blue skin. They have advanced technology and have mastered interstellar warp travel, although their space fleet seems relatively small.

Traits: Viburnum is ruled by a dictatorship with little dissension. Long space patrols guard the planet. Viburnumites are dedicated to their partners in marriage.

Type: Humanoid
Eyes: Two (on head)
Fingers: Five (including opposable thumb)
Toes: Unrevealed (presumably five)
Skin color: Light blue
Average height: 5'9" (male); 5'4" (female)


(Strange Tales of the Unusual#7/2 (fb) - BTS) - The planet Viburnum was ruled by a dictatorship. A resistance movement formed and was led by Spirea; however, she was forced to flee off-world and sought refuge on Earth but was pursued by a diverted space patrol ship.

(Strange Tales of the Unusual#7/2 (fb)) - Spirea was chased on foot by the three male Viburnumites from the patrol ship  when her screams were heard by a local American man. Both were captured by the three Viburnumites and taken unbound to be imprisoned on Viburnum. All three male Viburnumites longed to see their wives again after their long space patrol shift.

(Strange Tales of the Unusual#7/2 (fb) - BTS) - Spirea and the American man quickly fell in love in their space captivity, their captors oblivious.

(Strange Tales of the Unusual#7/2) - When the spacecraft landed, the American, who was a sound effects technician on Earth, duped the patrollers into thinking their wives  were screaming outside. The three Viburnumite men rushed out but saw only the gathered crowd. Spirea and the American instead shut the hatch and escaped back to Earth to enjoy domestic life.








Comments: Created by uncredited writer & Joe Orlando.

Given the pale blue skin and distinct human likeness, it's easy to suggest that they might be Kree, maybe a Kree outpost of only those blue-skinned seeking independence, possibly even on racist grounds (but this seems unlikely given Spirea's quick attraction to her human rescuer). But until we hear otherwise, they're not Kree.

They're not referred to as Viburnumites in-story, only that their planet is called Viburnum, so I've taken slight liberty there.

Viburnum is the name of a flowering shrub found in the temperate northern hemisphere. In Ukraine, the viburnum type kalyna is seen as the concept of  a young girl's love and tenderness. Likewise, spirea (also spelled spireae) is another flowering shrub, often called meadowsweets or steeplebushes. Given this background info, I would've expected them to use more flowery speech(!).

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Viburnumites has no known connections to:

main imageSpirea

Spirea led the resistance against the dictatorship on her home planet of Viburnum, but she was eventually forced to flee and headed to Earth. A patrol ship was diverted to pursue her and the three male Viburnumites chased her on once she landed. Her scream alerted a nearby American man, who was a sound effects technician with a radio show and coincidentally held a mini recorder of sounds. But he was knocked unconscious, and he and Spirea were taken prisoner onboard the patrol ship headed back to Viburnum. Spirea and the American quickly fell in love during the journey. But the American had a plan and when the spacecraft landed, he played screams that the three patrol men thought were their wives. When the trio rushed outside, Spirea and the American quickly escaped in the patrol craft. Back on Earth, they enjoyed domestic bliss, with Spirea bringing coffee to her partner and house guest.







--Strange Tales of the Unusual#7/2

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Strange Tales of the Unusual#7/2, p3, pan4 (main image, Viburnumite men)
   p2, pan2 (Viburnumite woman, kneeling)
   p3, pan5 (Viburnumite spacecraft)
   p4, pan4 (Viburnum)
   p4, pan6 (Spirea)
   p2, pan3 (Spirea, headshot)

Strange Tales of the Unusual#7/2 (December, 1956) - uncredited writer, Joe Orlando (pencils & inks), Stan Lee (editor)

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