Classification: Extraterrestrial; created through genetic manipulation

Location/Base of Operations: Colony Fortisque, circling the star Arcturus, Sector 22
    an interstellar base in the Simek system
    many exist on various comet-ships that circle various solar solar systems, gathering data

Known Members: Max, Caretakers (of Arcturus)

Affiliations: Beyonders (creators)

First Appearance: Adventures into Fear#21 (April, 1974)
    (identified as Fortisquians): Comet Man#1 (February, 1987)

Powers/Abilities: It is not certain if all Fortisquians possess the same powers as Max, but it would seem likely that at least all of those stationed within comet-ships possess similar powers.
    Max can fly, levitate, and teleport himself and others, as well as project spheres of force. He may also be able to project his mind into other beings.

    The Fortisquians have set up a variety of teleportational devices about the universe, each of which transport them to a set location. They have to take multiple jumps along a pre-set path to attain a certain location. They fly ships, disguised as comets, in local areas.

Traits:  Fortisquians have unusually fragile psyches and are trained to keep their emotions in check. Only the Fortisquians with the strongest wills can keep from going insane when associating with other aliens.

(Fantastic Four I#316(fb)/Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update'89) - The Fortisquians were created via genetic manipulation by the otherdimensional entities known as the Beyonders. The Beyonders use the Fortisquians as colonizers, first upon the other planets in their star system (including Arcturus IV), then they fanned out to other systems, including Earth's human race. They maintain a few on most planets and have footholds almost everywhere. They check up on their colonies from time to time, disguised in their comet ships.

(Fantastic Four I#316(fb)) <18000 BC> - The Celestials bombed Deviant Lemuria and precipitated Great Cataclysm, including the Great Flood that wiped out most of civilization on Earth (apparently including the Fortisquian colonizers there). The Beyonders contacted the Fortisquians and directed them to save their animal preserve on Earth (the Savage Land, which had actually been created by the Nuwali for the Beyonders). The Fortisquian colonizers from Arcturus IV traveled to Earth, but crashed. The Four survivors went on to become the Caretakers.

(Comet Man#1 (fb) - BTS) - Every seventy-seven years or so, a Fortisquian starship, disguised as a comet, passed by Earth to observe humanity. Max was the most recent in this line.

(Comet Man#1-6) - Max accidentally slew human Stephen Beckley and recreated him using a device calibrated for Forrtisquians, transforming him into the Comet Man. Max's experiences with humanity nearly drove him mad, but Beckley calmed him down. Max teleported himself and Beckley away when a human known as the Superior blew up Max's comet ship.

(Marvel Comics Presents#50/2 (fb) - BTS) - Stephen traveled with Max to the Colony Fortisque, where he received further training in his powers. The Fortisquians sought to train Beckley as one of their Comet Men, but they feared that his human behavior might contaminate their own, so they sent him into space in another Comet Ship to conduct the training.

(Fantastic Four I#315-317) - Max explained the history of the Fortisquians to the Fantastic Four, and learned of the Nuwali's involvement in the Savage Land.

(Marvel Comics Presents#50/2-53/2) - Max returned to Earth, gaining celebrity status, and then revealed the Superior to Beckley.

(Captain Marvel V#7) - Max remained aboard the Comet ship when Beckley located his son.

Comments: Created by Bill Mumy, Miguel Ferrer, Kelly Jones, and Gerry Talaoc.

Max claimed that the Fortisquians "seeded" Earth long ago and are responsible for the creation of humanity. Various other alien races have been named as the creators of the human race, though there is no evidence that the Fortisquians or any aliens are truly responsible for the emergence of the human race.

While the involvement of Halley's comet is essential to the origin of the Comet Man, something has to be adjusted in order to squeeze the story into continuity. 1986, the year in which the initial story was told, is now several years before the modern age, and significantly before the events of this story (in which the She-Hulk was one of the Fantastic Four). So, either:

  1. Halley's comet's cycle is slightly different on Earth-616 than in the real world, such that its most recent pass by Earth occurred within the sliding timescale of the modern era, just a couple of years ago.
  2. It was another comet, with a similar schedule to above.
  3. Don't worry about such things and just enjoy the story.


The Beyonders are the enigmatic race behind numerous events, not be confused with:


Other appearances:
Adventures into Fear#22 (June, 1974) - see Caretakers
Adventures into Fear#25-26 (December, 1974 - February, 1975) - bi-monthly - see Caretakers
Comet Man#1-6 (February-July, 1987)
OHOTMU Update'89#5 (November, 1989)
Fantastic Four I#315-317 (June-August, 1988)
Marvel Comics Presents#50-53 (May-July, 1990)
Dr. Strange III#27 (March, 1991) - see Caretakers
Captain Marvel V#7 (July, 2000)

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