Real Name: T'urin G'ar

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial

Occupation: Predator

Group Membership: Stranger's prisoners

Affiliations: The Body (exiled), Overmind (used it as a pawn)

Enemies: Dire Wraiths, Quasar, Rom, Stranger; the people of Carson's Glen

Known Relatives: The Body (collective organism)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Currently unknown;
    formerly the Stranger's laboratory world;
    formerly Carson's Glen;
    formerly deep space

First Appearance: Rom Annual#1 (1982)

Powers: Stardust possessed a large degree of energy manipulative powers. It was composed of energy and did not have human limitations. It could travel through space unaided. It could drain the life force from other beings to increase its own power. It possessed some degree of superhuman strength, most likely a result of focusing its energies into kinetic energy. It is bound in "starstuff" bonds, which limit its power. Without the bonds, it is significantly more powerful.





History: (Rom Annual#1) - The being that became Stardust was originally an energy being who was part of a collective known as the Body. He was expelled for unmutual acts and bound in bands of "starstuff." He found his way to Earth and discovered two races inhabiting the planet: humans and Dire Wraiths. He first absorbed most of the energy of several children, but found he was able to get more energy by absorbing Wraiths (killing them), so he began seeking them out. As he absorbed the life forces of others, he came to think of himself as a new "Body," replacing the composite life form that had expelled him. When Rom found him and asked that he return the life force stolen from the children, Stardust attacked him as an enemy. Rom mistakenly shattered the starstuff bonds, thinking them to be the source of Stardust's power. After realizing his mistake, Rom drained Stardust's energy into his own cyborg form, used it to heal the children, and released the villain back into the cosmos with just enough power to survive.

(Quasar#14, [15], 16) - He was later captured and held captive by the Stranger on his laboratory world. During the Overmind's assault on the Stranger, Stardust was one of the captives who was freed and directed to attack the Stranger and his allies. Stardust attacked Quasar, sensing that he, like Rom, had the power to shatter the starstuff bonds which kept him prisoner. Stardust drained Quasar's energy as they struggled, until Quasar realized what was happening, reversed the flow, and drained Stardust's energy, incapacitating him.
Many of the former captives escaped the Stranger's world after this struggle, although Stardust's fate is unrevealed.

Comments: Created by Bill Mantlo and Pat Broderick

    When Rom released Stardust into space, it was without the starstuff bonds. They may be regenerating, or perhaps he/it had another encounter with the Body, who restored the bonds. When he was on the Stranger's world, he was again contained by starstuff bonds.

    The Dire Wraiths destroyed by Stardust had successfully created a device that would cloak them from Rom's Analyzer, which allowed him to recognize them no matter what form they had taken. All but a few of the Wraiths of this group were consumed by Stardust. A few escaped with their notes and a prototype device, but Rom found them, destroyed the prototype, and banished them to Limbo.

    Profile adapted from the Rom, Spaceknight revisited site, by Lee Seitz.



Quasar#14-16 (September-November, 1990) - Mark Gruenwald (writer), Mike Manley (pencils), Dan Panosian & Keith Williams (#16) (inks), Len Kaminski (editor)

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