Satanians advance on Marvel Boy


Classification: Extraterrestrial (1950s Era)

Location/Base of Operations: Satania

Known Members: Master of Satania, Princess Satana

Affiliations: Casimar

Enemies: Marvel Boy (Bob Grayson)

First Appearance: Astonishing#3/2 (April, 1951)


Powers/Abilities: Satanians appeared to have no additional abilities beyond those of a human.

Traits: The space-faring Satanians were human-like in appearance, but were generally slender with pointed ears. They worshiped the sun but also feared being pulled in too close. They were generally arrogant and considered themselves superior to other races.


Satanian on the viewscreen


(Astonishing#3/2 (fb) - BTS) - Concerned that their planet was headed toward the sun and be consumed in flames, the Satanians sought to escape to another planet. The Master of Satania decided that the nearby planet of Uranus would be that target. Casimar was an agent they used to undermine the Uranians' social stability.

(Astonishing#3/2) - Alerted by his father, Marvel Boy secretly investigated the subversive activities of Casimar and soon found him communicating with a Satanian over an interplanetary telescreen. The alien dismissed Marvel Boy as a brat. Marvel Boy then rocketed to Satania, declaring himself an emissary, and was taken before the Master of Satania. Realizing that Marvel Boy now understood their plans, the Satanian ruler ordered that he be locked up. However, Marvel Boy broke free, kidnapping the Master's daughter, Satana, as he fled back to Uranus, using her as insurance to prevent the Satanians attacking. Satana saw the peaceful ways of Uranus and was taken back to Satania a few days later, along with Marvel Boy's research showing that Satania was not headed for the sun. With that, the Satanian invasion of Uranus was halted and hostilities ended.


Comments: Created by Bill Everett (writer (?) and artist).

Satania was a "nearby" planet of Uranus? Perhaps it was supposed to be Saturn.

At the end of this 4-page story, Marvel Boy turns to the reader and winks, breaking the proverbial 4th Wall.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Satanians have no known connections to:



Casimar was a native Uranian (and hence presumably also an Eternal) who collaborated with the Satanians to sow discord among the Uranians, making a takeover easier for the Satanians. He used the codename XR-3 when speaking to them over an interplanetary telescreen. He was later repelled by Marvel Boy's Youth Patrol.




Master of Satania

Master of Satania

The Master of Satania believed that his planet of Satania was headed for the sun and so wanted to find a new world for the Satanians, selecting Uranus. When Marvel Boy arrived to try to stop their invasion, he ordered he be locked up but was dismayed when Marvel Boy escaped with his daughter, Satana. Upon her return, he was presented with evidence showing that Satania was not going closer to the sun and so he called off the invasion, submitting to Marvel Boy's "amazing intelligence".




Princess Satana

Princess Satana

Princess Satana, daughter to the Satanian leader, chanced upon Marvel Boy before her father. She swooned into Marvel Boy's arms when he grabbed her and ran off with her, using the princess to stop the Satanians from invading Uranus. There Princess Satana saw the peaceful nature of the Uranians and the equal status of the people, and took that back with her when she was reunited with her father.



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