Classification: Extraterrestrial humanoid race

Location/Base of Operations: The planet Randaa

Known Members: Kargus the Deadly, King Bellusk

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Red Hulk (Thaddeus Ross), the Tirenians (Alturi, many others)

First Appearance: (mentioned) Hulk II#34 (August, 2011);
    (fully seen) Hulk II#35 (August, 2011)

Powers/Abilities: Members of the Hedzek race do not seem to possess any inherent superhuman powers but they are well-adapted to their planet's environment, their appearance reflecting their diet and evolution. The Hedzek also have pointed ears, dark hair (either black or dark brown, depending on the individual) and green blood.

Some of the Hedzek possess skin webbing under their arms but what additional abilities this might provide the Hedzek who had the webbing remains to be seen.

Traits: Many of the Hedzek are known to be fierce and cunning warriors, utilizing shields and spears in battle and riding on their planet's Hydrekan creatures.

Type: Bilaterally symmetrical humanoids
Eyes: Two (red or gold irises)
Fingers: Five (four fingers and a thumb)
Toes: Five
Skin color: Yellow
Average height: Unrevealed (up to approximately 7'0")

(Hulk II#34 (fb) - BTS) - The Hedzek were an alien race based off of the planet Randaa.

(Hulk II#35 (fb) - BTS) - The Hedzek believed their first king came from the sky to build their society and lead by killing all challengers and usurpers. Their political system eventually became empirical.

(Hulk II#34 (fb) - BTS) - The Hedzek warred with the neighboring Tirenians from the planet Tiran.

(Hulk II#35 (fb) - BTS) - Over time, most of the Hedzek and Tirenians forgot the original reasons behind the war between the two alien races.

(Hulk II#34 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, the Hedzek sent the monstrous Kargus the Deadly to Tiran but the Tirenians managed to capture the beast and place it within their gladiatorial arena.

(Hulk II#34 - BTS) - When the Red Hulk was sent to the alien planet Tiran by the Russian space shuttle Venski, a group of insectoid-riding extraterrestrial Tirenians witnessed the Red Hulk's crash there and assumed he was a monster sent there by their foes, the Hedzek. The Tirenians ultimately attached a Mindroot plant to the Red Hulk, which affected his mind and prevented him from further attacks, and a Tirenian elder informed one of the warriors, Ry, that the Red Hulk might be able to provide valuable information on his Hedzek "masters" if they could somehow speak with the Red Hulk. As the Mindroot began allowing the Red Hulk to speak Tirenian, the warrior Alturi wondered about the Red Hulk's true allegiance, as he figured that if the Red Hulk had been sent by the Hedzek, they would have coated the Hulk in rootsalt to prevent the Tirenian Mindroot from affecting him. A short time later, the Tirenian King Warka, nicknamed the Slayer of the Hedzek, arrived and when the Red Hulk insulted Warka, Warka attacked him but other Tirenians insisted that they believed the Red Hulk to not be an agent of the Hedzek. Ultimately, Warka ordered the Red Hulk to be placed in the Tirenian gladiatorial arena, where he was to fight the Hedzek beast, Kargus the Deadly.

(Hulk II#35) - Upon overcoming the Mindroot, killing King Warka and forced into the role of king himself, the Red Hulk spent a good amount of time with the Tirenian historian Allehk researching the Hedzek and their legends and beliefs. While discussing that the Hedzek's first king more likely came from Tiran instead of the sky, the Red Hulk was interrupted by a report that the Hedzek had sent a force from their planet Randaa, surprising a Tirenian camp and slaying hundreds. Going out to investigate, the Red Hulk found the force attacking with a large beast, demanding the death of the entire planet Tiran and the installation of their own king, Bellusk. One of the Tirenian soldiers informed the Red Hulk that the Hedzek's giant creature was called an Hydreka and that one could destroy an entire country, prompting the Red Hulk to order his men to shoot the Hedzek controlling the Hydreka. Soon after, the Tirenians had killed the Hydreka and were about the burn the bodies of killed Hedzek when the Red Hulk instead had them save the Hedzek corpses for study.

Hours later, a Hedzek scout reported to King Bellusk that the Hydreka was returning via the planetary slipstream connecting Randaa to Tiran. Upon hearing that the Hydreka appeared slightly wounded but missing a few riders, Bellusk cleared the Hydreka to pass and commended his general on the timing of the earlier attack on Tiran. The general expressed happiness at the Hedzek soldiers' victory and admitted she did not expect the Hydreka to return. As some of the local Hedzek noticed that the Hydreka riders seemed different, King Bellusk himself noticed that the Hydreka was not writhing around as usual and suggested something may be wrong with it. The general soon realized that the riders were, in fact, different as the locals suspected, and the Red Hulk soon emerged from the deceased Hydreka's mouth with a squadron of disguised Tirenians posing as Hedzek. The Red Hulk ordered his soldiers to focus on the Hedzek armories and King Bellusk bellowed that the Hedzek would never fall, proclaiming himself the strongest there was. The Red Hulk punched Bellusk, announcing the Bellusk was the strongest there was and that Bellusk had just fallen for one of his world's oldest tricks. Red Hulk then broke Bellusk's arms at the shoulders, leaving him downed on the ground as the other Hedzek proclaimed their king fallen.

With the king defeated, the Tirenians announced that the Hedzek would now obey their "Red King" and one of the Hedzek even demanded that the Red Hulk kill Bellusk so the Hedzek finally and officially fall under Tirenian rule. The Red Hulk told the woman to shut up and instead announced that neither the Hedzek nor the Tirenians, both of whom had legends of their first king arriving from the stars to rule by killing all others, would no longer live by their legends. Red Hulk ordered the historians from both races to pass tales of the day the kings left and proclaimed the war between the two races to be over. He then announced he was leaving as some of the Tirenian flying insectoids arrived with the Venski shuttle he had arrived in. Taking the downed King Bellusk with him, the Red Hulk announced that the Tirenians and Hedzek now had a choice in how they governed themselves and suggested the Tirenian Alturi to be the first non-king leader. As the Hulk departed, King Bellusk asked what would become of him once they got out of the two planets' gravity and the Red Hulk replied that Bellusk would have to learn to live on Earth if they made it back. Bellusk then asked if it was true about the Tirenians having the same legend of a king from the stars and the Red Hulk replied in the affirmative, explaining that the Tirenians and Hedzek were essentially the same people, looking different only through evolution and what they ate on two different planets. As the shuttle entered the gravitational vortex that had originally pulled him to Tiran, the Red Hulk was attacked by Bellusk, who was fearful of becoming the Red Hulk's slave. However, the Red Hulk was pulled from the fight into a temporal shadow by a cosmic Watcher, who revealed himself as the one that had originally pulled the Red Hulk into the gravitational vortex to a different time period and Tiran in the first place.

Comments: Created by Jeff Parker, Carlo Pagulayan and Danny Miki.

    While the Hedzek's enemy race is called "Tirenians" by the Hedzek, the Tirenians' language was referred to as "Tirenean" by the Tirenians themselves. The way I see it, "Tirenian" refers to the race while "Tirenean" refers to the language in their extraterrestrial native tongues.

    At the end of the story involving the Tirenians and the Hedzek, the Watcher who pulled the Red Hulk through time mentioned that the Red Hulk was placed within the temporal scenario involving the two warring races and, according to the Watcher, the scenario essentially didn't exist in the grand scheme of time and space. The vague statement could mean a variety of things. The entire scenario could've been constructed virtually by the Watcher or it could've just meant that the Watcher picked that particular scenario for the Red Hulk to experience via time travel through the temporal shadow and that the actual war between the two races were not important in the grand universal scheme/timeline. I chose to interpret the Watcher's words as the latter, meaning that the two races did exist and the Red Hulk's experience there did not change the grand timeline much. Whether that means the war was destined to end on its own or if the Red Hulk altered the events in some way remain to be seen...if that is indeed how the Watcher's words should be interpreted. Then again, even IF the Watcher had fabricated the entire scenario, the Hedzek did still exist for a time, however short, and are therefore, still worthy of a profile!

Profile by Proto-Man.

The Hedzek race has no known connections to:

Kargus the Deadly

Kargus the Deadly was a monstrous being sent by the Hedzek to Tiran, where it was ultimately captured and placed into the Tirenian gladiatorial arena. When the Tirenians managed to capture the crash-landed Red Hulk, they attached a Mindroot to him and Tirenian King Warka ordered the Red Hulk placed in the arena to battle Kargus. Arranging for the Tirenian elder Alturi to alter the potions that affect the Mindroot, the Red Hulk avoided fighting Kargus and instead went straight to King Warka, whom he killed.

--Hulk II#34

King Bellusk

King Bellusk was the modern era leader of the Hedzek race and he ruled with strength. Arranging for various attacks on the Hedzek enemies, the Tirenians, Bellusk monitored the progress of the attacks until the Red Hulk, forced into the role of Tirenian king, used a deceased Hedzek Hydreka creature as a Trojan horse into the heart of Hedzek planet Randaa. Surprised at the attack, Bellusk proclaimed himself the strongest there was and claimed that Randaa would never fall but the Red Hulk easily defeated King Bellusk, breaking both his arms. After the Red Hulk ended the war between the Hedzek and Tirenians, and abolished the kings, he took Bellusk captive as he boarded his spaceship to depart Randaa. In the ship, the Red Hulk informed Bellusk that he would have to learn how to live on Earth and Bellusk asked about the shared legends the Hulk had learned about between the two warring races. The Red Hulk revealed that the two races were essentially the same aside from evolutionary traits but Bellusk refused to believe the Hedzek were like the Tirenians. Moments later, Bellusk attacked the Red Hulk, fearful of eventually being forced into slavery at the Hulk's hands. What became of King Bellusk after the Red Hulk was pulled from the ship into a temporal shadow by a cosmic Watcher remains to be seen...

--Hulk II#35


Randaa was the home planet of the Hedzek race. Ruled by King Bellusk, Randaa was similar to Earth but had a smaller population of tribal villages. Bellusk often led attacks on the neighboring Tiran planet by sending soldiers through a planetary slipstream between the two planets and the Red Hulk, forced into the role of Tirenian king, traveled to Randaa by hiding inside the corpse of a Hedzek Hydreka creature. Emerging from the creature in the center of Randaa, the Red Hulk defeated Bellusk and announced an end to the war between the two planets. After also abolishing the kings, the Red Hulk departed Randaa with King Bellusk in tow.

--Hulk II#34 (#35,

images: (without ads)
Hulk II#35, p10, pan4 (Hedzek on Randaa, main image)
Hulk II#35, p5, splash page (a squadron of Hedzek soldiers riding in the Hydreka)
Hulk II#35, p14, pan2 (Hedzek around the fallen King Bellusk)
Hulk II#34, p19, pan5 (Kargus the Deadly)
Hulk II#35, p10, pan3 (King Bellusk)
Hulk II#34, p7, pan2 (Randaa)

Hulk II#34 (August, 2011) - Jeff Parker (writer), Carlo Pagulayan (pencils), Danny Miki (inks), Mark Paniccia (editor)
Hulk II#35 (August, 2011) - Jeff Parker (writer), Carlo Pagulayan (pencils), Danny Miki (inks), Mark Paniccia (editor)

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